3 tips for embodying a more positive energy in your life

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Have you ever met individuals over the course of everyday life who just seem to be really warm, positive, joyful, and great to be around in general?

However you choose to think about it, we all have an “energy” that we embody depending on how we live our lives, the mindset we adopt, and the ways in which we orient ourselves in the world – and very often, other people can pick up on the kind of energy we are embodying, and are likely to be influenced by it directly.

There are plenty of negative situations that can occur over the course of life, which can require serious help and care, such as by medical malpractice attorneys. But the more you can embody a positive kind of energy in your life, the more you contribute to making things better for yourself, and for others as well.

Here are some tips for embodying more positive energy in your life.

Make a point of practising some self compassion

Self compassion is extremely important, not only because it allows us to treat ourselves with more care and dignity, and to potentially move past negative patterns in so doing, but also because of the fact that practising self compassion is a great way of nurturing a more compassionate mindset and approach to the world at large, including other people.

Many of us go through day-to-day life essentially abusing ourselves through our internal dialogue, and are extremely hard on ourselves every time we make a mistake.

This kind of internal harshness can end up souring our relationships with ourselves, while also making us more bitter and unforgiving when it comes to other people, too.

Acknowledging situations in your life that you want to change, and practising self compassion while striving to do so, can be very effective when it comes to embodying a more positive overall energy in your life.

Align yourself with a higher purpose

Individuals who are aligned with a higher purpose that goes beyond personal ego-driven concerns like status, frequently seem to embody a kind of positive energy, while also being a motivating presence in the lives of others.

Finding opportunities on a regular basis to connect with a sense of the sacred and the transcendent, and to participate in – and contribute to – things that have real meaning and purpose to you, can be extremely powerful as a means of turning yourself into a more radiant and positive person.

Try your best every day

In the highly acclaimed spiritual book “The Four Agreements,” the author Don Miguel Ruiz makes a point of emphasising the importance of always trying your best – in addition to the other three pillars that make up the “four agreements” of the book.

Part of what he suggests is that by always trying your best, you remove many opportunities for guilt, self recrimination, and regret to creep into your life.

Trying your best every day – whatever your best means on that particular day – also helps you to engage with life more positively and proactively, and to serve as the best exemplar of your values that you possibly can, when it comes to other people.

By always trying your best, you create as many opportunities as possible for you to bring forward the best and deepest parts of yourself.

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