4 ways to attract more positivity in your home

4 Ways to Attract More Positivity into Your Home


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Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary; a safe space for you and your loved ones. It’s a place where you should feel safe, relaxed, peaceful, and away from the world. It should be an oasis that embodies tranquility and is strife-free. Yet, many homes aren’t like that. 

While there are many reasons why this happens, one of the most important is the energy in the home. No matter how amazing a house is, if the energy there is negative and draining, it’ll never be a real home. This is why you should do everything you can to channel and encourage tons of positive energy into your home. The tips in this post will help you do just that. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter interferes with the energy in the home. A well-arranged, orderly, and clean home automatically calms the mind, while a disorderly one looks chaotic. So, take a look at your home and see what’s out of place. 

Eliminate the clutter, dirt, and disorganization. Instead, do what you can to improve the space. Tuck the wires away, vacuum and mop the floors, rearrange the furniture to open up the space, and put away things that shouldn’t be there. 

Add Some Green 

Potted plants in the home can improve the energy in the home. There’s something about having some greenery in the house. It’s refreshing and adds some ambiance to the home. 

More importantly, these plants help improve indoor air quality by providing more oxygen and extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the home. This is why people who live in homes with ample greenery inside and around the house tend to breathe better and deeper.

So, get some flowers and plants into the home and position them close to where people spend the most time in the room. 

Let in More Natural Light and Air

The average home has stale air, no thanks to windows that don’t open or the resident forgetting to open the windows. This is why even when you have air conditioning, the house still smells funky if you’ve been away for a while. 

So, open up those windows and let in some natural air. Turn on the fan to help the air circulate even better. Also, open up the curtains and blinds and let in some light. A well-lit home or apartment not only improves the ambiance of the space but also chases away and kills critters like dust bunnies known to cause allergies. 

Eliminate all Pests

Speaking of critters, have a pest control service come in and fumigate the house or apartment. You can do this once or twice a year.

This will help get rid of things like termites, all forms of bugs, minimize the population of cockroaches, and many other pests that are living rent-free in your home. Knowing that there are little or no pests in the house will give you peace of mind and help you relax when you’re at home.

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