Smiling is the way to a healthy spirit

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In the western world, we’ve got the cart before the horse. We think that happiness comes first and then smiling follows. But careful scientific research shows that that’s not the case. When you smile, joyfulness seems to result, regardless of what’s actually happening in your life. People who bare their teeth more often tend to have less stress, more confidence and generally more of an outgoing approach to life. 

Have More Meaningful Relationships

Relationships are what matters most in life. When people look back at the things that they’ve done, they realise that the greatest joy and experiences always resulted from being around people they loved. 

Smiling is the key to forming close bonds with others. It’s contagious. When you smile, it affects everyone around you. It naturally draws them closer and creates the sort of positive vibes that allow relationships to thrive. 

What’s more, smiling works at a deeper level, in the realm of trust. It’s about sincerity, openness and charm. 

Be More Confident

The daoist sage, Lao Tzu, writing over 2,500 years ago, said that “confidence is the greatest friend.” He was right. When you feel confident, you have a sense that you can do anything in life. You’re able to conduct yourself on your terms.

If you’re not confident about your smile, there are websites, such as, that can help. These outline the various treatments available so that you feel more willing to bare your teeth. These days, straightening crooked incisors or closing gaps is much easier than you might think. 

Extend Your Life

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Smiling can actually make you live longer. It reminds you of the value of being here and that, despite all its problems, life is a source of great joy. 

Smiling, for instance, lowers stress and makes it easier to deal with difficult situations. When going into a tough situation, many people will naturally smile or create humor to lighten the load.

Smiling may also help after surgery. Studies show that patients who smile more after treatment tend to experience the best results. In some cases, research shows that people who smile more are able to extend their lifespan by as much as seven years. 

Reduce Your Stress

Imagine if you were able to press a magic button and all your stress would vanish. Well, thanks to smiling, that might just be possible. There’s evidence, according to that grinning and showing your teeth helps with the release of serotonin, endorphins and dopamine release – chemicals that might be running a little low in the brain. 

You’ll notice that when you smile or laugh for a while, you feel more alive and relaxed. It allows you to forget your worries. 

Wrapping Up

From a spiritual perspective, smiling is critical. It’s one of the reasons why sages, gurus and other awakened individuals spend so much of their time grinning from cheek to cheek. They’re tapping into something deep in their psyche, unafraid to let it out. 

Try smiling next time you feel down or get into a tricky situation. It could assist in your spiritual development.

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