How to bring more positive energy into your home

How to Bring More Positive Energy into Your Home

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Do you ever feel as if your home is a little sanctuary or do you feel as if it’s a negative space? It’s something to pause and think about for a moment. How relaxed and recharged do you feel whenever you’re at home? How happy does your space make you? Sure, there are some days where we just don’t want to be at home and we groan about it. But the feeling and the energy within the home are still going to be different. Your home should feel like a sanctuary, a place that you can escape to and feel safe.

This should be the space that brings you peace and tranquility, not negativity and stress. Some environments in homes could be creating a negative atmosphere, and this can have the potential of inducing symptoms of stress. Thankfully, there are ways to combat this. So here are some tips to create a more positive space in your home.

Start by clearing the clutter

Does your home have any clutter? This is fairly common and most homes will have some clutter without even realizing it. Clear space and a clear mind- this is the mantra that is going to nicely pair with creating a positive environment in your home that’s stress free. You may be surprised how much of an impact decluttering can have on your home. If you’re surrounded by a mess, not only is this going to be an eyesore but it can be overwhelming and ever claustrophobic.

Try looking into doing some regular decluttering in your home. This can include giving your home a nice cleanup such as laundry or dishes. But this can even include something such as the Kondo method where you figure out what makes you happy versus what’s in your home for no true reason or purpose. It’s little changes like this that can add up and make a remarkable difference in your home.

Bring in more natural light

Bringing in a touch of natural, specifically, sunlight can be rejuvenating. Make sure to open the curtains, and maybe even that window so some fresh air can come in. Something great to look into would be Renewal by Andersen Windows as this can massively help in making the interior and the exterior of your home look better. Windows have significant importance to the home as they bring that touch of nature that everyone needs.

Embrace simplicity

It may seem a little too simplistic, but sometimes having a simple space that’s functional can be what really brings positivity into your home. Having a more minimalistic approach to our home can help it feel soft, calm, and well-planned. Rather than make the space feel loud, crowded, or even overwhelming. It’s best to look into making this simple space feel positive by bringing in calming colors, happy memories such as family photos, faded tones, and relaxing furniture. Having a well-planned out space in your home is a great way of keeping some balance within the energy that the atmosphere in your home evokes.

Add some greenery

One of the most relaxing properties would be plants. Bringing plants into your home is going to be one of the best ways to kick out negative energy and bring in some more positive energy. If you’ve ever been out in nature, such as a garden then you may have noticed how happy and calm you feel, right? The same can happen inside of your own home as well. Greenery in your home is going to reduce stress, enhance the air quality,  improve concentration, and you’ll just feel better all around. Plants are definitely a great mood booster and it’s easy to see why. As humans, we absolutely love being in nature and plants are a great reminder as to why.  

But it’s so important to keep in mind that you should pick plants that will best suit your environment. Not only does this include simplistic plants, but it also includes their needs. So if your home is typically quite cold, then it may be best to look into plants that aren’t tropical or at least high maintenance to the point that warm air and high humidity are needed. You should also keep in mind what experience and skill level you have with plants too as not all plants are going to be easier to take care of compared to others. Having happy and thriving plants are going to be the key to creating a home that is happy and filled with positive energy.

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