How to create a home office that works for you

How to Create a Home Office That Works for You

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Working from has some of the greatest perks! Not only do you get to sleep in and skip the commute, but you get total liberty to decorate your home office the way you’d like. This includes the color for your walls, the number of decorative accents you’re interested in displaying, not to mention the fact that you can choose your own furniture that’s completely tailored to your preferences and your space. Getting away from the boring cubicle is one of the best things any worker can have. If you’re wanting to create a stylish yet very functional home office then continue reading on for some of the best tips that have to be offered!

Get a comfortable chair

It’s true when they say that the heart of a home office is the desk chair. This is something that you’re going to be sitting in for 8 hours, maybe even more. So you’re going to want this to be comfortable. While you probably can’t control the office furniture at work, you have complete control at home. This is not only going to benefit your physical health, but it can also help out in keeping you productive throughout the day.

You’ll want to look for the right fitting for the chair, something that’s going to be comfortable for you and provide support. Ideally, this office chair will also have armchair rests as well. Sure, it’s great to get a chair that’s super cute, but you’re far better off getting one that has more functionality. Thankfully, there are plenty of nice-looking ergonomic chairs online.

Sit by the window

Whether you already have your workspace picked out or not, you’ll definitely want to make sure that it’s close to a window. Why might that be? Not only does natural lighting look fantastic in any space, but it’s going to be able to recharge you. Have you ever noticed that whenever you’re at work you always feel so sluggish? One of the contributing factors could be the fact that you’re being surrounded by artificial lighting.

Those truly don’t cut it compared to natural light. If your windows are what they once were, you can look into Renewal by Andersen Windows as they can help with your windows. It’s an investment that’s definitely worth it as you’ll see major changes throughout your home.

Bring in a touch of nature

Even when it comes to home offices, you’ll want this space to bring in some positive energy. While bringing plants into your home or office space may seem minor, this can actually be quite major. Bringing nature to any space has a way of making it look simply amazing.  A workspace can be so much happier whenever nature is involved. The power of plants allows for you to be one with nature, even when you’re outside. Nature actually has a way of reducing stress and boosting productivity, not to mention that it helps in purifying the air as well.

Plants can be easily decorated as well, as you can place them on your mantel, on your shelves, the window sill, or anywhere else that you see fit. Just make sure that you look into plants that fit your expertise level of care. The same can be said for your environment. If your home office is often chilly, then you may want to skip out on getting tropical plants. Most plants can go a few days without watering so you may be able to just step out of your home office on weekends and your plants will still remain just fine.

Have what you need close by

It’s going to be far more efficient for you if you have everything you need close by. This means you won’t have to go back and forth to get whatever it is you are looking for. This can save you time throughout the day so you’ll still be able to be productive. For more ease, you can have all of your materials on hand at your desk or a nearby shelf. In general, it’s just easier to have your tool near you.

Some equipment such as a nice computer set up with a couple of monitors, keyboard, mouse, and printer-scanner combo can be great to have on your desk.  While flashy desk setups are nice and fun, they’re not totally necessary. However, since it’s your office space you can definitely do whatever you like as your happiness in your own space is going to have the highest importance of all.

Cable management

Cable management is a tiny change that can truly have a major impact on the home office. Cables can be so ugly and will make any room look cluttered. But having some nice cable management can be a massive gamechanger. Just look into getting a few zip ties and a cable box.

Create a Dedicated Space

If possible, you should set up your home office in its own dedicated room. This is so that, when you enter your office, your mindset is on work. This prevents you from being distracted by family or things you need to do around the house. It also works the other way, as you are less likely to be thinking about work once you’re off the clock.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. In this case, you should put your office setup somewhere quiet and out of the way, so that you’re less likely to be distracted. When you take your breaks, try to get away from your desk.

If you like to unwind by playing online games like Drift Hunters 2, then find a way to differentiate work time from gaming time. Some people only use their desk for work, while others find different ways to switch their work brain on and off. You can use music, a partition, or even lighting for this. 

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