See the World and Practice Self Care in These Cities.

See the World and Practice Self-Care in These Cities

There’s no better nourishment for the soul or for your mind than taking a vacation in a pleasant, relaxing city. Fortunately, the world has plenty of these, and they’re just waiting for your plane to arrive. The Sweetest Little Life takes a look at five of the best cities for self-care vacations where you can kick back, relax, and soak up the sights.


Rome may be an excellent pick as a vacation destination for self-care. Why? You can eat delicious food, drink some of the best wine in the world, and visit the scenic streets and museums while enjoying the ongoing terrific weather from the Mediterranean climate. What’s not to like?

Maybe you’ll like it so much you want to stay. When buying a permanent vacation home in Rome, remember you can finance the purchase by taking out a second mortgage or taking out a home equity loan.


You might also consider visiting Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This famous city is one of the fastest-growing in the world and is a boomtown with plenty to see and do, ranging from major attractions to nightclubs to famous restaurants and more. You can even visit the tallest skyscraper in the world or check out the man-made islands shaped like palm trees while you’re here! It’s a great self-care vacation destination if you like to have adventures to recharge your spirit.

New Orleans

New Orleans is well known as one of the best vacation destinations in the US, and for good reason. It offers culinary delights and a music capital with ongoing festivals and concerts for practically all genres of music. If you want to practice self-care by soaking up some great tunes and eating delicious food, New Orleans is just the ticket for you.


If distance doesn’t bother you too much, consider visiting Sydney for your self-care vacation. Sydney has something for everyone. For example, if you like music or other entertainment events, you’ll find plenty here. You’ll also find world-renowned restaurants, beautiful beaches, and a local culture that’s not too far off from the American standard. In this way, Sydney is a great blend of the familiar and far away and is the perfect way to enjoy life before you dive straight into 2022.


Seattle is one last great location for self-care vacation. If you like hiking or seeing diverse landscapes, Seattle has you covered with rain forests, mountains, and beaches. Or you could mingle with the locals and enjoy some social relaxation by participating in outdoor activities, checking out festivals, or visiting diverse and culturally authentic restaurants featuring cuisines from around the world. Make the most out of your trip by choosing to stay in a vacation rental that feels like home but is close to the sights that you want to see. 

Seattle might also be a great place to live permanently. Online rental or homebuying listing sites can help you narrow down your property options. When looking for apartments for rent in Seattle to live in long term, consider your price points, amenities and bedroom needs, and other key factors. 

Stay and Soak Up the Fun

Some folks are homebodies – and that’s okay! A staycation can still be perfect for self-care and allow you to be close at hand if your friends or family need you. Just be sure to use a vacation rental site so you can find a great hotel or resort that actually pampers you and makes you feel great. Many vacation rental sites include controls or search settings so you can find attractions, amenities, or resorts with specific offerings in your area.

Taking a vacation is often the best way to recharge your mind and body and leave you feeling readier than ever for 2022. Whether you visit these cities once or plan to come back to buy a home, you won’t regret taking a self-care vacation before 2022 goes into full swing.

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