Wellness moves worth making to start feeling better about yourself

Wellness Moves Worth Making To Start Feeling Better About Yourself

There’s a popular misconception that if you’re not battling depression or any mental health issue, then there’s no reason to worry about your wellness. Being well and feeling good about yourself isn’t limited to the absence of health issues; it has to do with making the right moves to living a healthy and fulfilled life. So, do you want to wake up with a smile on your face every day and go through your day in high spirits? Do you want to ease the stress and anxiety? Then you need to start making the following wellness moves.

  1. Start learning to say no

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Putting yourself first is not selfishness, so don’t feel guilty about it. Of course, you love your family and friends, and you’ll do anything to help or make them feel better. But there are (or should be) always limits to how much you can do. Plus, it’s impossible to be there for others when you’re struggling with your health. 

So, start learning to say no to some requests, especially those that require you to stretch yourself thin. Take this example: you’ve worked yourself out throughout the week and can’t wait to take a needed break over the weekend. Then a colleague asks for your assistance with work over the weekend. Your good nature will require you to say yes, but that’ll mean less rest, more work, more stress, and a drop in your work productivity. A polite and friendly no will do, in this case. 

  1. Get a recreational hobby

In this fast-paced, modern world, it’s easy to forget about the hobbies and recreational activities that make you feel good. You’d love to spend a Sunday afternoon with the guys playing pools and drinking beer, but your bank account balance looks scary, so you continue to grind. 

Don’t get it wrong; you need to create a stable financial life for yourself. After all, health is wealth, right? But you also need to give your body a break sometimes. Make time for yourself to enjoy doing something you love, even if it’s once a week. And you’ll be surprised what that’ll do to improve your general mood. 

  1. Create an emergency fund

As indicated previously, financial stability is important to health and wellness. One way to give your life some financial cushion is to create an emergency fund. It is advisable to set aside at least three to six months’ worth of your monthly expenses in a fund. But feel free to increase the amount if you can afford to. 

  1. Start monitoring your health

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It would help if you also started keeping tabs on your health. If you’re already committed to a fitness and nutrition program, take the time to track your results. If you’re thinking about improving your strength, you can start by identifying your current condition. Read more about knowing your strength here

You also want to pay attention to your mental health and notice the things that trigger stress or anxiety.

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