Tips and Advice for confidently re-entering the world post Covid

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Tips and Advice for Confidently Re-Entering the World Post-Pandemic

If you’re experiencing some re-entry anxiety after nearly two full years of living through the pandemic, you’re not alone. The American Psychological Association (APA) found that around 49 percent of Americans have felt uneasy about re-entering society amidst COVID-19, and 47 percent of mothers have experienced worsened mental health since their children started schooling from home during the pandemic. 

Moreover, you — like many other mothers — may have noticed a dip in your self-esteem and self-confidence during the pandemic. Maybe you’ve lost or gained a lot of weight, have fallen out of your gym routine, or you’re dealing with pandemic-induced brain fog, these changes can all wreak havoc on your self-esteem. 

To build your self-confidence for better health and happiness post-pandemic, check out these tips from The Sweetest Little Life. You’ll learn how to achieve all your post-COVID goals, whether that means getting in shape, launching a new career, or reaching financial stability. Read on to begin!

Get Back in Shape

When you’re living through a pandemic and have kids at home, it’s easy to put your own health and fitness goals on the backburner. And though short breaks from working out are typically harmless, moms like you need regular exercise just like anybody else. Exercise not only boosts your self-confidence and improves your sleep quality, but reduces stress and symptoms of depression. 

To get your fitness back on track post-pandemic, try exercising at home if you’re not yet ready to reactivate your gym membership. Get your kids involved in your workout routineand aim for several shorter workouts throughout the day, rather than one long fitness session. 

Consider a Career Change

If your career doesn’t allow for much of a work-life balance, a job change may be in order — especially if your current profession is harming your physical or mental health. Maybe you’re spending too much time sitting, standing, or bending over throughout the workday, or perhaps the stress of your job is impairing your memory, decision-making, and/or appetite. 

In the event that you’re ready for a career change that allows you to balance parenting and work, this might be a good time to pursue a work-from-home job as a web developer, virtual assistant, writer, or bookkeeper. Or if you’re feeling stuck in your career and need some help breaking free from an unfulfilling job, it may be time to schedule a free coaching consultation with Courtney Hanson of The Sweetest Little Life. 

Improve Your Financial Health

Like having a negative body image and feeling trapped in an unfulfilling job, poor financial health affects your self-esteem and quality of life. And according to Lisa Fickenscher of MarketWatch, nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults are experiencing financial issues amidst COVID-19. From pandemic-induced pay cuts and job losses to mothers putting their careers on hold to care for their children throughout the pandemic, household finances have been impacted by the coronavirus in many ways.

If you’re looking for some ways to save money and improve your financial health as the pandemic continues on, refinancing your home is one option. Loan refinancing allows you to reduce your monthly mortgage payment, secure a lower interest rate, and in some cases, tap into your home equity for cash. 

Some other ways to save money and improve your financial situation include:● Planning and prepping meals to cut back on grocery bills.● Canceling recurring subscriptions and memberships, or negotiating for a better rate.● Growing your own food in a backyard garden or hydroponic farm. ● Shopping around for lower car insurance rates and checking for available insurance discounts.● Opting for a high-deductible health plan.  

Re-Enter Society with Confidence

Whether you’re getting ready to return to the office, send your kids back to the classroom, or meet some friends for drinks, these tips will help you to re-enter the world with confidence. It’s normal to feel wary about venturing out into the world after many months of living through a pandemic, but rebuilding your confidence is possible. And when the pandemic officially ends, you’ll be a stronger, healthier, and happier version of yourself! 

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