How can we help men become more in tune with health problems

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Sometimes it can feel like when we’re talking to our male partners, we may as well be talking to a brick wall. When we are trying to help our partners and they have some sort of mental block or embody a very old-fashioned attitude, especially when it comes to their health, we’ve got to remember that there are a number of practices that we can undertake ourselves to give them a few more solutions in life. So what does it take to help men become more in tune with health matters? 

Educate Them

Men appear to be less knowledgeable about health, which means that people with the least amount of health knowledge are more likely at risk for accidents and illnesses. Health education is key, especially when it comes to something that will benefit them. If there is a man in your life that’s experiencing some form of male pattern baldness, showing them the benefits of Propecia vs Finasteride as a medicinal solution can help them. But the fact is that when men are less knowledgeable about health, they’re not going to know many options to get out of their predicament. Health education is key for everyone. 

Humanize the Approach

Certain groups of men can still suffer from a Baby Boomer type of attitude where health concerns are just “not manly.” But also they think that other men are not concerned about their health. And it seems that only when a serious issue occurs that could have been prevented with a doctor’s appointment, for example, testicular or prostate cancer, only then do they sit up and pay attention to their health. But what we can do is to tell them that their friends are actually worried about their health too, even though they don’t talk about it. But also we need to focus on the fact that paying attention to health is okay because it’s a very human trail of thought. 

Find the Right Support

Men in comparison to women have a smaller social network. There have been many studies that show a link between wider social support and improved health, and more support within a social setting is a very simple way for them to benefit their health. Because for many men, a social function involves alcohol, it may be better to start thinking about other approaches to social functions. Something like a poker night can be just as effective. But there is also the fact that millennials are starting to drink less. It could very well be that your man’s friends are more inclined towards alcohol than anything else, but if we can focus on helping them expand their social circle and meet different types of people, this is only going to help them realize that there is a bigger world out there and that it’s okay to not drink alcohol. 

Treat Them Like a Car!

While a lot of men can still have that stiff upper lip attitude when it comes to their own health, they will treat their car more preciously than they would their own body. And, in fact, they would probably have a better maintenance plan for the car than their body! But when we’re trying to help men become more in tune with their health they have to understand the need to maintain their body as they would maintain the car. Simple regular check-ups with the doctor are going to make all of the difference. 

Focus on Their Strengths

While we can all feel that men choose to not listen on occasion, we are sticking to an age-old stereotype. If the man in your life actually embodies the stereotype that they are achievement-oriented or competitive, this could be a key to helping their health matters. Because stereotypical men in this fashion prefer to maintain control of a situation, the fact is that by maintaining control over their health, they are going to fare better because they are more likely to beat diseases. 

Appeal to Them

The fact is that sometimes men will deny symptoms and think they are invulnerable. But if they continue like this, they could run the risk of numerous diseases. People who don’t think they are at risk don’t take precautions with their health. And this is why we should work towards helping them understand what the implications really are. Not every man is like this. In fact ,many men are more in touch with their diets and health matters than ever before. But sometimes if you want to bring more happiness into the home, fine-tuning these age-old attitudes to health can make a massive difference.

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