Embodying the Divine Feminine this Mothers Day.

The love of a mother’s day is in the celebration and showing appreciation for all those women who have raised us. This may include an aunt, grandmother, sister or friend – but it should also include YOURSELF!

In honor of the Divine Feminine, may our wombs be joyous and peaceful.

When a woman carries her child in her womb, she is carrying the seeds of generations. The baby whose body they carry becomes part not only to herself but also all those who came before and will come after them- our ancestors’ spirits live on through their descendants’ children yet unborn.

The Divine Feminine is the most sacred and magical part of creation. We are born to receive both God and Goddess, we impart their divine energies in all realms with our presence as a sanctuary for them when they need it most! When called upon by destiny or whatever force may be needed from us at any given time–we will flow forth grace personified into this world that needs healing so badly right now
Truth embodies within your every breath: an offering waiting patiently just beyond sight but not quite touch.

woman with peacock feather and smudge sticks
Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

I wanted to share a piece out of my book Within with you…

The mother archetype is a natural caregiver- she represents our maternal instinct, the desire to create life and provide sustenance. The desires of mothers are driven by their actual idea of motherhood. Even if childless the mother archetype is responsible, protective and finds great satisfaction in caring for others. Mothers often put their needs on the back burners to ensure everyone around them is taken care of first. They become neglectful of their own needs and often find it very difficult to set personal boundaries which leaves them feeling depleted in energy. There are two types of mother archetypes. One is the caring mother and other is the neglectful mother. They both carry these characteristics as a whole. The mother archetype is seen in every woman. It can be found from the moment you nurture your baby doll, to when you stand up for and take care of your younger siblings. If you feel as if you were not adequately mothered, this inner mother is here to support your inner child with love and nurtured support.

May the Mother’s Day you celebrate this year find a rich and deep celebration of our feminine spirit. In all bodies, around us even in the air we breathe. There may be even more to celebrate than you imagined before no matter the relationship with your Mother.

We celebrate God our Mother on Mother’s Day. We offer gratitude and admiration for all the women bring to this world, from working in fields or gardens with dirt under their fingers; giving birth while writing an idea down on paper-even if it is just one word. Birthing a business or creation. Caring deeply about others by sitting at their side when they are hurting–you’re not only a mother figure but also my best friend.

This weekend we celebrate the women of all walks of life.

Happy Mothers Day.

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