Stop doing these four things to improve your life

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Stop Doing These Four Things To Improve Your Life


When your life takes a wrong turn from the path you wanted to travel and you can’t seem to find your way back, it can be easy to blame the world around you. However, the cause of all your misery may be an internal struggle that you’re not even aware is happening. Chances are, if you look inward, you’ll realize that many of your toxic behaviors are the reason for your stalled progression. Stop doing these four things (presented below by The Sweetest Little Life) to get back on track and improve your life.


1. Working a Job You Hate

It’s five years later, and you’re still working that temporary job you took just to get by until you could finish school and apply for your dream position. Now, you hit the snooze button every nine minutes until you’re almost late for work, and you suppress your inner rage every time you walk through the doors, but you still feel like you can’t quit. While your paycheck is important, your mental health is much more valuable.


The thought of job hunting can be stressful, but modern technology takes a lot of the trouble out of marketing yourself to potential employers. With a free resume generator, you can choose your perfect template from a library of professionally created resumes. All you have to do is enter your qualifications, adjust your colors and add your images. With an updated, smart and stylish resume, you’ll have the confidence you need to land the job you want.


2. Being Cruel to Yourself

According to leading psychologists, everyone has bad days where negative emotions take over. When the destructive small voice inside your head calls you stupid for making a mistake, it can tank your self-esteem and keep you from recognizing your potential for greatness. If you’re vulnerable to negativity, it’s important to learn how to reframe those thoughts and reverse your mindset. For example, confront yourself with the following questions:

• Would I let someone else say that to me?

• Would I hang out with people who speak to me that way?

• Would I invite such a negative person into my life?


If the answer is a resounding “NO!,” then you must learn to set the same healthy boundaries with your thoughts.


3. Neglecting Your Health

Do you wake up every morning with puffy, dark circles around your eyes? Are you suddenly gaining weight or having difficulty concentrating? If you think you’re too busy or too stressed to focus on your fitness, there are some small changes you can make to feel and function better throughout the week. Eating more leafy greens, exercising three times a week, and getting a full eight hours of sleep each night are simple and feasible ways to improve your overall health.


4. Being a People Pleaser

If you have trouble saying no to others for fear of hurting their feelings, it’s because you’re a kind, empathetic person. While these are positive qualities to possess, you must consider how much your giving nature is preventing you from living your life your way. No one else’s agenda is more important than your own, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about putting yourself first from time to time.


When you stop doing the things that hold you back and begin confronting your problems from a place of personal strength instead of weakness, you’ll be able to achieve your goals and build the life you deserve.

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