Six signs you are overindulging

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Overindulging in anything whether it be food, alcohol, or even exercise can be bad for your life is all about balance, and finding the right balance between things you enjoy and what is good for you is one of the hardest challenges many of us face as human beings.

It can be really difficult, sometimes to know when you are overindulging, and when you are simply enjoying everything life has to offer., which is why. Below, you will find some clear signs that you are overdoing it a bit. Look out for them and make adjustments in your life where necessary if you want to live your best life the healthy way.

1. You’re addicted

One of the biggest, most glaring signs that you are overdoing it is that you have become addicted to whatever it is you are doing or consuming. If you can’t go a day without drinking or using recreational drugs, for example, this is a huge red flag, and seeking help from an organization like Delphi Behavorial Health Group could be a good idea. Of course, you can be addicted to healthy things like exercise too, and when that happens, seeking help if you need it is just as important because it can and will affect your wellbeing in a number of ways.

2. You don’t feel good after

If you are overindulging in something, then chances are you will not feel great afterwards. For example, if you overeat, you will end up feeling bloated and nauseous, and if you start piling on the weight that could affect your health and self-esteem. If you drink too much, you might spend most of your mornings with terrible hangovers, and if you overexercise, you might start losing too much weight or having muscles that ache and cause you problems all of the time. If something does not make you feel good later, even if it feels great at the time, there is a good chance that you are overindulging.

3. You do it more than others

This one is not a deal breaker because if all of your friends do no exercise, for example, and you exercise for 3 hours a week, obviously that is a pretty healthy habit you have built up and they haven’t, but when it comes to things like drinking, it can be an indicator that you are perhaps overindulging and should try to cut down a little.

4. It is affecting your health

If you are doing anything that would be considered healthy in moderation, such as enjoying good food or lifting at the gym, but it has started to affect your health in a negative, way; maybe you have gained weight or you are always feeling fatigued, then it is a clear indicator that you need to slow down and indulge a little less than you have been.

5. You do it when you’re stressed

Many of us do things when we are stressed that we would not do at other times and which can become a crutch for our emotional health. This is not a bad thing when it is something healthy like meditation or jogging to clear our minds but it can become a problem when you rely on it too often and only do it to excess when stressed. Finding healthier coping mechanisms is so important because it will enable you to do all things in moderation, thus helping you to live a much happier, well-rounded life than you might have been up until this point.

6. You hide what you are doing

One of the biggest signs that you are overindulging in something is that you are secretive about it. If you have a secret stash of chocolate that you eat in the car when no one is watching or you hit the gym when your partner thinks you are out hanging with friends, for example, it is a clear indicator that you know what you are doing is not healthy or helpful for you in any way. You may need to seek professional support to help you with this kind of ver indulgence because it can be hard to break these habits we use to cope, but doing so will set you on the path to getting healthier and finding that balance.

If you spot any of these tell-tale signs of overindulgence in your life, it would be worth your time to reevaluate how you are living right now, so you can make any necessary changes that will boost your health now and in the future.

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