How to relieve pain without harmful drugs

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Believe it or not, you can relieve pain without harmful drugs such as prescription opioids. Some might not work as well as popular remedies like Tramadol or Oxycontin. But you can try a mixture of therapies to ease pain without the danger of becoming addicted to something.

Cannabis-Based Products

Cannabinoids are chemicals that are found in cannabis plants. They have effects on the body in both physical and mental ways. Cannabinoids, for example, control appetite, relieve pain and inflammation, and keep emotions in check. CBD is made from the hairs of the cannabis plant, which also have THC in them. THC is what gives you a high. But you can get THC Delta 9 gummies and other edibles that help you feel more relaxed and take the edge off of the pain. They don’t add up, and the way they make you feel isn’t the same as when you smoke it.

Relieve Pain without Harmful Drugs with Hot and Cold

It is well known that hot and cold therapies can help heal and relieve pain. People who play sports and people who have injuries could both use them. You can easily ease your pain by using cold and hot packs or taking hot and cold showers. Heat brings more blood and food to a certain part of the body. Most of the time, it works best to warm up muscle tissue before exercise or to get rid of stiffness in the morning. By slowing the flow of blood, cold makes pain and swelling go away. Most of the time, it works best for short-term pain, like muscle strains.

Soaking in the Bath

There are many soaks that help heal the pain that can be used in the bath. Some of them are also great for relieving stress. Find something that works for you, and then take a nice relaxing bath. Some are meant to warm up your muscles to make you feel better. Some will make you feel relaxed and calm, slowing down your blood flow and heart rate. For chronic pain like a bad back, repetitive strain injury, or inflamed muscles, bath soaks are a great treatment. They also work well with other treatments like herbal extracts and safe OTC painkillers.

Safe to Use Pharmacy Painkillers

Adding more painkillers might not seem like a good idea. However, there are a lot of positive substances that don’t cause addiction that can be bought without a prescription. Ibuprofen, aspirin, and paracetamol, for example, are useful to treat mild pain, especially when they are taken together with prescription painkillers. Also, if you take these kinds of medicines, you could need less pain relief overall. Drug interactions, on the other hand, can have bad effects like making you sleepy or slowing your heart rate. So always talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Specific Food and Drinks

The things you eat and drink have a big effect on your body. Some foods can hurt you, while others can help you. By adding these to your recipes, you can help ease the pain of conditions like arthritis. Here are some of the most effective ingredients for relieving pain:

  • Chocolate for antioxidants.
  • Chilies can desensitize pain receptors.
  • Turmeric works well for arthritic pain.
  • Garlic is anti-inflammatory and works well for back pain.
  • Sage tea is excellent for relieving foot pain.

Also, substances can build up in your body, even ones that are considered harmless. So, foods with antioxidants can help lessen the pain caused by aggressive treatment and chemicals such as chemotherapy. Most berries and good quality herbal teas like green are full of antioxidants.

Essential Oils Applied Directly

People often use essential oils to relieve pain, inflammatory processes, and swelling. But you have to be cautious when using oils that are very strong. Always read the directions carefully because you might need to water them down first before using them. Essential oils are a type of holistic treatment, and from a scientific point of view, it’s not clear how well they help with the pain. Lavender, which helps relax muscles. Eucalyptus, which helps with inflammation. And lemongrass, which helps reduce swelling, are some of the best essential oils for pain.

Numerous Holistic Therapies

Millions of people all over the world get pain relief from a wide range of alternative therapies. Acupuncture is one of the most effective techniques, and acupressure is a close second. Shiatsu and energy adjustment techniques like Reiki are also good ways to relax your muscles. So, instead of taking more painkillers, you might get some of the pain management you need by going to a holistic doctor. Even though most holistic practitioners are not doctors, they know a lot about physiotherapy. Just Google “holistic therapy near me” to find reviews of clinics.

Use Biofeedback to Relieve Pain without Harmful Drugs

Biofeedback techniques are one of the oddest ways to treat pain. Biofeedback teaches people to cope with the symptoms of psychological trauma, such as anxiety and stress, by giving them feedback that they can see and hear. The first thing that happens during a biofeedback session is that electrodes are put on your skin. Based on the signals sent by the electrodes or sensors, a picture, sound, or flash of light is then shown on a screen. These signals then work to show visible muscle contraction, perspiration, and blood flow as an indicator of increased pain.

Light Exercises and Healthy Eating

Back pain, injuries to your muscles and joints, and joint pain from arthritis will all get worse if you don’t exercise. To loosen up your joints and reduce inflammation, all you have to do is work out for 15 minutes a day. Anyone can spare that time. It would help if you also modified your diet to include foods like bananas that help reduce inflammation and are high in antioxidants. Lastly, solid at room temperature trans fats and sugar substitutes like Aspartame and Stevia should be avoided at all costs because they can make inflammation in the muscles much worse.


You can try a combination of treatments to relieve pain without harmful drugs such as Oxycontin. Prescribed drugs are addictive and mask pain. Over time, it’s better to work on reducing the pain with natural CBD products, anti-inflammatory food, and a healthier lifestyle.

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