Three ways to improve your skin

While there is no magic fix for perfect skin, there are ways that you can improve how it looks and feels. People who work in dermatology will tell you that there is no quick fix and they’re right. You need to give your skin the time and attention that it deserves in order to be healthy. You will get those people who seem to always have flawless skin but the chance is they’re doing something to keep it that way, even if it is just a basic routine. 

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With a few changes to your skincare routine, you have the ability to help your skin become fresher, clearer and healthier. Some people opt for using alternative methods such as Kybella injections, botox and skin peels but always makes sure you do your research first as everyone reacts differently. 

 Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can achieve healthier looking skin

Wash Twice A Day 

It’s very easy to skip washing your face, laziness gets the best of a lot of us, especially if you’ve got up early or had a long day. However, it can be a big issue for you not to remove the day’s makeup, or wash your face in the morning. You’re left with a dirty, grimy pillow and blocked pores. We all brush our teeth twice a day and it doesn’t take much to add a face wash into your routine. If you can’t get to a sink or prefer to use products you could try using things such as face wipes or micellar water as an alternative. This way you can even keep your face clean when travelling. 

Increase Your Plant-Based Diet 

It’s being highlighted recently that people consume too much animal protein as part of their diet, it has a big input on your health but also your skin. Eating too much animal protein in your diet can accelerate ageing and it’s inflammatory. Simply adopting more of a plant-focused diet is going to make your natural system more alkaline, which reduces inflammation. Your skin will become less blotchy and irritated, and should, over time, be able to hold on to more moisture and form a natural protection against pollutants and increase collagen and elastin. 

Vitamin D3

If you’re someone who already uses supplements as part of their diet you may already be using this. It’s important to make sure it’s vitamin D3, not any other variety, and if you’re not already using it you should consider ordering some soon. Vitamin D ensures your skin’s ability to protect itself from everyday wear and tear as well as helping when healing from wounds. A large proportion of the populace is vitamin D-deficient, meaning we don’t get enough sun in order for our skin to look after itself. This means we need to give it a helping hand to function well. 

These three methods of skincare should help you to get improved looking skin that everyone will notice. They will want to know you’re secret! Do you have any other skincare routines that you do that you could share in the comments? 

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