Five Resolutions and How to Keep Them.

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Around two weeks into the new year and most people are still motivated by the resolutions they made over a glass of brandy. But how long will that motivation last? At some point in the near future life will get in the way and tour well meaning resolutions will become ever harder to maintain. That is, unless you have the right attitude to planning and a resolve that matches your aspirations. 

Go Vegan 

There are loads of good reasons to go vegan in general, but especially in 2021 with the planet hotting up. Some people go vegan for the animals, others for their health; others still go vegan because it reduces their environmental impact – but how do you stick to it? 

It’s true that many vegan brand products are expensive and can seriously inflate your weekly shopping bill. Fortunately, vegetables themselves are extremely cheap, extremely wholesome, and low-impact. Stick to a vegan diet by finding affordable easy recipes you love.

Get Fit 

Getting for in the new year is something of a cliche  but every cliche has an element of truth to it that shouldn’t be discounted. The new year is a time of symbolic renewal and an excellent time to regain your fitness for the better weather. 

So how do you stick to a fitness regime and meet your fitness goals. Planning is essential, so too is making achievable goals. Fitness is a long term project, you have to understand this and make targets you can build on slowly as the year progresses.

Your Wellness 

Your wellness is your overall sense of happiness and harmony, it is not just one thing but many aspects of your life working together in concert. Your mental health, your emotional health, your physical health, and your life situation. 

The chances are one of these items will be out of balance. Identifying which one is the first step in resolving any issues and harmonising your system. Try mindfulness meditation or a more formal practice, for professional guidance contact an Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment center.

Your Diet 

Like fitness, diet is something of a cliche in the new year, but getting it right and sticking to it can significantly improve your physical health and your quality of life. First  research the many diets online and see if one appeals to you. 

It can be hard sticking to a diet especially if you’re unorganised. Conversely, the secret to making it a success is to plan it out in advance and make it as easy as possible to keep. That means well planned meals and accessible ingredients. 

Get Creative 

If you’re like most people in the world this winter you will be locked up in your home working from a screen most of the day. In some places you may only be allowed outside once or twice a day. This can be disheartening. 

On the other hand it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with a pursuit you’ve always wanted to try. Take an online class in writing, painting, design, or something of your choice. Maintain your creativity by connecting with like-minded people. 

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