How to pitch for collab’s?

How to pitch for collab’s?

The modern walking billboard is what? DING DING DING….

Social media, influencers, makers, were talking real people saying real things. Hands down the best kind of advertisement to date. It’s amazing to me we didn’t do this sooner.

Gone are the days of magazines, billboards, and yellow pages. (All though, yes they are still used for advertisement. The majority of companies are hopping on the collaborating train in some way and on some level.) They may still be around but let me share some fun stats with you. (I love researching numbers it’s truly fascinating to me and brings a tad more value.)

  • 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in purchasing decisions.
  • 30% of people are more likely to buy a product from a non-celebrity blogger.
  • Facebook is the most influenced social channel. 19% of consumer purchases come directly from facebook.
  • You tube is the second most influential platform bringing in 18% of purchases.
  • While shopping at a store over 60% of consumers were influenced by a social media post or blog review.
  • 40% of millennials said their social media muses understood them better than most of their friends.
  • According to NY times telecommuting has risen 79% in the past 5 years.

So what does this all mean? It means it’s your time to shine sister. If you are reading this or the title caught your eye, my guess is you are already in the position to start doing collaborations. Sometimes when first starting out it can be a scary big world though. Also the countless amount of information out there can be straight up overwhelming. With out further a due lets dive in this and get to pitching!!!!!!

What is a collaboration? The action of working with someone to produce or create something. 

So as the pitcher you are the creator. The job is in your hands to find a way to deliver what ever assignment you are given and do it authentically to your brand while still complimenting the company. Sounds simple enough right? (Insert giant no buzzer here.)

It can be intimidating.

Being totally transparent here….When I first started out I had no idea what I was doing. I look back at my first few jobs or first few emails and think “What in Gods name was I thinking? Why did companies come back?” You guys I even did a collaboration with a vagina cream company because I didn’t want to turn any thing down in fear of not getting the jobs I wanted.

First and for most…If it doesn’t fit with your brand you are building. Do not do it. It is okay to say no. So I thought I would put together a list of what I wish someone would have told me when I was getting started. (Remember I like to be open with my fall on the face moments so maybe one person reads and possibly not repeat.)

  1. Make sure the collaboration is in alignment with your brand. Are you a mom? Are you a nutritionist? Are you a style blogger? What ever that is you are chasing make sure you are chasing companies that also fall under that umbrella.
  2. When first starting out keep it short and simple. I would shoot a message to the IG of the company and say something complimenting. For example “Hi there, I am currently working on a blog for _____ and I think your company would be a fabulous fit for the ideas I have in mind. Is there an email I could send my media kit and ideas over too?” Keep in mind most major companies (Especially those with that little blue check) get thousands of DMs a day and do not have time physically to sit and read a three page DM keep it sweet and save the details for your email once you receive an address. If they never write back? Don’t sweat it girl. Thank you next.
  3. Once you receive an email address send an email promptly from your business email address. Make sure everything is on point before you send an email…Meaning your website, signature, contact information, etc. A general email example would go something like this…Hello Dave, I am writing about a possible collaboration I have in mind. Currently I am working on _________ I just love how your company_______and I think its the perfect fit and we could really compliment each other. My media kit is attached so you can see my stats, the blog I would publish this article on is I can deliver this within 2 weeks and plan on highlighting a, b, c, d with a story highlight and IG post as well. Can’t wait to hear back from you soon. 
  4. Know your worth. Be confident. You carry value. You’r a rock star. Believe in Yourself.
  5. Be authentic and organic in your pitch. Research the company first, make sure its a good fit. Be sure you can deliver on your end with what you are promising.
  6. It’s okay to be rejected. Do not let it stop you or hold you back. I pitch to probably 5 companies a week and am constantly staying on top of different ideas and brain storming days to allow myself that creativity to offer to others.
  7. Once you work with a brand, maintain that relationship. It is so important to check in from time to time even if its just to say hey there! I have made some fabulous friends this way as well.

I know this is such a load of information but I hope it helps in gaining the confidence in knowing you are capable of anything you put your mind too. Never be afraid to chase your dreams.


Special Guest Review – Connecting You

Special Guest Review – Connecting You

Reviewing the Special Guest App

The Special Guest App has been taking the world by storm since it’s debut in 2017. It’s taken all of the guesswork out of booking live entertainment for your event. In just a few clicks, you can bring the entertainment to you. Think of how much more exciting your next birthday party or BBQ could be with a live performer. Special Guest will help you elevate any event, by adding a musician, comedian, belly dancer, or whatever kind of entertainment you’re looking for.

Create a Memorable Event with Special Guest

Special Guest helps connect performers with gigs, and customers with entertainment for their event. Hire talent for your next corporate event, holiday soiree, retirement party or conference right from your phone or desktop. The process could not be more simple.

Simply open the app, or visit the website. Once there, you’ll be able to search for talent in your city for particular dates. Search by category, for example, circus acts, dancers, DJs or comedians. Instantly, you’ll be matched with available talent that you can book for your event. You’ll see their pricing too, so there’s no surprises. Sticking to your budget is important–the app helps you do that.

There are no complicated contracts to sign, and artists get paid immediately. Even better is that they keep 100% of their fees. For performers, this is a huge deal since most booking services charge a fee or take a percentage.

The app is tailored for the unique needs of users, or for talent. If you’re a user, the app will help match you with artists for your event. For performers, the app helps them get matched with more paying gigs, getting their name out their seamlessly, with minimal leg work.

There’s never been an easier way to find entertainment for your event. Special Guest allows you to book talent on demand, and on the go. Search for talent today, and book them to perform tomorrow.

If you’re an artist looking to get more paid work, or someone looking to hire live performers for an upcoming event, you need the Special Guest App. It’s available free on iPhone. Download it now and see for yourself how easy it is.



Branding Like a Boss

Branding Like a Boss

Why is it as women we are the first ones to totally bash ourselves and get the blues or stuck in the comparison hamster wheel, that let’s get real, is not healthy and has ZERO wins for anyone.

So you know your passion, you have your goals, and your are ready to totally CRUSH IT IN 2019 – but wait….Branding? Putting myself out there?

Maybbbbeeee I’ll just wait til next year? LIKE HELL YOU WILL GIRL! FIGURE IT OUT! Fall, scrape your knees, get up and learn how to do it again but now flawlessly with a little character built up behind you in experience.

Any one else out there have this internal argument on the daily? I know I did once upon a time.

So today we are spilling it all on how to create your personal brand to fit exactly you! The tips, tricks, and struggles I learned from I am sharing with you today in hopes that you can take at least one thing to help you launch into what ever it is you want to become in this whole “adulting” entrepreneurship were creating!

So grab a coffee or a BIG glass of wine (because whats the point of a small pour when were getting creative with our bad selves and lets dive right in.)

image1 (24)

What is branding? Branding is creating your general look of what people see when they first come across your page or business. Its your little mark in this big world. What do you represent? Is it mommyhood? cooperate Business? Are you sweet, funny, a smart ass? What do you want people to walk away feeling when they leave your page? Do you want them to feel support? Like they learned something? Like they want to cry? Like they are moved? Like they are ready to shop? Branding is about creating your ultimate esthetics for what you are all about. Do your pictures all make the same sense or are you Posting “Make America Great Again” followed by a cute Puppy followed by a picture of a mountain? That is BAD BRANDING my friends. You want it to flow like a river Pocahontas would sing a magical song next too.

How do I make my photos all “flow” without having to match colors and spend hours planning? I am all about saving time and working efficiently. Planning all greens for 9 squares, then all reds, then all yellows…..Thats a lot of work and for my business just not practical. I’ve got mamas to support, businesses to run, and three crazy kids to chase. So how I personally make my brand flow is by using different presets in light room and making sure each piece of content I post is edited with that same preset. For example I will go on Etsy (because I love supporting another maker) purchase a preset and use that preset for Summer then when Fall comes I’ll find one with maybe warmer hues and use this for all of fall…Your catching my drift right? You want someone to not want to look away from your page so you get a chance to share your brand and what you are about. However if your page is not pretty to look at you will get over looked no matter how great your words and content are. Make everything flow together into what your overall big picture is.

Focus on what you represent and do not fall stray to this purpose. – Sure you can evolve and change over time, but always stay true to your core reason and truth. With this you will always have a strong foundation that can branch off where ever you want at a later time. Until your foundation is as strong as nails though do not squirrell from your core.

Video Video and More Video Nothing says personal like connection. The closest thing we have to human connection when branding is video! It is the most awkward thing in the whole wide world of course when first talking to yourself on your camera. This is the new age though and people do not just want to see pictures they want to hear your voice, see you, learn what your personality is like. SHOW THEM and be real. (This is where that large glass of wine comes in.)

The three C’s of Branding – Clarity, Consistency, and Constancy. 

Establish a following and get to know your target audience. Do not be afraid to ask questions. What do they like? What do they want to see more of? Who are they? GET TO KNOW THEM.


Creating your personal brand is so special and so exciting. Dive in, go with your gut and learn as you go. What worked? Do more of just that. What flopped? Cross that out of your game plan. Move onward and upward and let no-one stand in your way. (Most of all the noone is ourselves.)

Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination

Where my makers at?! Most of us are so guilty of the procrastination gene! It’s in our DNA – So how do we use it for good? What is it? Were getting down and dirty with it all today!

Procrastination is the act of prioritizing less urgent and more pleasurable tasks over the more important stuff.

You procrastinate because you have a fear of doing something, because of unreasonable expectations, or because you haven’t generated enough reasons to get the job done.

Now, procrastination is not always “bad” nor “good”. I personally thrive when I have a dead line and need to get hustling the day before, but if it’s too much and not organized procrastination I will fail every single time to meet my deadline. I become stressed, overwhelmed, and start the hamster wheel of accomplishing absolutely nothing productive.

So why do we do this? How do we avoid procrastination or organize it to help us effectively? Today I am spilling all my tricks on what I do to stay on top of task that are not pleasurable or “exciting” to me. The ones that often get pushed to the back burner!


Get the hard stuff out-of-the-way – Every evening before bed I always make a list of what needs to be done the next day. This 1, helps me clear my head and sleep better and 2, allows me to strategically place the things i want to do the least top on my list.

(When I whip out the hard stuff first thing in the morning, there’s not enough caffeine in my system to talk me out of it, and then I am energized with the attitude of “Yeah I just did that, and it wasnt that bad.” “I am ready for more!”)

Set specific, measurable and realistic expectations of yourself – Do not over book yourself and realistically create timelines that allow you to not feel stressed out or like you need to skip a meal to accomplish everything. Remember a healthy you is going to be the most productive you.

Find out what motivates you and eliminate distractions – For my personal motivation I love Podcast. While I am working in my office I feel like I am learning new things from some of my favorite entrepreneurs while getting motivated on every word they say! Some of my favs to listen too for motivation are

  • Rachel Hollis – Rise
  • Jenna Kutcher – Goal Digger
  • Lori Harder – Earn your happy
  • and Julie Soloman – The Influencer Podcast
  • Mel Robbins – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Method

All of these women fire me up and make working enjoyable and not boring or lonely. I eliminate my text and phone alerts, the television, or any other ding that may distract me from accomplishing the one task at hand.

Complete small new tedious task immediately – Have a phone call to make? A form to sign for the kids? A volunteer obligation? A dish you borrowed but have failed to return? Just do it. All of these tedious task can haunt you and turn into giant mole hills for absolutely no reason. The minute something comes in that I can handle right away I do. This will completely avoid you forgetting later on down the road, or saying “Ill do it after dinner” and becoming to tired and pushing it to the next day.

Find your peak performance time and use it – We all have that time of day that we just kick ass and take names. For some they call it being a “morning person” or a “night owl” others its awareness, either way we all have a time that is perfect for our own individual peak spots.

Don’t get “stuck” on your time and know that as life circumstances or body changes happen your peak performance times may change as well. Perfect example – I am usually a morning person. I wake up before everyone in my house, enjoy my coffee and quiet time, and start busting out hard projects before any one wakes up. Than…. I got pregnant….and I am pretty positive this baby is going to be a night party animal. I’m worthless in the mornings and some days can barely move until 3-5 p.m., then I perk up and can rumble til 1 in the morning. Ya all, this is UNHEARD of for my body, but Im rolling with the punches, Im listening to my peak energy, and utilizing it to the best of my ability. With a few quick changes I just have my “work performance” hours after the littles are tucked in. Be open and accepting to change. 


Focus on one thing at a time – Dishes, Etsy Orders, Local Orders, Kids Event, Volunteer Obligations, Date night, Dinner Plans, Laundry OH MY – I’ll take the lions and tigers and bears any day. Slow it down girl friend…..This is where list are crucial. Take ONE THING and ONE THING only. Nothing else matters until that one thing is complete. Are you writing a blog? Then you are only focused on doing your best and writing the best piece you can at that moment. Are you doing the dishes? Then you’re not on the phone, your finishing up the dishes so you can get the next meal moving and grooving. I often remind my self “I am only doing this right now.” I literally hold my self back from squirreling and starting 5 things at once but completing nada.






Summer Books that Inspire

Summer Books that Inspire

Getting lost in a good book is everythingggggg! With writing my first book coming out next month, the more I read, the more I feel inspired to write. Go figure?

What better way than to share with you besties my favorite reads so far this summer!

Audible is amazing but there is just something special about turning an actual page for me! When my kids are splashing around at the pool I love to relax and just get indulged in a good read.

Okay lets get to it…Here are my absolute favs this year.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up


Girl, Wash your face


168 Hours


The 5 Second Rule


The Alchemist


Crush It


What are you waiting for? Lets get lost together!!!!! These will make you want to tackle the world when you are done! Here is to some serious mama motivation.