2018 Handcrafted Trends

Owning a hand crafted business makes it a crucial point of life to stay on top of whats trending.

How do I stay on top of whats trending?

If your on Etsy they will send out a Monthly Sellers Help guide and at the bottom left corner there is a link to what is trending. For example this month was Unicorn Everything, Last month Slime Everything….  Go on Amazon and see what the best sellers are. Google trends of 2018 and see what sparks your inner creativeness.

To get noticed you must learn the art of being comfortable with always changing or adding little details to your shop according to what is selling and in demand.

This year Ultra Violet is trending every where. This color will be hot for 2018. Last year the Pantone’s color of the year was Greenery and this year were hopping to the opposite side of the spectrum with Violet everything.

This was extra special to me as Purple is my daughters favorite color, so she will be delighted that more purple is in my creations.

In 2017 Blush Pinks were life. Now moving forward its all about lavender and lilacs. (For home decor as well) Hard Shapes such as triangles, squares, etc. were all last year and moving forward we will see more geometric circles and softness. Golden Brass Tones over Silver all year! The contrast can be simply amazing….Think big…Sinks, wood, dresser handles, I am going to guess by now you’re catching my drift. Velvet is another trend which is back in full swing, I always find it interested how decades later the hot trends always circle back around. It may take you a little while, but you will jump on the velvet love wagon….(Pretty positive about this one!)

Now Lets Get Creative…2018 is Bold and Making a Statement…So should you.



Heat Transfer Vinyl – HTV

When I first bought my Cricut, I was beyond excited to create anything and everything. I had been wanting to start a clothing line for years, and this was the perfect addition to make my little dream come true! Sometimes direction reading is not high on my priority list, the dive head first and deal with consequences after is a little more my style. I want to share with you my mistakes and learning lessons I have made over the past several years!

  • Make sure when using HTV (heat transfer vinyl) you get a vinyl that is more on the matte side and the shiny vinyl looks very….well vinyl and fake on light colored shirts.
  • Always set your heat press or iron temp between 300-350 degrees. (On glitter vinyl you can use a little higher level of heat.) Press for 6-7 seconds lift, repeat, remove vinyl, and then press about 2 seconds all around with no cover sheet on the vinyl.
  • Make sure when printing heat transfer vinyl you have the machine set on MIRROR IMAGE. My Gosh I have wasted an elephant size load of vinyl forgetting this little miracle step.

Cabinet Make Overs

Cabinet Makeover Magic

cabinet before

cabinet after

When we bought our first home in 2016 everything was oak and yellow laminate! My dream kitchen was bright, airy, and white. Going over yellow oak was terrifying for me, especially going from a yellow oak to bright white with a vintage looking touch! I knew I would need extra sealant for the 4 little hands that touch everything in my home. I experimented with several different brands of paints, failed once or twice, and finally found the perfect formula that I must share with you for the easiest cabinet painting experience.

You do not need the cabinet painting kit. (For the Paint.)

However this is where you need the kit for everything else unless you want to be sanding until you send your 3 year old off to college. Hell to the no? Buy the kit!

I have roughly 30 cabinet fronts and was not about to attempt which one went where so I did one section at a time! For example: The top two over the fridge I would destain, prime, paint, and seal as a set. There is no right or wrong just find a smooth system where you will not forget which one goes where!

Step One: Remove your first section of cabinet and take off all screws (Place in a ziplock bag so you do not lose any pieces along the way.)

Step Two: Use the Stain Remover and a green scrub sponge to take off any previous paint or sealant on cabinet. This is where the sweat part comes into play. (Lets hope we don’t include blood and tears in this process.)  I am probally the most inpatient person….well like ever… I attempted to half ass this step on my cabinets. DO NOT DO IT!!! RESIST THE URGE!!! The paint will not set properly if the previous sealant is not completely removed.

Step Three: Wipe down the cabinet and make sure remover is completely removed. (I used baby wipes for this because… well mom life.)

Step Four: Paint. YASSSSS! Use any color you want for this step! It must be an interior paint though. Cabinet Paint, a Benjamin Moore, you can get creative here! Make sure it’s semi gloss if your not using a cabinet paint though. (This is far easier to clean and wipe down.) Go with the grain of the wood! I started on the outside and then painted the inside. The different dimensions created some drips, which I could easily clean up by going out to in. DO THREE COATS. Not two….THREE. Especially if you are doing a bright light color.

Step Five: Seal. Seal and Seal some more! MAKE SURE you use a Cabinet sealer and not a polyurethane as this can turn your white a yellow. Wait a full 24 hours before putting on the hardware and hanging up again.

Step Six: While the Cabinet faces are drying paint the cabinet base and repeat steps 1 through 5.

Tips and Tricks – If you are doing an accent or vintage look on the cabinet use a paint brush and lightly rub in the wax base with your finger wrapped in a soft cloth, it creates a grainey look and brings out the natural wood grain which turns out gorgeous and looks like a $10,000 cabinet!

The Simplest Sign Method

Signs are amazing, inspirational and add the perfect touch to any room or event. You can make a professional looking sign in less than 30 minutes with this simple hack!

  • Go to Dafonts.com and find the perfect font style you are looking for.
  • Download it onto your computer.
  • Pull up a word document and print out the words. For example


  • Once you have your printed paper, turn it over so the words are back wards and the printed farm house is facing down ward. Take a pencil and trace each letter from the back side. Press hard and scribble so every letter is completely colored in with the pencil.
  • Flip your paper over so the printed side is up and place the pencil covered side on to the wood you are working with.
  • Trace over the letters pressing firmly until you have completely spelled the word and “transferred” onto the wood.
  • Remove paper and you should have a clear outline of the wording you placed. Then take a sharpie or paint and go over the letters.

How to Prepare for an Appraisal

As promised my friends….The ultimate guide to prepare for an appraiser. We decided to go conventional after months of debating it and going back and forth. We decided we no longer wanted to pay $200 a month to an FHA PMI Insurance and took the leap!

After completing a ton of “google” research and reaching out to everyone I knew who had been through the appraisal process before, I received so many different things of feed back in which none added up… I heard everything from make sure your windows are spotless to that you need new linen on all of your beds. (None of this is accurate.)

First and foremost….COMPS. What the comparable pricing is where you live is one of the most crucial points of an appraisal. I also learned the house does not need to look anything like yours. They go off of square footish, how many beds, how many baths, etc. when doing their compariables.

Second. PROJECTS…If there not finished. Finished them. My husband and I did a whirlwind home remodel in 8 days! Whew…My hands are still sore. The one thing I have learned through this experience is there is nothing…and I mean nothing. A fresh coat of white paint can’t fix. (Quickly)

Floors. Are huge and add value to your home, make sure they are cleaned and ready for inspection upon your appraisers arrival. You want the overall condition of your home to be “Sellable” and well cared for. This needs to be clearly apparant to your seller.

This one through me off and I only did it by pure chance of rushing before our appraisal arrived and forgetting to turn the lights off. THEY WANT THE LIGHTS ON IN EVERY ROOM. They cant take clear pictures of your home unless this is done. The appraiser not only thanked us for having the lights on, but also noted it in our appraisal.

When our appraisal came in I paid attention to key notes and things they look for. Also I asked him EXACTLY what they look for while he was here. My response received was “The overall well being and condition of home, that its liveable and taken care of. Any upgrades, remodels all add value.”

  • Lights on in every room of your home.
  • Any unfinished projects are finished.
  • No wood showing through on baseboards.
  • Fresh Paint.
  • Curb Appeal.
  • Comps.
  • Clean & Inviting.
  • All alarms, fire, etc. are working and hooked up correctly.

Hope this helps a person or two! 


Halloween Treat – Buttered Beer

Its Halloween and a Magical Time for fun little recipes to make with the kids! My husband had a whim last week to make this Buttered Beer Recipe from Harry Potter and it was to good to not share.

  • What you need :
  • 1 quart of Apple Pie Ice Cream
  • 1/4 Cup of Caramel Butter Scotch Syrup
  • 32 oz. Cream Soda
  • 2 tbs. Butter
  • Whipped Cream

Place glasses in freezer for about 2 hours before creating.

Mix Soda and Ice Cream together in a blender.

Divide between the frosted glasses.

Blend Syrup, Butter and Whip Cream and Poor Blended Mix on top of the drink.

Throw on your favorite Harry Potter and Enjoy the Magic!




Over the years I have read several how to articles learning the ins and outs of what works for different businesses and hand-made companies. I kept seeing a shipping station repeatedly in blogs and articles and thought it was something worth investigating a little deeper. When the Holiday Season hits for most makers it’s as if you are struggling to stay above water, especially for a one man show.

An ultimate goal of every maker is to stay organized, have fun, and love what you do. I created a shipping station OUTSIDE of my office in the garage so it was out of sight and out of mind when I was creating. When I finish an item I simply place it on the table and at the end of the day I go out and package everything up. Packaging is a job within it self (if you’re doing it properly.) It’s crucial to have something visually stimulating and exciting for your customer to open up. Often times I will go with seasons and add little trinkets, ribbons, shred, etc. This is also a branding trick and customers are more likely to remember all the extra effort you put into their order. You took the time to make it special. That is why the shipping station is so crucial it gives you time to focus on one thing….SHIPPING….

It’s a known fact most creative people are “squirrelly” type personalities, so having focus, direction, and guidance is crucial. I wish I would have started this years ago, so here I am screaming it from the ROOF TOPS – create a damn shipping station! Have all your bubble wrap, ribbons, boxes, tape, and goodies to add in all in ONE SPOT! (Also toddlers can’t steal your trinkets this way! hehe)

Now let’s get to shipping!!!!

No really…

Go Now….