How to plan a Nerf Birthday Party

How to plan a Nerf Birthday Party

Nerf Parties are the ultimate trend right now – Every little boy I know is obsessed, am I righttttt?

My son would watch Nerf war videos on you tube for hours if he was allowed.

Nerf is Life….. Simple.

Now as a mama whose not a Nerf pro – party planning on a completely unknown origin can be tricky. I thought I would spill all my secrets on how we made a seamless amazing party come together in less than a week, under $200, and no injuries or arguments for a five-hour party. LIKE THIS IS FOR THE WIN YA ALL!

Let’s not waste any time because we know you don’t have time to waste – Its probally crunch hour and you need tips and tricks STAT.

Dessert Tables are Everythanggggg. A grand entrance statement to make your guest say Wowza is the trick. I use my kitchen table, push it up against the wall and go to town. For this party I grabbed a Happy Birthday balloon pack at Michael’s for $5 and some cute wood letters to spell my son’s name that were also on clearance. If you shop right they always have 40% off coupons as well you can whip up on your phone before checking out. For the Nerf tags and printable’s I used some scratch paper lying around and created a word document to type up some cute little sayings to get the boys ramped up.

Tip: When laying out your appetizer/dessert table make sure everything has color pops that match, and that each side is equally textured or laid out for design. It makes it prettier on the eye. Remember USE WHAT YOU HAVE and Get Creative. You’ll be amazed what turns up that you can use when you look at it with a fresh set of eyes.

Make the cake EXTRA – Theres just something magical and special about the cake aspect of a party. It’s the first thing the littles flock too and admire. If the cakes a hit, your party is off to a bang. We went with a 25 person slice cake *tip* We actually made it over 40 slices with the heighth and how we sliced it. You want to cut the cake side ways like bread, not like a piece of pie. After the sideways piece falls you then cut that section into 2-4 pieces depending on portion sizes you want to hand out. A little went a long way! If you’re local we used The Cakesmith – She was completely awesome sauce.

Create a DIY Obstacle Course Haven – My hubby may have had a little more fun creating this then he will admit. We used card board boxes, pie tins, spray paint, wood stakes, and some fort supplies my son had lying around in the garage with some tarps. How he put it all together?

My husband happened to have his tree stands and some other fun supplies handy so he set up in the back yard for the kids to climb trees and really get into the idea of “obstacle.” We figured the obstacle course was a much safer route than war zone or a capture the flag type plan.

He then made Target shooting zones out of pie tins and a little spray paint, he made “bases” at each station out of card board boxes.

He then made an army crawl station with some tarps, stakes, and string.

The idea is to get creative and make about 10 stations to keep kids busy moving forward and not all waiting in lines, excited, with nerf guns and inpatient. We wanted lots of constant movement!

Here are some extra ideas to spark the inspiration.

Download Free Printables – If you have a Cricut or a friend that does, download free silhouettes and make little die cuts for extra decor and add ons.

Keep as much outside as possible – Lets be reallllllll Mamas are exhausted after big parties and the clean up is far more minimal if the party is out doors! For Nerf Clean up I gave my littles each a bag the day after the party and made it a game of who could scavenger hunt the most nerfs in their bag. (Crafty clean ups are so much more fun.)

For some added relaxation and excitement to clean on my end I used my new PUMPKIN SPICE CLEANERRRRRR from Grove – (I know, who would of thought cleaning supplies in pumkin flavor could bring so much joy.) Get yours here with a free gift because mama’s need love too!

Food made simple – I was fully intending on going Pinterest mom crazy in this aspect, but then the party snuck up closer and reality sunk in that I am nine months pregnant and not in a Betty Crocker mood as of late. I grabbed a few take in bakes, hot dogs, buns, chips, salsa, and fruit to make a fun fruit tray. The kids went crazy. All honestly here – FIRST PARTY I have ever hosted where there were absolutely NO LEFT OVERS. None, Zip, Nada. It was fabulous. Throwing a ton of stuff away always makes my stomach turn after parties so this had me hip hip hooraying.

So there it is.

Nerf Parties Made Simple, Affordable, and Special.

Happy Party Planning Mama Bears. – Always feel free to comment below any questions or tips needed and I am more than happy to hop on the planning train with you.

How to Design a Neutral Nursery

How to Design a Neutral Nursery

These days the trends have completely changed in nursery styling and I could not be more excited about it! Heck, it’s even changed since having my son just 8 years ago! Every thing was all about being gender specific and going all pink or all blue. If you were unsure of the sex or chose to have a little surprise it was suggested to do everything in yellow from clothing to paint colors. (Thank goodness were over the yellow.)

image1 (2)

Grey is the new everythanngggggg am I right? My obsession lately is mixing in browns, wood tones, and grey’s to keep it warm and homey feeling. Tonight I am spilling all my secret tips on how I transformed a pink explosion into a gender neutral gorgeous nursery with spending less than $300! Okay lets start getting inspired shall we?

Making Over The Bed and Crib to Look Pottery Barn Worthy 

I just love the warmth that wood brings to any room, the whites and wood together just make my little soul sing! In a previous blog I wrote all about how I transformed the crib and the bed with wood cuts that I stained. I knew I wanted to make sure to incorporate the earthy tones and feeling with this bedroom. The  best part is I did not spend a dime (except lumber cost) on a new bed or crib, with a little TLC and up cycle you can totally get creative with hand me downs you already have. Remember to think out side of the box.

image5 (3)

Choosing Paint Colors to Completely Swoon Over

When we first purchased our home I was a total newbie to paint and Oh mannnnn did it show! I wanted every wall a different color and was so excited to mix and match that it looked like a walking chaotic hot mess. I knew this was my last shot at “re doing” a kids room with the hubby that I needed to be careful with color choice and find something completely neutral that would still be bright and airy. After samples upon samples I stumbled upon the color “Cozy Haven” and just fell in love. It’s the perfect mix of the grey and taupey tones that I was searching for. I then hit the ceiling with Ultra Bright White to make the lower ceilings appear to be higher. (Never use dark colors on a low ceiling – stay as bright as possible for a larger looking room trick.) I then Pinterested my little heart out and found these mountains that were so simple and took me less than an hour to create with masking tape and matte chalk paint. I used Black, Grey, and White for the Mountains. (This does take a few coats of paint so make sure you let completely dry before thinking your finished!)

image4 (3)

Upcycling Dressers and Furniture

When my daughter was a baby we bought the Chestnut dresser, changing table, and crib. The furniture was only a few years old so I could not bare to just sell it or toss it so the paint got whipped out again. I really wanted to bring a little modernes in with all the earthy tones I was choosing so I went with a simple black and white pattern with pops of bright gold on the knobs. This took me less than 2 hours and turned out amazing! Best part? The cost…Nada.

image3 (3)

Adding the Perfect Pop Pieces

With this being my last little one, I really wanted every piece in this room to have character, tell a story and just pop. The art of simplicity and minimalism has really been my thing lately, especially with realizing how a ton of decor can be cluttered appearing and overwhelming. I found small companies, Etsy shops, and of course Hobby Lobby and Home Goods to find the perfect little additions. If your following us on Instagram you will see I always tag where these great pieces are from! Some of my favorite additions have been the custom name wood art by Funky Letter Boutique and the sweet and simple evergreen decals from Urban Walls.

image2 (3)

Remember just like your mama told you when learning to apply makeup, the same goes for nursery decor. Less is More.

Have a question? We love to help – Shoot on over your nursery ideas and before and alters to be featured on our next article for nursery inspiration on Pinterest! Not following? Head on over and get to it!!! Can’t wait to see everyone’s inspiration and photos!

Happy Decorating Mamas!




How to add texture to your decor

How to add texture to your decor

You have the perfect find. The piece looks beautiful in the store under the perfect lighting, with the perfect placement, and you get home to put it in your “perfect” spot and it looks lonely.

It’s all about the textures…

So what is texture and how can you apply it to any decor?

I have the secrets for you ladies and tonight were spilling them! How to have a Pinterest worth home that is completely swoon worthy made easy.

Step 1: Layer your levels of height – If a shelf or mantle is completely symmetrical it tells no story and has no appeal to the eye. You want to have different levels of heights throughout your decor placement – For example put some greenery on a couple of books and then your centerpiece mirror with some taller candle holders on the other side to finish your look.


Step 2 — Play with materials: It’s always okay to mix and match, it builds character to any space and makes it interesting! I love using metals, wood, glass, greenery and fabrics when combining pieces in a small space. Below is an easy play by-play to get the imagination wheels spinning on how to mix and match properly. does a fabulous job at visually explaining this breakdown of different materials and how to work it!


Step 3 – Shelving and Throw Pillows are always a yessssssss.

(My husband hates my throw pillows because with children they get thrown everywhere but darn it for those few hours they are in perfect placement it looks like pure bliss and adds the perfect amount of dimension to any furniture piece.)


Step 4 – Do not over clutter

Guilty as charged…I am a picture fanatic… There are just so many special family memories I want blasted all over my home, however too many pictures will kill any room and make it feel overwhelming, pick a few designated spots just for a fun wall gallery or a few cute frames but KEEP IT SIMPLE. Just like when you were learning how to apply makeup and your mama told you less is more, the same goes for putting your entire instagram gallery in your living room.

Step 5 – Lighting is everythanggggggg

Nothing brightens up a space like good lighting and fixtures, you can even diy and spray paint old pieces if you’re a DIY girl on a budget. Light creates space to be bigger, just as dark paint colors make spaces push in and appear smaller, whites and airiness make rooms appear twice their regular size!


Hopefully this gets you inspired to create the perfect shelf or little space that just makes you smile when you walk in the room. Simple & Sweet.

Happy Decorating Mama


How to Make a Ship Lap Bed

How to Make a Ship Lap Bed

When you have multiple kids, you start to get crafty with hand me downs! My sons first bed was passed down to my daughter and over the years it has taken its toll with two little monkey constantly jumping, swinging, and beating it!

After I found out the little bun in the oven was a boy I decided to do a “Let them sleep for when they wake they will move mountains” theme to keep it gender neutral but still give pizzazz for boy girl spunk on each side of the bedroom.

image1 (3)

Now ladies….I just learned to use a wood saw LAST WEEK…..I made this bed three days later. If I can do this, you can do this.  – I will also do a sequel post to how I am making the crib (which was my daughters) match the new bed I just created!

Ok let’s get to making mammas!!!!

Step 1. Take the bed you are upcycling and measure horizontally how long it is. (For example mine ended up being 40 inches from left to right.) This is going to be your wood cutting measurements.

Step 2. Head to your local hardware store or find some scrap wood that has a nice smooth surface. I wanted a shiplap style for the kid’s bedroom so I purchased 1 x 4’s and 1 x 8’s in pine. – We will go over in a minute how to make them blend together so it gives that rustic look!

image4 (2)

Step 3. Time to get the power tools out mama! YOU GOT THIS – make sure you wear safety glasses and have someone teach you to do a straight cut on the saw before starting this project. I took a tape measure and marked 40” on the wood slabs and began cutting them all into 40” pieces. (I did about five at a time) I ended up using ten 40” pieces total for this entire project!

The best part it cost me under $40 to create this entire bed!

image1 (4)

Step 4. Whip out that stain – For this particular project I used dark walnut (I had a vision of super rustic and did not want any oak looking yellow tones to come through with a plain walnut stain.) Do not be afraid when it goes on super dark – pine wood is so light in color that the grains come out beautifully with this stain and it soaks it up to lighten. I also only did one coat of each side!

Once all your pieces of wood are stained and completely dry its time to hang them and make some pretty! 

image3 (3)

Step 5. I rotated wood sizes when hanging.

I started with a 1 x 4 then placed a 1 x 8 then a 1 x 4 then 1 x 8

(Your catching what I’m throwing right?)

image4 (1)


Tending to be a little OCD at times I measured the closest I could to the center and three inches from the end of each piece of wood to drill the nail into the wall and through the wood. I continued to stack the wood til it reached the Mountain base I painted on the wall. For the footer I only placed two 1 x 8s and 1 x 4s drilling them directly into the old bed.

image3 (2)

This project literally took me 2 hours and was a simple solution to the perfect rustic look – You can also white wash the wood for a more farm-house style! When starting this project if you have questions feel free to reach out! Lets Mompreneur together!

image2 (3)

Now get to making girlfriend!


How to get creative with breakfast

How to get creative with breakfast

image1 (1)

We are officially in the full swing of summer and for some of us that means less of a morning rush with breakfast! Ill be the first to admit Im guilty of stopping at our local coffee shop more than once a week to grab a quik bite on the rush into school.

My littles are not huge breakfast eaters so I have been doing some research in making it a little more fun and spicing up our summer morning routine! I found some adorable and super easy ideas that were too good not to share with all my Mama Bears.

We will just dive right in and get you inspired for the bright and early morning ahead! I’ll also be posting some fun kid movie recipes to make and bake with your children later this week for the perfect night in!

First up… Pancakes, because who doesn’t love a fun flap jack! 

Waffles are just pancakes with abs. – Lets show them some love. 


What is Beethoven’s Favorite fruit? Ba-Na-Na-Naaaaaaaa


What day of the week do eggs hate? FRY DAY.

Happy Breakfast Making Mamas!

10 DIY Fathers Day Gifts

10 DIY Fathers Day Gifts


Fathers Day is tomorrow, and as we celebrate all of the wonderful Fathers around the world, we want to remember nothing says “I love you” like something from the heart.

My son and I did some research over the past week of some simple handmade items that made us smile and think PERFECT FOR DADS!

Lets dive right in because if your reading this, your on a crunch and need to get those crafty little hands working fast!

Framed Photos

These are so simple! Ready for it? Find an Old scrabble game and grab some pieces! Boy mom? Grab some figurines & find an old frame….lets get to upcycling mamas! Hot glue the wording of scrabble words on to some card stock. Repeat steps with super heroes write beneath the cute quotes pictures below or print out on your printer – ten minute gift to make dad smile!

The rocks are amazing! Go out side find about 5 – 10 flat rocks and some paint or a sharpie! (Which ever you have on hand will work perfectly!)  Write every special thing daddy is to you! Hot glue onto back of shadow box or frame and place back together!

Two Gifts in the bag! 

Its Hammer Time!

This looks way more complicated then it is! (We made one a few Christmases ago for my husband and he loved it!) If your feeling extra crafty you can trace the words out with pencil and wood burn them on (this does take about an hour so plan accordingly)

You can also do the simple version – run and grab any hammer – a wood handle is a must however, pick up some acrylic paint or a sharpie and let the kids get creative with what Dad means to them – A quote, a family joke, hand prints around the hammer, get creative!!!!!


Beer Thirty

Dads love beer right? These are so neat and simple to make! The bottle opener itself you can pick up at any lowes or home depot for about $5, the wood is just a 2 x 4 cut in a smaller scrap piece and painted.

I just love hand prints and milestones so you can have the kids do their art solo or your inner artist can come out if your feeling extra crafty and energized this evening! You can pair this bottle opener with coasters of old beer labels simply modge podged on to coasters or you can cut thick pieces of card board and repeat the same process with coating the modge podge.

Example: Cut square piece of card board. Place a layer of modge podge on card board. Glue the label on to the square piece. Seal one more time on top with the modge podge. Voilaaaaa – a beautifully paired booze gift to last a lifetime!

Everything Taste Better Outside

Am I right? I love everything about summer! Listening to the kids run around outside, enjoying dinner on the deck, the frogs and crickets once the sun goes down, BBQs, you know all the little things like sitting and watching the sunset, a late night fishing sesh…..The things summer nights are made out of!

Which is why these three items are my favorite gifts for dad!

The first one is a grilling tray! You can purchase these blank white acrylic trays at Michaels or Hobby Lobby – Paint them with any acrylic paint and bake at 350 degrees in the oven for about 30 minutes when you are finished creating! After this it self seals and is ready for some memories on the BBQ.

Tackle Box of Gummy Worms & Handmade Note – Pick dads favorite candy and write how hooked on him you really are! Romantic and Sweet for a combined family gift!

BBQ Utensil Hanger – Three pieces of scrap wood glued together (My favorite is Gorilla Wood Glue) seals fast and stays forever! Paint or a White Sharpie – A little whispie in the hand writing, some hooks or nails and you are complete and ready to roll! (The picture displays some old knobs glued on to hold the Utensils, how ever I love just the hooks because you can do more of a rustic or stainless steel look which matches the BBQ area!)

The Morning Giggle 

You guys… I am a Holiday fanatic….I love everything about them, the giggles, the smiles, the drama, just every aspect I want to soak in! My favorite part of holidays like birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, valentines – your catching my drift…is the morning of. The setting of how the day will flow if you will…. Do you have bacon and  a sharpie? Your good to go girl!

  1. Who doesn’t love bacon? Bacon is a great mood setter….For anyone.
  2. First thing we do when we wake up? Go tinkle….Start it out with a big smile, a toilet paper roll and a sharpie! You can even do a little post it note on the toilet seat! Get Creative.

Most of all appreciate these amazing men we get blessed with in our lives. The grandpa’s, the fathers, the step dads, the great grandpas.

Thank you for showing up every day and making a difference in our children’s lives and carrying that on into adulthood. This holiday is not about  stuff it’s about letting them know how much we care about them, how much we notice them, about verbalizing the importance they carry in our lives. So lets all start out with I LOVE YOU DAD! 

Happiest of Crafting Mamas – Happiest of Fathers Day Dads.



Inexpensive DIY Classroom Graduation Gifts

Inexpensive DIY Classroom Graduation Gifts

image3 (1)

Every year we try to do something special for my sons class mates! This year he wanted to do graduation gifts and we found the perfect creation that his friends will be over the moon for! Best Part – I made 28 of these for under $20! Naturally, I had to share our DIY creation with you other mamas!

Quick Supply Run – (or order if your like me and survive on Amazon Prime.)

  • 2 Gallons of Elmers Glue (This was for 28 and I had just enough glue.) – Elmers Glue
  • Borax
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Shaving Cream
  • Some fun little toys to add in at the end. – Plastic Fishies
  • Plastic Containers, Mason Jars, Zip lock Bags.

image1 (4)

Now for getting started!!!!

  1. In a large bowl pour 2 cups of elmers glue and shaving cream to top the glue area (About a quarter of a can.) Mix together and add food coloring.
  2. Once mixed add 1/2 cup of water and continue to mix til a whip cream texture.
  3. Once your satisfied with the consistency, add in 1/2 cup of water with 1 tsp. of borax. (Tip: Place borax in measuring cup and make sure water is running HOT before adding in so the borax gets completely dissolved.)
  4. Pour into bowl and start kneading with your hands to squeeze out extra water. Be patient with this step work with the slime until it feels not too sticky! (If it is stickier or slimier than you prefer just add a little shaving cream to the slime.) I whipped out the roller and let my little guy roll it out just for fun.
  5. Once everything is perfect go ahead and equally divide up into jars or bags. We created an assembly line where I would place the slime in and my son would pick the toy and put in each package. Repeat steps 1 – 5 until you have as many slime gifts as you need.


Our finishing touch was adding some fun ribbon and printing out little sayings that said “Sliming into Second Grade.” You can get as creative as you want with this step!

That’s it! Simple & Sweet Entertainment that the kiddos will love you for!

Happy Crafting Friends.

Ladies….I’ve got a mom beauty hack.

As a mom, simple is LIFE. I posted a few months ago about a brand called NUTREE I found which is amazing. For those of us less than fortunate with hydrated luscious locks, sometimes we need a little extra help. I don’t know about you, but my morning routine allows me about 10-15 minutes to be ready to roll and out the door.

My hair alone with out some sort of help either A. goes in a messy bun on the top of my head (Not a cute one, but like a “I haven’t brushed my hair in a week and something may pop out from the bun” look.) or B. I stay up late for an hour the night before attempting to straighten the hot mess in 7 different layers then resulting in being exhausted the next morning.

None of these work for me…… I am a business owner, a mama, and let’s be real I live in a tiny little town and run into someone WHERE EVER I go. Looking like a character out of the walking dead just does not work for my lifestyle.


This product last me personally for about 3-4 months at a time and takes about 30 minutes to complete. I can take a shower, leave with wet hair and within an hour of doing absolutely nothing but letting my hair air dry have hot beach waves to last all day! If I want to straighten my hair it takes me all of ten minutes, and if I scrunch it a whopping 5 minutes with no frizz. Hello. Goodbye. Let me share my secret ladies. 


Ready for how easy this is? That’s the best part….

  1. No need to wash your hair before. Apply the bottle (ok not the whole bottle but soak your hair generously.) Brush it through your hair to where it’s on all the strands generously.
  2. Leave it on for 40 minutes and go do the dishes. (I am all about some multi tasking!)
  3. Rinse 50% off your hair. Blow dry your hair and divide it into 4 parts. (I just make for equal sections on my head.) Apply the flat-iron for 8 – 10 times from root to the middle strands, and from 4-6 times on the ends. we want to be gentle with our ends so they don’t get damaged. keep your flat-iron temp between 380-450. Use 380 towards your ends to not create any damage.
  4. Always use in ventilated areas. Any product that you are soaking in the cuticle of your hair can have a strong smell, do not fret!

Your done, Voila, literally 30 minutes of work for 4 months of amazing smooth and healthy hair. 

Order Yours Today

Instagram: @nutreeusa

7 Easy Last Minute Easter Activities


YOU GUYS, I totally let Easter sneak up on me and didn’t prep amazing crafts and activities for my kiddo to do this weekend!! But hey, this happens to most of us at some point.  Honestly, it happens to me quite often and I’m okay with that.  Because, ladies, we are creative, flexible thinkers. Whether we like it or not 😉  Here are some simple, on-the-fly-but -super-fun Easter activities to do with your kids when you didn’t plan in advance…

Make “bunny rabbit tails” by blowing bubbles.  Try to catch 2 bubbles on the bubble wand…those are bunny ears!


Take construction paper and draw egg shapes or crosses.  Next, cut out strips of different colored construction paper.  If you have a hole punch, use it to make tiny dots from colored paper.  If you have decorative paper punches or craft scissors with wavy lines, score!  If the kids are old enough, let them draw, cut, and use the punches. They are having fun with an Easter craft while you are sneaking in hand strengthening and visual motor coordination.


Use sidewalk chalk in the driveway or yard to draw Easter eggs, crosses, an angel, or the tomb with a stone rolled away.  You can work on simple patterns as well (example: 1 pink zig zag, 1 green zig zag, 2 polka dots, repeat).

If you have plastic eggs, use them to make an awesome Easter activity. Write a variety of directions (mostly movement activities) on strips of paper and place 1 into each egg.  For example, you could write, “Hop like a bunny rabbit”, “walk and cheep like a baby chick”, “roll like an Easter egg”.  You could also include things like, “Draw a carrot in the dirt.  Draw it with your eyes closed” (did you know you just worked on awareness of the body in space?).  You are rockin’ it momma!

Use sidewalk chalk to draw a picture of a bunny head with ears but leave out a few body parts (maybe 1 ear and half the whiskers).  Have your kids fill in the missing parts (this addresses visual perceptual skills).

If you forgot to buy the egg coloring kits at the store, no worries.  If you have food coloring, eggs, vinegar, and a spoon & cup at home, you’re good to go.  (Just like when we were kids, am I right?) You can also draw or write on the eggs with a white crayon before dying.  The dye won’t cling to the white crayon…it’s like magic to little kids!  You can use this as a way to work on writing their name or words.

If you have plastic eggs (or the ones you dyed are dry), you are all set to hide Easter eggs.  This will entertain the kids for a long time!  And no, you do not have to put candy in those eggs.  There is a joy in finding the eggs just as they are.

And that’s all there is to it.  It doesn’t matter that you didn’t plan ahead. You are creating wonderful memories with your kiddos while having a blast!

Happy Easter!

— Kristen Rodgers

Easter Baskets on a Budget

th (2)

Easter Baskets do not have to cost a ton to be absolutely magnificent. Lets cut to the chase, the kids are after the candy and the eggs. Every thing else is just a perk!

Lets dive in to some thrifty ways to make every one excited on Easter Morning!

  • Skip the packaged grass  – Use a paper shredder and some colorful construction paper you have in the craft stash.


  • Get items such as sidewalk chalk, peeps, toys, coloring books, crafts etc at your local dollar store.
  • I love to get my little’s seasonal socks, I hit up the Target bulls eye dollar section and always find the cutest bunny themed socks, headbands, and fun extras to put in their baskets. (You can usually get the giant bubble wands here as well for $1.00)
  • Don’t be afraid to sneak in a few necessities. Does your little need something? Add it in as a perk of the basket!
  • Play the golden egg game. Put $5 in one Golden Egg and candy, change, etc. in the other eggs. The golden egg winner gets the big bucks! In the basket plan a scavenger type plan to find the Golden Egg, add little notes and hints in the basket to help the little’s along the way on the great golden egg adventure. (Lets be real…scavenger hunts are awesome sauce and every  kid LOVES them!)

easter eggs

  • Re Use your baskets. Michael’s, Target, Wal-mart all have clear out sales after Easter to get rid of last seasons products! (This is your time mamas!) I got a $40 tutu princess basket last year at Michael’s for $10 which I reuse yearly. (You can also DIY and make your own!)

th (4)

  • Make your own slime! On the blog we have a super simple recipe you can conjure up in less than 15 minutes and this year slime is everything!
  • Make your own Peep Habitat – You can get all the ingredients at the dollar store and make this for under $5.

 th (3)

~Happy Easter~