The Last Time

The Last Time

Recently I read an article that just struck me. Not one of those aha moments but a life changing moment when I realized you never know when the “last time” may be.

Let me break this down a little. The last time you held you oldest did you really realize it was the last time? The last time they asked you to come console them for a night mare, did you realize it was the last time? The last time you took showers with them or had to bath them….did you think I am really enjoying this because its the last time?

Well of course not, were thinking I have to do the dishes, fold laundry, make dinner, run to this place, work….As mothers we are always on to what is next vs staying right in the moment and truly enjoying it for how special it is. It’s so easy in todays world to get sidetracked, overwhelmed, sucked into social media, instead of keeping your eyes on these tiny humans that are growing and changing every day right before our very eyes.

I started thinking back and for the life of me I can’t remember the last time I bathed him, napped by his side, or snuggled him to sleep. The last time I nursed my daughter, the last time she yelled with her cute little arms “I’m sooooo big.” All of these things that were just day to day activities were zoomed by and taken for granted. With my third child being my last it made me appreciate these small things. When I catch myself trying to rush bath, or beg him to go to sleep, or think that the 3 am bottle makes are horrible, I remind myself…This could be the last time. We will miss it. Dearly.

Think of it this way. Anxiety is worrying about something that has not happened yet. Constantly being so rushed to get on to the “next thing.” Depression is living in something which has happened in the past. Neither one of these two things can you control so staying present right where you are is where you have the control to make changes. You will be happier, healthier, your children will notice and though they may not recognize what has changed they will know in their hearts that you are right there in the moment with them.

How huge is this?

So today take the extra minute of snuggles, make that bottle with a pep in your step, let them splash and make a mess, because you don’t want to look back and not remember the last time.



Finding Grace in Motherhood

Finding Grace in Motherhood

The hardest hood we will ever walk in. Motherhood.

Why you ask? Simple. None of us know what the hell we are doing. Motherhood comes with no handbook, no play by play for each personality you bring into this world, no direction pamphlet explaining do this or don’t do this. Just opinions. Everyonnnnnnneeeesssss Opinions. Yuck right?! Some are great. Some are horrible.

I am a firm believer we are given this amazing talent the second we become pregnant called a mothers intuition. With a clear head and loving heart we can feel that deep down wrenching gut feeling that sometimes we want to run far away from or not face, but dang it is always right and will never steer us in the wrong direction.

Being a mother of three very different strong willed little ones I have learned a patience and humbleness I never imagined possible.

Here’s how. Falling straight on my face again and again. Trying to be someone I wasn’t when I first became a mama, being picture perfect but falling apart inside. I then tried the whole guilt parenting thing for a while….that worked well (Insert major eye roll here.) Being strict and over bearing because their little and I’m big. Being passive with a ton of cuddles. Ladies I am telling you what I think I have covered all the basis’s of being every “type” or “label” of parent out there. Now ready for the real game changer…were talking the big aha moment.

I didn’t HAVE to be anyone other than myself. My best self.  

There is a time to be a listening ear. A time to be understanding. A time to lose your shit. A time to go cry in the bathroom. A time to put your military hat on. A time to sit and hug them. A time to giggle and be silly.

That’s what’s so beautiful in parenting. There is a time and place for everything. It’s not right or wrong we’re just LEARNING. We are all taking this mama hood one step at a time. So let’s not judge or push our advice. Let’s just love another mom for exactly where they are at in the stage of growth the universe has put them on. Everyones learning manual and step by step guide is different.

Grace is something so important to allow ourselves in motherhood. I feel so often especially in todays controlled content world aka social media, we put expectations on ourselves of perfection. Let me be the first to tell you…Throw that idea out the window. Perfect is boring and does not exist.

So how as mothers do we bring our self grace, forgiveness, and love to show up as our best self for our families?

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Pick your battles. The silly fights over toothpaste or wedgies……These we will look back and laugh.
  2. Remind yourself you are human and it is okay to make mistakes. One of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou is “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”
  3. God does not make mistakes. He gave you your exact children for a reason. Quit simply….You need them and they need you. Its a match made in heaven. (Literally.)
  4. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Your journey is beautiful. No one is perfect. Not their looks, not their house, not their life. NO ONE.
  5. Give yourself the same grace and love that you would offer another mom in the same position you are in.
  6. Set an example for your children on self love. You absolutely have to have your cup at least half way FULL in order to pour into everyones cup.
  7. Do not feel guilty for chasing your goals while parenting. Just because you gave birth does not mean….”welp now I have to do nothing for the next 18 years.” Show your children how to chase passion, or hobby, or career. (What ever your thang is then girl do you!)
  8. Remember this in the rough moments…Your children do not want perfect. They want PRESENT you. Stay in the moment, no matter what the situation.
  9. Cry, Laugh, Growl….FEEL. In my experience shoving things down only end in the Armageddon.
  10. Celebrate the small victories. Always eat the cake.
  11. Do not torture yourself or feel guilty for taking time for yourself. Again, we are human and need to allow ourself that long stroll through target, massage, or walk by ourselves to re center every once in a while.
  12. The biggest thing I have learned in grace and my passionate pursuit in it lately as a mother is Forgiveness. Forgiveness: The action or process of forgiving. In the Bible the word also means to remit, to allow an action, to leave something or someone alone, to send away or to desert.

Woah chills right? In this moment, allow yourself grace. Maybe tonight reach out to a friend and tell them how awesome sauce they are. –

This week I have some EXCITING things in store for you all. Our new blogging schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7 p.m. Stay tuned for some amazing mompreneur education, momlife advice, and home diy ideas. Heres to new beginnings….and grace lots and lots of grace.

Third Trimester Body Changes – The Ugly Truth

Third Trimester Body Changes – The Ugly Truth

They say that every pregnancy is different. I never believed this statement to be true until baby number three. My first two were very similar experiences. I had a miscarriage before my son and was pregnant a month later with a healthy full term baby. The same repeated with my daughter. This being my fifth pregnancy and (third baby) the first twelve weeks are always a breath holder. The “safe zone” is something I stress over every day until I reach it. This go around I did not even announce to friends until 13 weeks out of fear of possible miscarriage. My husband and I had been trying for over two years for this little miracle, so when the double pink lines popped up on my birthday I was over joyed with excitement. Now with my first two I was the glowing, vibrant, and energized pregnant woman who now I loath. I would see women struggling and not understand how they could not love every moment of pregnancy. Why were they not joyful or bouncing around energized and nesting? Can we say karma. I get it…Mama’s if I ever said to you “I just love being pregnant’ I take it all back because now I know your pain.


Some pregnancies can just be HARD there is no way around it. The experience is beautiful but damn it ladies we have to cut our selves some slack…. We are growing tiny human beings… For this pregnancy I feel like I’m Bella from Twilight and have Baby Edward growing inside. From day one I have been throwing up, exhausted, and struggling to keep up with my lifestyle, business, and other two children. I have pushed through naturally because us mama’s have this little trick called magic super power strength to push through tough situations. Now on a positive note because you know I love a solid silver lining in situations, I have learned so much over the past eight months and wanted to bring you some peace of mind if you are experiencing a less than glowing adventure to mommyhood.

The third trimester of pregnancy is probably the most difficult period, in the entire nine month duration, mainly because your hormones become an identity all within themselves. You think crying at an SPCA commercial is bad during the first 12 weeks, now I am crying that I missed the “This is us” season premier, or that I can’t remember where I put anything, or that I can’t get my socks on without feeling like a hedge hog stuck in an upside down position.  Most women go through something called the Third trimester blues. What’s that look like? Insomnia, boredom and anxiety. Let’s not leave out the painful back pain, swollen feet, ankles that no longer exist. Theres light at the end of the tunnel ladies… 1. This is temporary. 2. The “blues” typically only last a few weeks. 3. I have gathered up some information from mama’s with all different pregnancies and experiences and gathered up what I feel will make you feel at ease and “normal” as we get closer to the transition of labor. Without further a do let’s dive in, find some strength and support and know you are not alone. You are a brave, strong woman who is growing a beautiful baby.


  • Total Myth – Losing your mucus plug means labors around the corner…..Yup you read it right, that is all false. Some women may lose it and experience a slight “bloody show” and nada for another couple of months. If you lose your mucus plug do not panic, it’s like a giant sneezing booger that comes out of your vagina….All shapes, all sizes, and no two are alike. This experience is all totally normal and natural, my doctor even told me that majority of the time women only lose “part of it” so the rest is still hanging on tight protecting that little nugget from any infections of the outside world.
  • Contractions vs Braxton Hicks – Contractions are when your belly is consistently tightening for the same amount of time. For examples you have a tight tummy for 2 minutes long every eight minutes apart… When this happens you call your doctor! Braxton Hicks are practice contractions which are irregular and like a work out to prepare your body for the big day. Braxton Hicks are like the short run practices before the marathon. To time and tell the difference between the two here’s what you do… Grab some ice water, sit still and download the “contraction” app on your phone. Every time you feel tightening hit that start button on the app, when it ends hit the button again. This will allow you to relax all while timing your contractions to see if its time to call your doctor.
  • Boobiesssss – Did you know that over your pregnancy your boobs can gain as much as 2 pounds…A PIECE. Woah Nelly. Were not complaining on this part am I righttt? Make sure you are wearing a supportive bra even at night. Leaking yellowish goo from the boobies?? It is all normal mama!! This is the colostrum your baby needs to thrive his first few hours meeting the world. You can also start scrubbing your nipples in the shower to toughen them up for nursing. (A wash rag works great for this, just rub a few minutes each shower.)
  • Sleeping while Standing Up? Anyone else feel like they could just close their eyes and begin snoring mid conversation? Your body is working so hard the last trimester in growing this little person that it takes every ounce of everything you have. Make sure you are resting and giving yourself grace through this period. Its temporary and will pass. All completely normal.
  • Hormones – Three hormones rise at crazy rates during different parts of your pregnancy: estrogen, the dominant female hormone produced by the ovaries; progesterone, the hormone responsible for maintaining the uterine lining, produced by the corpus luteum early in pregnancy and the placenta late in pregnancy; and human chorionic gonadotropin, better known as HCG, produced by the placenta. Changes in hormone levels cause changes in neurotransmitters, chemicals that relay signals to your brain to regulate your moods. (Basically we can expect to be total hot messes from week 1 – 12 then again from week 32-40) You are not alone and the irritability, crying episodes for no reason, and feeling foggy are all just part of the body working over time. This will all pass Mama Bear. I pinky promise you.
  • What exactly are we growing the third trimester? Bones – As your baby transforms cartilage to bone in months 7 and 8, he’ll be getting all of his calcium from the mama. Hair, Skin and Nails – By week 32 of pregnancy, the baby’s skin  becomes opaque. Digestive system – In the final weeks of pregnancy the meconium (baby poo poo) is consisting mostly of blood cells, vernix and lanugo — The poo is now building up in baby’s intestines. The Brain and Five Senses – In the third trimester your baby’s brain will grow faster than ever, test-driving some nifty skills including blinking, dreaming and regulating his own body temperature.
  • Cray Cray Dreams – I have dreamt of everything from flying the first car, to being in war against barbies, to my husband having five wives I didn’t know about. Your brain does some serious doozies on you during the last stretch. What has helped me this pregnancy is Badgers lavender Sleep Balm. (Really and truly a miracle worker and all organic.)
  • Aches and Pains – Can we just talk about hip pain while trying to sleep! WHEW girl!!!! I have experienced the Charlie Horses and lower back pain but this go around the pelvic pressure is on another level! So what is normal? 
    The extra pounds we have put on can cause pressure on your body (everywhere). The discomfort in your pelvis and hips are your ligaments getting limber to prepare for labor. Tips for sleeping with the pain? Take a Tylonal one hour before bed. Sleep with a pillow between your legs. Sleep propped up or on your left side. Heating Pads have also had some magic powers for me this pregnancy.

    image1 (3).jpeg

    Every aspect of our bodies is changing daily, this can be scary, depressing, exciting, basically all the feels in such a short amount of time. Know that you are not alone, we are all here to answer any questions of “is this normal?” Before you know it that little bundle of joy will be in your arms and you will experience a happiness, euphoria, and love like never before. It’s truly a miracle, but along this ugly truth journey…We got you…After all we are the Mama Tribe and it takes a Village.



The crazy ways your vagina changes during pregnancy.

The crazy ways your vagina changes during pregnancy.

Its been a while since we did a little something embarrassing, vulnerable and real. The Vaga is about as vulnerable as it gets, and being pregnant myself, what better time to talk about the unspoken!

If you’re a first time mama you may have some questions about what the actual hell is happening down stairs and if its normal?


I am here to help!

Your PH changes the sense of your Gigi – You smell every thing from bacon cooking a mile away to someone who tooted in the next room, it really just does not seem fair that your own vagina has to have a scent now too! Its only 9 months, its only 9 months, its only 9 months….

What causes this? Your blood supply which is amplified during pregnancy alters your PH balance completely making your gigi a bit more like elmer’s glue.

Now this two-part duo goes hand in hand with how it taste, because of your PH change in your new growing belly your partner may notice a difference in how…well you can fill in the blanks. It may be saltier or more metallic like – LADIES this is normal and you are going to live to see another day.

One product I swear by that I use with every pregnancy is Intimate Rose – Vagina Balm. It helps balance everything down stairs and is completely organic. click here to get yours



Shall we move on to an awesome Vagina change-up?  Your orgasms are awesomely amazing. Why? Your blood flow is insane in the membrane causing your vulva to become swollen which leads to MEGA sensitivity. This 9 month part can be prolonged!

th (4)

You may feel the burn. Quit literally actually. No matter how much water you drink, or how organic you are with the stamps of approval from the market, and sleeping on your side with no caffeine. It happens, girl it happens. It hurtttttssssss…. But its all normal. UTI’s are very common during pregnancy especially in that last trimester. Wait there’s more…. Yeast infections….Check. Totally normal and again we circle back to that damn PH balance again – it’s taking over ladies. (Over 75% of women experience one of these infections during their months of glow.)

Now that we have covered the internal changes you may experience lets cover the cosmetic. Shit gets real down stairs. Not only is it bad enough we can’t see past our stomachs to properly groom without assistance and a hand mirror, it can also change colors from pink to a purple or blue, varicose veins on your vulva area can start to appear because of the heightened blood flow and pressure of the baby bump. Pregnant during Summer? Expect some extra in grown hairs, some say because of the extra estrogen other say because your extra sweaty, either way they suck!

Don’t panic it will all go back to a peaceful space soon. This is just temporary!



Remember Pregnancy is beautiful, just a bumpy vagina road along the way – laugh about it.
(They say you forget all about these changes later down the road!)


Five Bad Hair Day Remedies

Five Bad Hair Day Remedies

Ladies, we all have them, we dread them, they can kill your energy and make you want to hide in the house and not be seen!


Lately I have had a tonnnnn of compliments on my hair – even when I think I look like an electric porki pine! I am here to share my secrets with you mamas, because lets get real, we do not have 2 hours to sit and flat iron every frizz ball out in the mornings am I right?!

A few months ago I posted about a de frizzing product I use every 8 weeks that has been pure magic – that paired with a few simple products and hair styles for the lazy days have been a game changers for my meeting and events that seem to be oh so never ending these days!

Ok lets do this – Bye Bad Hair….


Bond Angel – This magical potion eliminates breakage and is so simple to use. If your a blonde this is a necessity in your secret stash! My hair is completely natural – kids have delayed my six week trips to the salons by about 2 years, I use this paired with my de frizzing product for sleek silky locks. Say Bye To Broken Hair Ready for how easy breezy this is to apply –
How to use Bond Angel as Stand-Alone Treatment
1. Dilute Step 1- Bond Maker in drinking water at a ratio of 1:6.
2. Apply to the hair from root to tip and leave it in for 20 minutes.
3. Don’t rinse. Apply 4 teaspoons (0.6 fl oz) of Step 2-Bond Reconstructor.
4. Comb, spreading hair evenly. Let it stand for 20 minutes and rinse.


Monat – I was hesitant…girl was I hesitant…. They call this the magical shampoo for a reason!!!! I began using this in March and my hair can literally go out of the shower air dry now. (This has never happened) I started to lose hair as I always do with every pregnancy and after about a month on this magic juice I shampoo once every 5 days with NO OIL – Say what?! ANDDDDD My hair is all in tact! No shedding for this pregnant lady!

Can we say amazing? Get Yours Today

Braid it – The easiest way to hide a bad hair day when you have no time and refuse to mom bun it is the side braid (one of my personal favorites.) Takes five minutes and you are ready to shine. The fish braid is also super easy – a few youtube tutorials and your pro status at braids!

th (3)

Dry Shampoo….Enough Said.

Woke up with a Lion Head that needs to be tamed but no time for product? I got you – run and grab a dime size of olive oil rub into your hands throw your up in a cute pony tail and tame sides with the olive oil for a sleeked back run way style do.

When you look good, you feel good, you mom harder, you take over the world. 

XOXO gold

The Course that Changed my Parenting

People come into our life for very specific reasons at very specific times. I will always be a firm believer that the universe provides us exactly what we need when we need it if we are open to receiving it.


I met a woman named Christina Fletcher a while back, little did I know this woman would change my outlook on parenting forever.

Spiritual Kids was designed by Christina and the course I took with my oldest son. After asking Christina why she decided to start this program and how she designed it I received this email.

“I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 and from even when my daughters were little I was eager to pass on more than just an education for them. I wanted them to know themselves and to know how to navigate and appreciate their feelings. I was passionate to pass them on the gifts of meditation and how to create a space where they could feel better, as well as learn how to create a better life for themselves, day by day.
The exercises in Spiritual Kids are really what came out of that passion years ago. I kept gathering them up and then expanding the collection when my son was born. The more they grew, the more I learnt about Spirit myself and so, the Spiritual Kids course is really a representation of my own journey as well as what I felt other parents were searching for. We all want to give our kids the gift of themselves, in their full power. So, that was really my intention.”
Powerful. Am I right? This woman made me question myself. Question my beliefs. Grounded me in my beliefs. Allowed me to get to know things about my son that I had no idea he was experiencing or feeling. Life Changing Stuff People! I mean common our goal as mamas is to raise these amazing humans who go out and do amazing things with the life their given and still love and stay close to their family. This is my life goal atleast.
Lets rewind a bit. This course is a week by week course that gives you and your child exercises to complete, stories to read together, and activities to grow and nurture your soul. When I started out on week one there is a beliefs questionnaire, and well I like to think I am very grounded in what I do or don’t believe in, I realized three things….
1. I stared at that blank sheet of questions for 2 hours with no answers that were MINE, but ones that had been embedded into me from my parents and their beliefs.
2. I realized and got real clear with where I stood with my spirituality and what I wanted my children to learn.
3. I was able to define who I was and so I could be a better guide to my children in learning to love who they were meant to be.
A certain part of the opening week really hit me. One of the Activities is to have your child look in the mirror at themselves and tell you what they see, and then at a later time ask them what they see and feel about themselves. A good time for me is always while driving so that’s when I do the asking of questions with my little ones.
My son looked in the mirror for a few minutes and responded “I see a bunch of polka dots on my face, I hate them.” – He was referring to all of his freckles which I adore.
Later in the car I asked him the same question and his response was “I feel excited I get to play all the time, a lot of kids can’t do that.”
This may not seem like a big deal but watching the difference of my son from exterior to interior and what he felt about himself showed me as a parent where I needed to help him see the beauty of who he was designed to be.
Christina also has meditations at the beginning of each week which I still listen to at bed to fall asleep and be motivated for the next day she is just phenomenal in moving your heart and motivating your soul.
We worked on sensory, relaxation tips and tricks (my little guy suffers from being a little high stressed at times) and through this a 7-year-old learned how to re center, re direct, and become aware of his feelings vs. reacting immediately and thinking later. A – MA – ZING.
In today’s society we are so trained on social media platforms, electronics, media, to feel a certain way, look a certain way, be a certain way….This way is bull shit and not who we were designed to be. We are not following our way but yet conforming to what someone else wants us to be. I joke that it’s a curse I have such strong willed children, but I know what a blessing it is to have such free-spirited peanuts, as a parent it can be challenging, but it is amazing to sit back and watch them beat to their own drum not follow what others want them to be. Spiritual Parenting just makes you slow down and allow your self to feel and question your emotions instead of running away or stuffing them. (Mom confession – I needed this more than any one as I just keep running instead of stopping and looking around.)
In the day-to-day aspects I couldn’t see an immediate change, but months later I look back and I see how much more peaceful my household is run, there is a calming effect in knowing yourself and the trust you earn between yourself and your children.
It puts a smile on my face to know that these tools were so powerful, provided me so much growth as a mother, I Just had to share with you other mama bear’s because when I find something that changes my day-to-day life in a simplifying way, its roof top shouting worthy!

You Can Do Hard Things

This was it.  One of those parenting moments you read about in waiting room magazines. If I said the wrong thing, there could be scarring for life.  Okay, so not really scarring, but this was most definitely an important moment.

Let me back up…

The night before, I realized my kindergartner had brought home a magnet from school that did not belong to him.  It belonged to his teacher. This was new territory for me, but we did the tough talk about taking things that don’t belong to you and made a plan to return the magnet to his teacher the next morning. He was scared to tell his teacher (who is a very kind person by the way). He cried but was able to calm down before bedtime.

The next morning, my kiddo nervously mentioned the plan we’d made together a few times but made it to school with only a few tears.

But then…

As we walked the path to his kindergarten class, I could feel the tension building inside him, and in myself. Suddenly, the damn burst and he broke into sobs, begging me to take him home.  He pulled away, turning toward the direction of the car. “I’m scared” he wailed, over-sized tears rolling down his reddened cheeks. The look of fear in his eyes tore at my heart.

That was it.  That was the big moment when the world stopped turning for a breath and I knew I had to reach down deep for an answer.  An answer that would support him in becoming a secure, resilient person who could face fears without falling apart.  A better person, perhaps, that I have been in much of my life. I took a deep breath.

This is what I said…

“I know you’re scared.  It’s okay to be scared.  And I know that this is hard.  But here’s the thing…you can do hard things.  And I will be there with you the whole time.  Together we can do hard things.”

Did it stop his tears and make it all better?  No.  But I believe it helped him calm himself a little, and I like to think it gave him another piece of solid foundation toward a lifetime of doing things even when they are scary, and knowing that he has the resiliency to get through them.

Since that day, I have thought back on those words and realized…

That advice applies to my life.

And to yours.

Perhaps it’s when we have to dig deep for someone we love more than ourselves that an authentic truth is more easily revealed.  Or maybe it’s revealed in a way that feels more REAL, more personal.  Since then I’ve been reminding myself more often of that authentic truth. That it’s okay to be afraid.  That I can do hard things, and that my God, family, and tribe of friends are always with me.

So to all you amazing women: That thing that you’re afraid of?  I know you’re scared.  It’s okay to be scared.  And I know that this is hard.  But here’s the thing…you can do hard things. Together, we women can do hard things.

– Kristen Rodgers

The Power of Visualizing

This story was just too amazing to not share with you! When tiny miracles happen, no matter how silly they seem we have to praise them and appreciate them! In life, I truly am all about the little moments!


About a month ago Liam and I decided to make vision boards. It had been 5 years since I made my last one. At the time I was driving a beat up Honda with no AC and living with my “boyfriend” who I knew I wanted to marry. (He is now my husband.) On my vision board I put a Denali (It happened to be white, but the only picture I could find in the magazine.) I put a picture of a happy family, the one picture I found a mom was lifting up a baby girl with a dad and little boy riding bikes behind them. (One month later I found out I was pregnant with my daughter) Shortly after my daughter was born we purchased a white Yukon Denali. WOAH RIGHT>! Okay fast forward 5 years, I wanted to share with my son the power of visualizing and believing in yourself so we sat down to make boards one afternoon as a mommy son date.

In our old house we had a kitten. For my sons fourth Christmas it was his BIG GIFT and all he wanted! We named her Trouble. We only had Trouble for about 6 months and she had gotten out and ran away. We thought for sure that a coyote, owl, hawk, etc. had gotten her and we were heart-broken. We put missing pictures and videos all over Facebook but nothing turned up.


Fast forward 2 1/2 years. We purchased a home about 5 miles away from our rental a year and half ago and there happens to be a kitty in the coldasac we live in that looks similar to our long-lost Trouble. It made Liam miss Trouble extra! On his vision board he put a picture of a cat and said “the real Trouble is going to come home mom.” I bit my tongue not saying a word of negativity about the situation or what I thought had happened.

READY FOR THIS…….like oh em gee. Im sitting down one night scrolling FB and I see this picture of a Cat that’s been hanging out outside this house for a couple of years but needs a home because of the cold and rain California has had the past week. Our Trouble had a distinct M marking on her for head. This is the picture I see on FB…..Look closely at the forehead.


We went to the house the cat was at that night, the cat who wont let anyone pet her head, hold her, etc. came running up to my son following him around. Lo and Behold….Troubles home.

image1 (6)

What you focus on, you attract.

The key to visualizing is to always visualize that you already have what you desire. This is a mental trick. Rather than hoping you will achieve it, or building confidence that one day it will happen, live and feel it as if it is happening to you now. On one level you know this is just a mental trick, but the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. Your subconscious will act upon the images you create within, whether they reflect your current reality or not.


Stay focused on Positive things and live a Positive Life. 

Colorful Explosions

This project was so simple and fun. My littles LOVE hands on science projects and the eruption ones are always a mom win! This particular project is very hands on and the child can do almost all of it by them selves. My two-year old even could go solo on this one!  Science, Sensory and Fine Motor Skills all rolled into one activity you really can’t beat! Ok mama bears…Ready for the kicker? This science project is a self-cleaning agent so clean up for you is easy breezy! 


         What you need:

  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Warm Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Baking Soda
  • Food Coloring

Starting out you want to get a baking sheet and place 4 or 5 small Tupperware containers filled half way up with dawn soap and water so its nice and sudsy! I put a few drops of different colors (food coloring) in each tub to make it a surprise of color explosion! Get two separate containers. Fill container one with baking soda and container two with citric acid. (I totally didn’t measure and just gave my kids a teaspoon each to scoop and add as desired.)


Once your all set up and ready to roll, have the littles put 1 tbs of baking soda in each container (They can add more) have them mix with small mixing spoons. It should become a pasty slimy fun consistency.

After you finish the baking soda fun repeat the same step with the citric acid and the most amazing colorful foam gets created and last FOREVER! Think of the baking soda and vinegar explosion x100000 and for 5 minutes longer!


The more your little’s stir the mixture up the bigger it gets. Now for the better part if you dump out the containers on your tray or tub you chose to use the little’s can feel it and poke the foam which is chilly because of the combination of ingredients!


Happy Creating Mama Bears~