5 Shopping Tips You Should Embrace This Holiday Season

5 Shopping Tips You Should Embrace This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming again – it is that time of the year when the likes of Amazon and eBay welcome their Christmas and holiday shoppers.

Before you go all out to play Santa Claus, though, there are a couple of things to take note of. Today, we are going to be sharing tips on not just how to get the best deals, but staying safe and having a great experience while shopping online these holidays.


Create Strong Passwords

If you have to create an account before you start shopping, you should do so with a strong password. You don’t want to leave your account at the mercy of hackers who could log into your dashboard and cart away a lot of goods, leaving you to pay for it.

When creating your passwords:

  • Ensure it is a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Numbers and symbols should be thrown into the mix.
  • Avoid the use of passwords based on birthdays, pet names, the name of your child and other things that could easily be guessed about you.
  • Limit one password to one account. Don’t attempt to repeat a password you’ve used elsewhere on your shopping account.


Avoid transacting on public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are generally unsafe due to their lack of encryption. With the right tools, a hacker could sniff around your internet traffic and find out what you are doing.

They could use such opportunity to hijack sensitive information such as your login and credit card details. With that, there is no telling what they could do with such information.


Use a VPN

If you simply cat resist the temptation of logging on to that coffee shop Wi-Fi, we totally understand. However, make sure you don’t do so without some form of protection in place.

By protection, we mean a VPN. These pieces of software will encrypt your traffic data and make them invisible to anyone who might be sniffing around your network.

But that’s not all. You can also use a VPN to find deals and secure your payments better when you shop.

For the first part, the VPN will help you beat all forms of dynamic pricing and price discriminations common to Amazon and eBay. You would also be able to get in on promotions and discount sales happening in other regions since the VPN allows you to access the web from different locations. Finally, the fact that a hacker can’t see your internet traffic makes your payment details even more secure.


Report Credit Card frauds QUICK

Credit card frauds are ubiquitous these days. Your account might be accessed by someone other than yourself. If you any notice fishy activities on your account, report it within 2 days lest you lose your rights to a reimbursement. Check with your credit card company beforehand to understand the report procedures so you can react quickly should the unlikely event happens. If the report is made in a timely manner, your credit card company will have you covered.


Have a list

The holidays are a time of excitement, but we don’t want to get too buzzed up here. Create a shopping list of all the essential gifts and purchases you plan to make. Look the list over and over again to be sure you have what you need, then commit to it.

Once you get on Amazon and/ or eBay, ensure you keep to that list as much as you can. That is the only way to ensure you don’t over-spend and buy things you’ll regret getting in the end.

PS We hope we’re on that list too. haha.



And there you have it. Keep these hacks at hand and you’ll never shop amiss this season.

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Holiday Shopping Guide – Day three

Holiday Shopping Guide – Day three

Whose finished all their Christmas Shopping?!

Yeah…me either!

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If you have missed our first two days, we have developed a “best of deals” to take the stress out of online shopping for you through all the black Friday, shop small Saturday, and cyber Monday madness.

I have done extensive research on where is holding the best sales for each day which I am over the moon to share with you ladies! Tonight is all about home finds, maternity, and fitness!

Let’s start out with my FAVORITE monthly subscription box – The Bump Box!!!!! I have been obsessed with this little happy mail delivery since I was pregnant with Tristan. I am absolutely horrible at shopping for myself or keeping up on the latest trends with maternity and postpartum and this box has it all. It was so nice to be excited to pamper myself and have new little things to learn about my changing body! The Bump Box and The Sweetest Little Life have teamed up to get you one sweet little deal! You can get your box now for 40% off and fall in love just like I did! Use code CourtneyH40 at check out – Get your box here


Before I throw in this next item which I am way more excited about than a women ever should be…..Can we just talk about how Dyson’s are normally $500!!! Oh em gee! Macy’s is offering their last night where you can snag one of these bad boys up for $199. With kids and a farm of animals like myself this is a must have. Show me a clean home!3b54f535-13ef-4f83-917d-4bc978153955_1.2953bfa0b8133944ed6fee47e2d98896

Let’s take a minute and talk stocking stuffers? My favorite is little perfumes and I know my husband loves cologne sets to try out different fragrances for different seasons. Finding quality sets though can get expensive but look no more! Macy’s is having 50% and are you ready for it….You can get a set of 5 for only $15 until 11/26! WHAAAAAT?! Stuff my Stocking

Now can we get a bit more practical! Who has kids? Fur Children? A messy husband? All of the above? I am so picky about my sheets ya all…They must be clean, the must be soft, and they can’t be all stuffy and not move… I found 1000 count sheets which are normally $50 on sale for $10!!!! Can we say LOAD IT UP! This can be back up sheets for kids accidents, spilled water, guest stays, you name it! Sheets – Yes Please!


Holiday Parties? Mom Makeup most days which requires a bare minimum but want a little extra without breaking the bank? As a “retired” makeup artist I am a tad bias and makeup snobbish…MAC is for sure my all time fav when it comes to getting glammed up and Macy’s has their holiday set on sale for $20. SERIOUS STEAL! Only a few hours left on this particular sale so JUMP ON THIS LADIES! MAC Makeup Set Sale10508544_fpx

Having family & friends for the Holidays? Want your house to look dreamy but not break the bank! Oh girlfriend I’ve got you! One of my all time FAVORITE home decor stores is going 80% off starting tomorrow (Sunday at 8 p.m.) Swoon worthy home on a budget

I don’t know about you but around holiday time, I find myself cleaning about 10 times what I normally would…Glitter is the gift that keeps on giving am I riggghhhhhttt? Mrs. Myers is my all time obsession for natural cleaning (especially now that I have a newborn.) I also am a complete candle freak and always love my home to smell like we just made gingerbread cookies until January. Grove has launched their Christmas Line and is also offering FREE Gift sets with every purchase (No minimum order) Let’s be excited to clean glitter not saying naughty words under our breath!!! Click here for the smell of warm cookies and hot cocoaMrs-Meyers-Holiday-Kit

That’s all for tonight but I’ll be back tomorrow with a fresh new set of sales to grab while the getting is good! Please drop me a comment if there is a particular item and brand you would like me to research for you before Monday!