Apple Crafts for Kids

Apple Crafts for Kids

Fall is in the air. Can I get an amen?!

To celebrate I see no better way than apple everything with the littles (until pumpkins are officially acceptable to do everything with and out in stores!) eeeeek! So exciting! This is my favorite time of year if you can’t tell.

With out further a due lets just dive right in shall we?

Apple Stamps – Take an apple, cut it in half. Grab some card stock and paint. Let the kids use the half apple as a “stamp” by dipping into the paint and letting their imaginations fly to what they want to make! Below are some inspiration ideas to get you started.

Dried Apple Faces – Take an apple and peel it. Collect together some googly eyes, bark for teeth, fabric for a hat and a hot glue gun. Allow the children to place all the scrap items you have gathered in creating a “witch” or “apple face” and hot glue the pieces on the peeled apple. Once you have your desired result hang up to dry and it will shrivel into a work of magic (so exciting watching the “drying” process as well.)

Paper Plate Apples – Ahhhh the magic of a simple paper plate. These activities are the easiest and some of my favorites for kids because you can really watch their little wheels turn with creativity. I usually gather some scrap supplies and paints I have lying around ahead of time then give each kid 1 paper plate and tell them to create the first “apple idea” they think of. Watching everything come together is just magnificent.

Sensory Apple Bin – All the feels!!! I love every single thing about sensory play. It’s so crucial for children’s development. Sensory bins can be next to free to make as well with a little creativity. Go out side gather some different textured items – rocks, bark, dirt, Cheerios, leggo pieces, things that feel different. Then to make it a “fall theme” add some sliced up apples. (If your littles like mixing like mine, add in a couple of measuring cups to allow them to pour and scoop.)

Caramel Apples – Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant? Baking has been such a bonding experience for my littles and I the past few months. The fails we giggle at, the success we enjoy and turn in to baking and movie nights! I discovered the caramel peels you can get at the store for $2 and the kids love placing the molds on the apples and baking them (This is a complete mama win because they are mess free!)

I would love to see your apple adventures – Follow us on Pinterest @thesweetestlittlelife and share your apple wins! Here’s to kicking off a wonderful Fall season full of family and new memories and traditions.


10 DIY Fathers Day Gifts

10 DIY Fathers Day Gifts


Fathers Day is tomorrow, and as we celebrate all of the wonderful Fathers around the world, we want to remember nothing says “I love you” like something from the heart.

My son and I did some research over the past week of some simple handmade items that made us smile and think PERFECT FOR DADS!

Lets dive right in because if your reading this, your on a crunch and need to get those crafty little hands working fast!

Framed Photos

These are so simple! Ready for it? Find an Old scrabble game and grab some pieces! Boy mom? Grab some figurines & find an old frame….lets get to upcycling mamas! Hot glue the wording of scrabble words on to some card stock. Repeat steps with super heroes write beneath the cute quotes pictures below or print out on your printer – ten minute gift to make dad smile!

The rocks are amazing! Go out side find about 5 – 10 flat rocks and some paint or a sharpie! (Which ever you have on hand will work perfectly!)  Write every special thing daddy is to you! Hot glue onto back of shadow box or frame and place back together!

Two Gifts in the bag! 

Its Hammer Time!

This looks way more complicated then it is! (We made one a few Christmases ago for my husband and he loved it!) If your feeling extra crafty you can trace the words out with pencil and wood burn them on (this does take about an hour so plan accordingly)

You can also do the simple version – run and grab any hammer – a wood handle is a must however, pick up some acrylic paint or a sharpie and let the kids get creative with what Dad means to them – A quote, a family joke, hand prints around the hammer, get creative!!!!!


Beer Thirty

Dads love beer right? These are so neat and simple to make! The bottle opener itself you can pick up at any lowes or home depot for about $5, the wood is just a 2 x 4 cut in a smaller scrap piece and painted.

I just love hand prints and milestones so you can have the kids do their art solo or your inner artist can come out if your feeling extra crafty and energized this evening! You can pair this bottle opener with coasters of old beer labels simply modge podged on to coasters or you can cut thick pieces of card board and repeat the same process with coating the modge podge.

Example: Cut square piece of card board. Place a layer of modge podge on card board. Glue the label on to the square piece. Seal one more time on top with the modge podge. Voilaaaaa – a beautifully paired booze gift to last a lifetime!

Everything Taste Better Outside

Am I right? I love everything about summer! Listening to the kids run around outside, enjoying dinner on the deck, the frogs and crickets once the sun goes down, BBQs, you know all the little things like sitting and watching the sunset, a late night fishing sesh…..The things summer nights are made out of!

Which is why these three items are my favorite gifts for dad!

The first one is a grilling tray! You can purchase these blank white acrylic trays at Michaels or Hobby Lobby – Paint them with any acrylic paint and bake at 350 degrees in the oven for about 30 minutes when you are finished creating! After this it self seals and is ready for some memories on the BBQ.

Tackle Box of Gummy Worms & Handmade Note – Pick dads favorite candy and write how hooked on him you really are! Romantic and Sweet for a combined family gift!

BBQ Utensil Hanger – Three pieces of scrap wood glued together (My favorite is Gorilla Wood Glue) seals fast and stays forever! Paint or a White Sharpie – A little whispie in the hand writing, some hooks or nails and you are complete and ready to roll! (The picture displays some old knobs glued on to hold the Utensils, how ever I love just the hooks because you can do more of a rustic or stainless steel look which matches the BBQ area!)

The Morning Giggle 

You guys… I am a Holiday fanatic….I love everything about them, the giggles, the smiles, the drama, just every aspect I want to soak in! My favorite part of holidays like birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, valentines – your catching my drift…is the morning of. The setting of how the day will flow if you will…. Do you have bacon and  a sharpie? Your good to go girl!

  1. Who doesn’t love bacon? Bacon is a great mood setter….For anyone.
  2. First thing we do when we wake up? Go tinkle….Start it out with a big smile, a toilet paper roll and a sharpie! You can even do a little post it note on the toilet seat! Get Creative.

Most of all appreciate these amazing men we get blessed with in our lives. The grandpa’s, the fathers, the step dads, the great grandpas.

Thank you for showing up every day and making a difference in our children’s lives and carrying that on into adulthood. This holiday is not about  stuff it’s about letting them know how much we care about them, how much we notice them, about verbalizing the importance they carry in our lives. So lets all start out with I LOVE YOU DAD! 

Happiest of Crafting Mamas – Happiest of Fathers Day Dads.



St. Patricks Day Corn Beef & Crafts

The fact that St.  Patrick’s day fell on a weekend had me all sorts of ecstatic this year! I love these little holiday as they are so fun for the littles to truly break out their imagination!

Lets start off with the worlds easiest and tastiest Corn Beef and Cabbage Recipe.

Grocery List:

  • Corn Beef (Pre packaged and seasoned is best!)
  • Baby Carrots
  • Colored small potatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Colliander
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Basil Leafs

Place Corn Beef in crock pot first and then place your vegis around the corn beef pour in seasoning (As much as you want for taste) Do remember however that corn beef is very salt naturally so go easy on any season with a salty flavor. Fill the crock pot up with water and let sit for 4-5 hours on high. Then let sit on low for 45 minutes. Delicious, Simple, and less than a five-minute prep time! Now were talking!!! Am I right ladies? 

Now for some super simple and exciting crafts for the little ones~ 
leprechaun Trap 

This can be as simple as a shoe box and some glitter! We went to Michael’s and grabbed a little wood castle, spray painted it gold, and then ventured into their fairy garden section where we found a rainbow and some fencing to make a cage. My son cut a small half hole in the shoe box so when the leprechaun jumps on the box he gets trapped inside! leprechaun Traps are amazing to watch their little imaginations fly free!

image2 (1)

Shamrock Hands

All you need is a piece of construction paper or a white blank canvas, some green paint and little hands.

I have paint trays I use to make it a little less messy and easier clean up!

th (1)

Green Sparkling Cider

Not everything  has to cost mula mammas! Out of all the fun things I wanted to create and do the green cookies and sprinkles with the green sparkling cider was the biggest hit! (2 drops of green food coloring in sparkling cider) Bado boom and Bada Bing….

image1 (1)

This is a short and sweet St. Patrick’s Day Post, I hope you all are having a fantastic evening!

Rainy Day Bored Jar

On cold rainy days, when your children are at the point of a wold war 3 break down, the bored jar will be a saving grace! Being a mom of two very spirited little ones, I have learned the art of parenting strategically with attention changing ideas. I found this little gem on pinterest a few years back and have put a few spins on it, but Im telling you what Mama bears…..Every time I run out of ideas this is my go to. Lets get to making!

        You will need:

  • Mason Jar
  • Wooden Craft Sticks (Big enough to write on.)
  • Sharpie

I have a list of activities Ill include below, however add your childrens favorite indoor games, crafts, a favorite movie, all of these things can be written on the stick as suggested ideas!

  1. Watch a movie and make popcorn.
  2. Bake cupcakes.
  3. Have a dance party.
  4. Make a fort.
  5. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  6. Play a board game.
  7. Play Simon Says.
  8. Lazer Tape – Take masking tape and create a maze – each child has to make it through without their body touching the tape.
  9. Childrens Yoga.
  10. Finger Paints.
  11. Make Slime – Amazing Recipes in this book.
  12. Play Hide & Seek.
  13. Make mud pies.
  14. Cozy up with blankets and books.
  15. Make Super Hero Capes.
  16. Make a Volcano – Baking Soda, Vinegar, & Food Coloring.
  17. Draw a picture.
  18. Put together a musical or play.
  19. Home made bowling with plastic water bottles.
  20. Make a list of dream vacations to do as a family.
  21. Lay down masking tape and create a race track.
  22. Stage a tea party for stuffed animals and dolls.
  23. Make an indoor sand box of rice, rubbing alcohol, flour and baby oil.



Over the years I have read several how to articles learning the ins and outs of what works for different businesses and hand-made companies. I kept seeing a shipping station repeatedly in blogs and articles and thought it was something worth investigating a little deeper. When the Holiday Season hits for most makers it’s as if you are struggling to stay above water, especially for a one man show.

An ultimate goal of every maker is to stay organized, have fun, and love what you do. I created a shipping station OUTSIDE of my office in the garage so it was out of sight and out of mind when I was creating. When I finish an item I simply place it on the table and at the end of the day I go out and package everything up. Packaging is a job within it self (if you’re doing it properly.) It’s crucial to have something visually stimulating and exciting for your customer to open up. Often times I will go with seasons and add little trinkets, ribbons, shred, etc. This is also a branding trick and customers are more likely to remember all the extra effort you put into their order. You took the time to make it special. That is why the shipping station is so crucial it gives you time to focus on one thing….SHIPPING….

It’s a known fact most creative people are “squirrelly” type personalities, so having focus, direction, and guidance is crucial. I wish I would have started this years ago, so here I am screaming it from the ROOF TOPS – create a damn shipping station! Have all your bubble wrap, ribbons, boxes, tape, and goodies to add in all in ONE SPOT! (Also toddlers can’t steal your trinkets this way! hehe)

Now let’s get to shipping!!!!

No really…

Go Now….

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Store run: 

  • Stalk of Celery
  • 3 tbs butter
  • 1/3 cup of Olive Oil
  • 1/2 onion thinly chopped
  • 1 pound of wide egg noodles
  • 5  cups milk
  • 1 can of drained artichoke hearts
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup finely grated parmesan

Lets get cooking ladies and gents……

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Start boiling water in a large pot and add noodles for about 2 minutes or until al dente, drain the noodles and return to the same pot.

In a separate pan heat oil in a heavy pan on medium heat. Add onions and 3 stalks of chopped celery with salt and pepper. Cook for 4-6 minutes than add in flour stirring for about a minute. Add milk until a smooth texture and let simmer for one minute.

Add mixture and noodles together. Add in tuna, artichoke hearts, and salt and pepper. Mix it up well. Place in baking dish and sprinkle over the top with parmesan! (I also added mozzarella for some extra zing!)

Bake 20-25 minutes until golden brown and bubbling on top!



We as humans always want “more”. If I only had this I would be happy. If I only got this promotion I would be satisfied. If only I made this income I would be excited.


Just Stop.

Be Happy Right Now. Right Where Your Life Has Brought You. Keep it Simple.

Do you want something different? Do Something Different. 

I made it a life, mom, and wife goal this year to straight up simplify. To be blunt. We had too much shit. 20 pots & pans (4 of which we used), clothing of littles I was saving as memories, clothing my booty has not fit into in 4 years, sippy cups with no lids, towels which did not match, I hated it….Literally the little things were driving me to a breaking point. After we remodeled I knew it was the perfect moment to get rid of every thing but what we needed. (I still had hand me downs from my first apartment okayyyy?!) So I said these simple words. 


I found hacks for organizing every single aspect of every single room and square foot of our home.

It’s important to ask yourself these simple questions before you begin this giant purge…..

  • Have I touched it in 6 months.
  • Is it useful?
  • Does this need to be replaced?
  • Does this match the end result I’m dreaming of?

If no to any of these questions! Toss it! Start fresh.  Get minimal. Become Thankful.


pst……(Organizing hacks for EACH ROOM OF YOUR HOME is our next series) eeeeeekkkkk!!! ok get excited hit that little share button, because good stuff is coming your way~

The Moment it Happened.

December to August in my house was Chaotic, Hectic, Busy, Non Stop, and Confusing. We all hit these times in our Mommy or Career Lives where we have to sit back and pull the reigns. In my case I needed to completely halt them! I have always had goals and ways to reach them, but when you are on the move non stop with no time to be in the moment because you are consistently planning or running it makes life fly by and messy.  While running late which had become a new usual for me, on my way to football practice (which my son was begging after day 4 to not do), with the baby crying in the back from being over tired, listening to “Little Sprigs” podcast on conscious parenting and being in the moment it hit me like a TON OF BRICKS…. Not like a pillow case blow, but literally made my head hurt to the point I turned the car around. I have been running so fast for so long I am missing what is important in my life. Lets rewind a little….About 3 weeks ago, I started to get some serious anxiety just around life in general. I was like the 2-year-old that still hears back round noise and feels the ‘missing out” so can’t sleep. I had my hands in way to many jars with absolutely no direction or focus. I needed to get clarity and focus. I knew a few things so I began to write…..

  1. My children needed me to be present and not always stressed out about what was to come next. Children feed off our feelings and absolutely need us to be present and in the moment with them.
  2. I was so stressed out over work and never getting any thing done I had become in a habit of being in ‘catch up’ mode.
  3. My health and taking care of myself had become non existent and on the back burner. (I even went to the doctor thinking I was sick and got informed that stress can be hidden and sneak up on you with out you realizing it, thus showing signs your “sick.”)
  4. I was trying to be supermom, super woman, super wife, super career with no strategy or organization.

Now lets fast forward…..I started this blog over 30 days ago and have since made some serious dedication to organize and re strategize my entire existence. I failed a few times but here is a list of things that so far, have been serious game changers in balance, freedom, simplicity and over all happiness.

  • I laid out my children and I’s clothing in outfits on hangers for the entire month. No more out fit arguments in the morning, no more sweats and a tank top for me everyday. The best part…. all we do is grab a hanger and the entire outfit is ready for the day.
  • DO THE DISHES….No matter how tired you are. Do the dishes and a quick clean on your kitchen the night before. There is nothing more stressful than waking up and the first thing you think is “oh shit I have cleaning to do from yesterday.”
  • Stay on top of laundry. I have one basket in our entire house that holds exactly 1 load of laundry. When that basket is full, I take it to the washing machine, wash it, dry it, and put it on “out fit hangers” immediately.
  • Write everything down immediately. I have major mom brain and commit to a hundred different things and then forget deadlines. I have two things I write in, my planner for events and scheduling, and then a little notebook of daily to do’s in accomplishing my small and big goals. Every day I work towards something.
  • Handle it. Once. If something needs to be done, do not procrastinate just get up and handle it. Pick up the phone and handle it. Than its done and not lingering on to your next day. Something that once would take you 2 minutes turns into an hour of finding things, sorting things out, making it right. Handle it.
  • Meditate. Pray. Breathe. Repeat. – several times throughout the day.
  • Throw it away. If you havent used it in over 6 months, get rid of it. Having too much stuff makes it impossible to feel de cluttered and free.
  • Plan. Far far far in advance. I’m a dive head first type of girl so this is my biggest struggle. I had on my to do list to plan my September Palette & Paint class. Instead….I planned the dates and booked the location through January. This creates more room and freedom with 1 phone call and a contract.
  • Check List. I Framed cute little Morning and Evening to do’s for my littles so they know whats happening and when it’s happening. Children thrive on STRUCTURE.

These few little things have helped me in a big way over the past month and I hope you can take just one thing that helps you too live more balanced and happy!



10 k

When I first started Etsy & Instagram Marketing in 2014, I was an owner of a failing business, in the negative, drowning in debt, and completely miserable with no passion, confidence or direction! Today my Etsy business made $40,000 last year and my Instagram just hit 10,000 followers! I’m not saying this to brag by any way, shape, or form. Being humble and thankful is everything to me.


I do, however, want to offer some inspiration and motivation to the person who is down on themselves thinking they can never follow their passion. You can!!!!! Once you find your nitch, follow it! From the beginning I knew I loved art. I attempted being a make up artist because this is what every women in my family does, so naturally I followed steps…. However I knew traveling and working with high maintenance clients was not my cup of tea. I still do makeup and love certain events and styles, however my two passions in life are being a mother and HomeDesign – Art.

I knew somehow in this lifetime I needed to follow this path. For me, it was Etsy that was my starting point. I began to meet these amazing clients who I grew relationships with and they came back! I started truly connecting with each and every one of my instagram followers and not treating them like strangers but truly trying to connect with them as a wife, as a mom, as an artist. I want to help people succeed from the bottom of my heart.

Enough of my sappy story…. Lets get in to what you really want to hear….How did I do it? Etsy is for another post but tonight I want to focus on what I wish I knew about Instagram Marketing years ago….


  • Connect : Do not just post what you do… Post who you are.. We are human. We need human connection. Give people sneak peeks into your life. What are your hobbies? Who are you? Who is your family? Whats your office look like? Include people in the day-to-day.
  • Timing….Is everything yo! I used to post at these random times, than I learned that there are prime posting times! WHHHAATTTTTTT…Ok ready for the crazy part…There all at night.(Normally past my bedtime!) Prime time for posting is between 7-10 p.m. when people are winding down scrolling on IG.
  • Hash Tags: ######hashtags for days….. On a serious note. If you hit for example #mom and look in the top right hand corner the most popular used hash tags will pop up under mom. (Click on the first 5 than move to the next word.)
  • Don’t be Snooty: ALWAYS REPLY….. If someone gives you a compliment or ask a question, REPLY! If there is no connection, no one will want to follow you. People need that “online connection” to feel like your noticing them.
  • Follow people to get follows: This one confused me at first, but REALLY is a genuine way to get organic followers. Type in people who interest you in the search button on instagram. The most followers….FOLLOW. People will than start to follow you back. I try to follow at least 10 new people a day who inspire me. (Not to mention when scrolling instagram you than have a feed full of motivation and inspirational people.)
  • Be Authentic: This goes back to Dr. Suess…*yes that happened* “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er then you!” Just be yourself, and the right followers and collabs just all fall into place.


I hope these tid bits help you a tad on your journey to success! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who is along this dream chasing ride with me! Life is too short to do anything but what your heart calls. Never let fear stand in your way!

21 Day Mom Challenge

Mom funk. You hear about it. Have you ever experienced it? Since I was a little girl my dream was to be a stay at home with my babies. I had it all planned out on my goal list at 10. By 21 I would be married, 22 have first baby, 23 own first home. (At the time I thought 21 was 40.) My goal list wasnt quit to par….

How ever, when I got the opportunity of being a work at home mom when my daughter was born I never realized the mom funk you can slip in. We have no baby sitters, as both my husband and I’s family live out-of-state. With that being said I have little relations with adults unless it’s through an Etsy email, a pickup/drop off at school, or a sporting event.

I asked a stranger at the grocery store a few months ago if he needed a band-aid for his boo boo when he cut his finger opening a box. I wouldn’t change my life for the world. I’m blessed and thankful every day, I go to have a mommy pedicure once a year and find myself rushing back home to be with my children. With that all being said….I got tired….I got frumpy….Being a stay at home mom is the HARDEST JOB IVE EVER HAD. There are no lunch breaks, drive homes, days off, or mommy dates. I am on from the minute I wake up til the minute I lay my head down. I thought I had this amazing system down…..than I started to realized I was off-balance…


.I wake up around 6:30 when my kids wake up, make breakfast, run my son to any sporting, or event he has/ or school during the year, come play and chase my toddler, practice potty training, take her to dance, music, and gymnastics, nap time, than nap time hustle and bust out Etsy Orders, my volunteer obligations, phone calls, etc. in the down time, when she wakes up we pick my son up from school, do after school snacks and home work, play out side, make dinner, than do bath time, stories, bedtime. I’m assuming the other millions of stay at home moms have a schedule similar to this. Than BOOM I started to get this panicky feeling like I was drowning on a hamster wheel and failing just everywhere. (This was all in my head of course) but felt REAL none the less.

Than I realized I have no time for my self…That was no ones fault but my owns… I started really pondering where I could create more time to gain some sanity, and a few key things came to mind.

  • I was sleeping in to the last bitter second when my kids woke up.
  • I hadn’t put make up or an out fit that didn’t have at least 90% spandex 10% cotton on in over 6 months. i.e. yoga pants.
  • I had stopped working out or doing any thing for myself, besides mommin, wifing, and working.

It was time for a change. An internal mommy makeover. 

It dawned on me a few weeks ago. What type of example am I setting to my children by not taking care of myself? By running my self into the ground? By constantly having someone ask me for something, and always saying yes?


I challenged myself and I want to challenge you! Maybe you will laugh at me, or maybe you will say YES THATS ME!!!! (I am hoping obviously we go with option B.)

  • Shower every day. (Dont be shy moms… we all know you don’t) That 20 minute break can be pure bliss. 
  • Put makeup on every. single. morning. even if your rushed! 5 minutes to look in the mirror and say I look presentable and not like I just rolled out of bed. 
  • Make at least 4 hours a week dedicated to working out. Going for a bike ride with my kids, a walk with the dog, an early morning of home work outs. SOMETHING TO MOVE YOUR BODY.
  • Wake up at least 1 hour before my children to have some mommy self time in the mornings. 


These few simple things in just a few weeks have been changing my life. It takes 21 days to break a cycle or habit of schedule. Here is my 21 day challenge! LOVE YOURSELF MOMMIES! You work hard and are not underappreciated! Mom funks are NORMAL and all of us struggle at one point or another! Parenting is a journey that is rewarding, challenging, and builds us into a stronger character than we ever thought we could be. Your cup must be full to make sure your families gets filled daily!