When women support women.

There are two types of women in this world.


The ones who fix another woman’s crown when it is crooked. She will smile and say “I’ve got you sister.” No expectations in return, just a genuine want to help another sister out.

Then there’s the type to tell the whole audience her crown is falling off, she’s tracing some toilet paper on her stiletto, and smile to her face saying she’s beautiful.

Which woman are you intentionally being today? Which woman are you striving to be?

I am so passionate and on fire for supporting other women this year in every venture they take. Being visual bare with me here…

We have our BIG goal (that’s the bell at the top of the giant R.E.I. rock wall that seems next to impossible to reach.) Slowly we put one foot on each baby goal and flex our persistence muscle and each rock step we become closer & closer to ringing that bell at the top. Do we fall off sometimes and hang by a harness terrified of what may be below or above? Well of course. Do we let fear stop us? Hell no! We persevere because we are Boss Babes and STRONG.


Fun Facts:

Women receive less than 3% of venture capital.

Fewer Women run Fortune 500 brands than men named John.

If everyone in the US spent $20 a month at a woman owned business we would drive nearly five billion dollars towards female led companies…MONTHLY….

Any one else just in awe of these stats? I couldn’t even believe it!!!! So how can we make a difference? How can we straighten a crown or two in 2020?

The company Join Dough has done exactly this. With every wallet you purchase you are supporting a woman owned small business to grow and thrive. Can it get any better or more simple?

Head on over, show some love, and let’s make it a goal this year in our tribe to not let one bad word come out about another woman. Just smile and get to crown fixing. You never know someones story unless you have walked in their shoes. Let’s have less judgement and more love and compassion. Less gossip and more paying it forward.


Cheers to 2020.

100 Trending Hashtags for your biz!

100 Trending Hashtags for your biz!

The hashtag game can be tricky. One of the biggest things I hear from women trying to get into the influencer world is how do I gain followers? How do I know what’s a trending hashtag or how many to use? Where do I place them on my content post?

Well ladies today were diving in and answering them all!

Let’s start at the first question.

How do I gain followers? The quickest way is engage, engage, engage. This means when you post a picture to the gram you plan the most ideal time to post. I use PLANN which is an app that tells me my most engaging times with my followers. For me its between 7-9 p.m. PST when mamas are whining down after the littles are in bed. The next thing is taking the time after you post to sit and respond to each comment that comes through. What this does? It pushes your post to the algorithm God’s saying people are digging this, show it to people. Next is a call to action. A call to action is a question which gets your audience related, invested, pumped up and involved. No one wants to just hear about how your day was, they want a question, content that enriches them in some sort of way. Make sure to stay true to your niche when it comes to this. 

How do I find a trending hashtag? When you’re typing in hashtags, up in the left hand corner will pop up with the most popular tags which are trending. Scroll down a bit and pick ones that you won’t get drowned in and make your post more relevant. IG allows you up to thirty hashtags per post. I like to put mine in the first comment of my comment section so that my actual words are read and not cluttered on the original post.


Lifestyle Hashtags

#workfromanywhere #livingthelifelove #ootd #fashionista #tredsetter #designyourlife #setyourownhours #friyay #saturyay #sundayfunday #socialselfie #TBT #TGIF #goodlife #roadlesstraveled #momsonthego #sahm #momlifeisthebestlife #freedom #livethelittlethings #musthave #mybeautifulmess #documentyourdays #momstyle #workonthego

Inspirational Hashtags

#stayinspired #instagood #mondaymotivation #atiitudeofgratitude #neverstop #dreambig #aspiretoinspire #fuelthesoul #motivationalquotes #pursueyourpassion #keepgoing #stateofpositivity #endlesspossibilities #slaytheday #joyfuljourney #gratefulday #itsthelittlethings #cherishedmoments #makeithappen #igotthis #quoteoftheday #goodvibrations #shootforthestars #timetoshine #bestfeelingever

Humorous Hashtags

#lol #laughteristhebestmedicine #humor #funny #bellylaugh #momhumor #funnymoments #meme #sillypic #laughingatmyself #comedy #funnyphoto #justmomlife #instafunny #haha #gigglesgalore #funnyvideo #hilarious #sarcasm #donttellmom #jokes #epic #allforfun #funnymoments

Business Hashtags

#socialmediamarketer #MLM #directsales #networkmarketing #socialmediaexpert #podcast #leadership #success #mompreneur #smallbusiness #biztips #blogger #bloggerlifestyle #mombiz #workfromhomelife #onlinebusiness #empowerwomen #buildyourtribe #businessowner #hustlehard #naptimewarrior #beyourownboss #goaldigger #bosslady #momboss #socialmediamom #solopreneur #womensupportingwomen #empowersocial

No Excuses! 

Self-Care is Critical for Health & Happiness

Self-Care is Critical for Health & Happiness

No matter how busy you are in your day-to-day life, it is important that you take time for yourself.  Spending the day focusing exclusively on potential stressors, like your commitments at work and chaotic schedule at home, without providing time to allow your mind to rest and recharge can cause you to develop dangerous conditions, like high blood pressure.  Neglecting your care routine can make it more likely that you will catch a cold.  It can also lead to severe anxiety, depression, and low self-worth.  Self-care is the term generally applied to the process of taking time for the simple things from day to day — even things as simple as getting enough sleep and reducing your stress can have positive consequences for your physical and mental health alike.  Here are some of the easiest ways you can start to incorporate self-care into your daily routine.


How to reduce stress


A huge part of self-care is reducing stress in general.  Since each piece of self-care works closely with the others, reducing your stress will make it easier for you to sleep, which in turn will reduce even more stress.  There are two major ways you can cut stress out from your life. First, if you feel yourself being overloaded with things to do, whether they are in your professional or private lives, practice saying “no.”  Your friends will understand if you miss an engagement or two, and the quality of your work will increase if you aren’t constantly worried about the amount of work that’s still on your plate.


Another way you can reduce stress is by making your environment as relaxing as possible.  At home, this means cutting out clutter. Clutter significantly adds to stress and reduces your home’s relaxing qualities — but a clean home helps foster calm moods.


How to fix your diet


Kicking bad eating habits isn’t as easy as some people might initially believe.  When it’s easier to swing by a fast-food restaurant on the way home from work than it is to spend an hour in the kitchen, convenience often trumps health.  However, there are several ways you can defeat those bad habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle. One way is to subscribe to a meal-delivery service, which will provide you with the ingredients you need to put together delicious dishes with little fuss.  And when you add an electric pressure cooker to the mix, which can make cooking food much easier, eating a homemade bowl of chili at instead of heading to the closest restaurant suddenly became much simpler — not to mention a lot healthier!


How to get enough sleep


Another critical step in your new self-care routine is getting enough sleep.  While it may seem trivial, getting a good amount of sleep each night is crucial because your nightly rest sets up the pattern of your entire next day.  If you wake up refreshed and energized, you will be able to jump into the tasks of the next day with more fervor, performing more efficiently, with heightened mental abilities and a greater ability to reason your way through and past potential problems.  However, if you did not get enough sleep the night before, it is likely that you will wake up feeling groggy or achy.  This inhibits your ability to get a move on in the mornings, which – in the short term — may make you late for work, but will also greatly affect your ability to process situations and be aware of your projects in general.  Even if you end up working at a decent pace throughout the day, it is likely that the quality of the work you produce will not be as high (or as quickly created) as if you had gotten a good night’s sleep.  


This is why sleep is so important, but an increasing number of adults say they have difficulty sleeping through the night.  There are several things that you can do that will help yourself fall asleep at the end of the day.  First, make sure that your bedroom is cool and dark.  Cover up your windows with blackout curtains if you need to (just remember to be diligent about setting your alarm in the morning!), and turn your thermostat down if the outdoor temperature is 70 or higher. If your bedroom is too dry, considering getting a humidifier because dry air can cause cold-like symptoms which can disrupt your sleep. You should also try to foster as quiet an environment as possible — turn off the television and don’t listen to music or a podcast, even if it helps you sleep.  If external noise typically interrupts your sleep, you may want to use a sound machine or a similar type of app on your phone to create a cushion of white noise.  


No matter how chaotic your schedule, it is important that you find time for self-care.  By getting more sleep and making your home more relaxing, you will help your physical and mental health.

Guest Article from Stephanie Haywood

Special Guest Review – Connecting You

Special Guest Review – Connecting You

Reviewing the Special Guest App

The Special Guest App has been taking the world by storm since it’s debut in 2017. It’s taken all of the guesswork out of booking live entertainment for your event. In just a few clicks, you can bring the entertainment to you. Think of how much more exciting your next birthday party or BBQ could be with a live performer. Special Guest will help you elevate any event, by adding a musician, comedian, belly dancer, or whatever kind of entertainment you’re looking for.

Create a Memorable Event with Special Guest

Special Guest helps connect performers with gigs, and customers with entertainment for their event. Hire talent for your next corporate event, holiday soiree, retirement party or conference right from your phone or desktop. The process could not be more simple.

Simply open the app, or visit the website. Once there, you’ll be able to search for talent in your city for particular dates. Search by category, for example, circus acts, dancers, DJs or comedians. Instantly, you’ll be matched with available talent that you can book for your event. You’ll see their pricing too, so there’s no surprises. Sticking to your budget is important–the app helps you do that.

There are no complicated contracts to sign, and artists get paid immediately. Even better is that they keep 100% of their fees. For performers, this is a huge deal since most booking services charge a fee or take a percentage.

The app is tailored for the unique needs of users, or for talent. If you’re a user, the app will help match you with artists for your event. For performers, the app helps them get matched with more paying gigs, getting their name out their seamlessly, with minimal leg work.

There’s never been an easier way to find entertainment for your event. Special Guest allows you to book talent on demand, and on the go. Search for talent today, and book them to perform tomorrow.

If you’re an artist looking to get more paid work, or someone looking to hire live performers for an upcoming event, you need the Special Guest App. It’s available free on iPhone. Download it now and see for yourself how easy it is.



How to succeed at Etsy.

How to succeed at Etsy.

The funny image1 (18)thing with change is people either completely embrace the chaos, changing too much to enjoy the fruits of their labors, because they become bored and need something new, or you have the person who lives in fear of change and never takes that first step. The woman who wants to crawl in the corner and cry, they become so terrified of failing that they never even make that first big launch which could turn into something beautiful and life changing.

I know both women well, because at one point or another in this lifetime I have fit the shoe for each one.

As Mompreneurs we need to learn to embrace the word No, You Can’t Do That, how will you support your children with that? You shake your head, you smile, you let it go in one ear and out the other knowing that you are in the making of following something that feels right for you. With every stumble, look with a new perspective. This is a learning lesson to grow your business and bloom as a person.

This chapter were not going to think about it, were just going to do it. Dive right in. Accept this just might be the scariest moment you have ever encountered of the unknown. Put on your Unicorn Costume and let’s do this!

First things first. You have your vision. Mine looked a little something like this when I wrote them down.

  • Make six figures by year 5 on Etsy.
  • Write a book and self-read it on Audible.
  • Help other mamas feel inspired through blogging.
  • Plan Events to bring together women in my community.

It was simple, clear, and concise. You need an action plan – a to do list if you will. Your clear on the mountain you want to climb, but how in the world will you achieve this?

Taking each goal, you have and breaking it down in to a to do list is step one – every day do at least one thing on that to do list.

image2 (11)

Starting your Etsy Shop –

  1. Create your Business Name. – Make sure you are checking google to make sure no one else has a name like yours. – The last thing we want is someone to accidently type in weaves and woodwork and a cleaning shop come up on Facebook ads. This is where being unique comes into play. What is important to you, cupcakes? Mommy hood? Woodwork? Painting? Take a few words and write them down. Play with how they flow together. What are you selling? Is it one specific item or a plethora of items you create. You want your target audience to be drawn to your shop by the appearance and title it holds. Before moving on come up with a catchy headline which will appear under your title. For example, mine views “Handcrafted and Made with Love.” Get creative and in 3-5 words tell your customers what your shop is all about.
  2. Find a logo and branding – Personally I love supporting other people like myself so all my logos and branding I have had created through a fellow maker on Etsy. It’s a more personal experience and their people just like you who WANT to make sure their supporting your vision and dream.
  3. Decide what Niche you will sell. – When you first start out stick to one thing for at least 6 months and become an expert at that one thing. After your pro status then expand.
  4. Set up your policies and information. This step is tedious but oh so vital. Your customers need to know where you stand with shipping, delivery times, how your shop ticks and tocks.
  5. Write your about page. Don’t even blink twice on over thinking this. Your customers just want to know who you are, what they are supporting, and how your shop came to life! When I first started out it was a paragraph that slowly just grew as customers asked me questions and I realized the need of what everyone wanted to know about my shop and myself!
  6. Connect your social media accounts. In my experience Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and Facebook are an absolute necessity in driving traffic to your Etsy. You can launch fun giveaways and peak interest to gain followers and get the word out about your new shop. (We will go into detail on the importance of social media in a future chapter.) For now, just link whatever you have available, so we can launch! If your feeling extra peppy go ahead and start transferring everything social media to a business page, its usually two clicks and voila your ready for action!
  7. Now this is the exciting part – Girl get ready. This is the biggest action step yet. The first item listing. Use your I phone, get some natural lighting and a sleek background that fits your brand (for my first year I used a slab of reclaimed wood to place my items on and photograph.) We will go into a full chapter on photos, lighting, tips and tricks, and how to capture the perfect angles but for now just GET IT UP. Let go of perfect and step into work in progress.
  8. How do I name my item? Here are some simple tips to help you get everything launched and ready for action with a beautiful title that is sure to catch the buyers eye.
  • Research trending key words for your items. Google AdWords has a keyword tool you can enter in as well to find out what people are searching. For example – Let’s say you have a Unicorn coffee mug, you want to make sure that Unicorn Coffee Mug is in the Title, but you can also hyphenate to a trending key word to be looked up more often than a competing shop. Unicorn Coffee Mug – Magical Horse Cup with Glitter.
  • The Etsy Search Bar is a powerful tool as well! See what people are looking up, what are they searching for, get in on being in. (Normally I am so against comparing your shop or self to any one else because you want to make sure you are staying on top of the trends, so you can deliver an excellent product that clients are searching for.)

If you are struggling with key words and titles you can also download a program for free such as Marmalead or Etsygadget to help you get flowing with key words and make SEO (search engine optimization) not so scary!

  1. Pricing – How to come up with the perfect pricing on your items? This can be tricky! I completely failed at this starting out my Etsy Adventures. I wanted to sell my items at a dollar store price, create Nordstrom style products, and gain amazing customer five-star reviews. This doesn’t work. If you are putting an hour into making something, 30 minutes into crafting and creating the perfect packaging, and then $20 on supplies for that one item, you need to charge accordingly! For example: When beginning the adventure of mompreneurship I started selling coffee mugs. I figured $7.50 was a fair price to sell them for. What I wasn’t accounting for was my time, my supplies, my shipping, and the biggest factor…ready for it…COMPETITORS. Similar shops like mine were selling the exact same item for $19.50. It took me a year to realize I was losing out on thousands upon thousands of dollars in sales. When I raised my prices, I was terrified no one would buy any thing because it was too expensive. Guess what happened? My sales quadrupled. I went from making $100-200 a week to making $500-700 a week, this happened overnight! Customers understood I was a hand made business, they wanted to support me, just as they would want to support you and the thousand of other makers online! Do a little research, find what similar items are selling for, and mark accordingly. Remember the best part of this all is we are a work in progress and Etsy takes 5 minutes to edit a listing and completely change it all over again! Beautiful right?
  2. Writing a seamless description. This can be broken into simple sections. What is it? Can it break? How does it wash? What is the size?

At this point were besties, right?

I am going to give you a huge leap point here because my goal is to get your shop launched and selling as soon as possible. Here is the description I use on all my items (the only difference is changing the verbiage per item, but this is a generalized answer to years of customers questions and what they are looking for.) Feel free to write this on your description til you have a better knowledge of what questions or guidance your customers will have about your items.

This listing is for one hand painted coffee mug.

Capacity Options: 14 oz 16 oz 18 oz

Mugs are hand painted and made to order. The picture listed above is an example of what yours will look like. Please allow for slight variations as each one is hand painted. A photo will be sent to you before shipment to make sure you absolutely love your item.

I can personalize in any way for no additional charge, just make sure to include a note in the note to seller at the time of check out


How to take care of me? I am microwaveable. Hand wash me with warm soapy water and a soft sponge to make sure I last forever! I am baked and sealed if I do need a good scrubbing. DO NOT MACHINE WASH ME I COULD MELT AWAY OVER TIME.


Personalizing is what I love to do. See something you love but wish it was just a little different? Let me know and I will be happy to change it for you as a custom order.


Gift Wrapping? YES PLEASE. All mugs are wrapped with tissue paper. Is this a gift? I can personalize an additional card for special occasions and send straight to the recipient at no additional charge to you.


After Purchasing: A lot of times I have a few questions for you on personalization after purchase! Please check your Etsy messages after your purchase.



  1. Shipping – Can you see me turning bright red and giggling writing this section. Oh, how I wish we were face to face girlfriend.

Let me tell you a little story, when I first started out and I was creating my Nordstrom’s Dollar Tree, I decided $5.50 sounded fair for shipping. I was so gung ho to launch I priced all my items at $5.50 priority shipping. Priority Shipping is 2 -3-day shipping that cost around $14.50 for a 1 -2-pound item which is standard for what I was selling. At the time technology was terrifying to me. Set up a scale? Ship directly from Etsy? What if my printer fails? What if it never arrives at the destination. I went on for two years driving a ridiculous number of packages to the post office on a daily basis and paying full price for shipping items. There were more then 10 occasions I paid $60 – $120 JUST IN SHIPPING on something that brought in maybe $20 in profit. If there was a palm in face emoji I could insert here, I’d do it. On my second year of Holiday Season I decided with a new baby, a 4-year-old and a wagon full of packages I needed to brave that damn scale and printer. I signed up for Etsy Shipping, if I can shake you on any one thing through this process of setting up your shop its this. SET UP ETSYS SHIPPING. You save about 20% through commercial business pricing, you can generalize and see how much an item cost to ship BEFORE you ship it. Granit there were some perks, I got to know everyone at my local post office on a first name basis, my kids learned how to squeeze their bodies over the years in random mail boxes and pop out at the retirement folks walking by to pick up their mail. These are the moments we will giggle about in 20 years, right?

For a general shipping rule, order a scale on amazon, I got mine for $20 and it holds up to 50 lb. Make sure you have a dependable printer that hooks up to your computer and some black ink. Grab some shipping tape and BOOM Your in business and ready to become your own post office. Now are you ready for the best part? When you are all done packaging, you schedule a pickup from USPS.com the post man or woman comes to your front porch picks up your packages and you are now officially seamlessly working from home. (Remember how in the previous chapters we discussed the importance of time management. – here are hours of wasted time saved!)


  1. Tags – On any social media tags are free SEO gold. Sprinkle that glitter everywhere! When tagging an item, you want to think of one thing and one thing only. If I was searching this item. What would I type in the search bar? If your searching for a baby shower gift what would you search?

Let’s do some examples, because again I am as visual as they come over here!

Item: Bridesmaid Wine Glasses

Tags: Bridesmaid Gifts, Be My Bridesmaid, Wine Gifts, Wedding, getting hitched, Bridesmaid, Be my maid, Personalized Bridal Gifts, Custom Bridesmaid Wine glasses, Handmade Bridesmaid Gifts.

Use every tag they allow you to use. Can’t find any? Google is your friend for inspiration.

  1. Post it girlfriend. Do not even think twice just start by pressing that post item button. Remember you can always edit and shiny them up to be polished and new as your work gets better and you grow as an artist and product photographer!
  2. Post 10 new items a week for your first 6 months! I know this sounds like quit the project but trust me, if you take away one piece of advice from this section, this is the chunk to take. What launched my shop was dedication. It also made me grow more then I ever imagined possible as an artist. The more you put your self out there online the more chances of clicks, visits, and traffic to your shop.
  3. Customer Service – In our generation it pains me to say that quality customer service is something rare to come by. I have even done a few experiment buys on Etsy to see what other shops say after a purchase, how quick they respond to a question on a custom order, your catching my drift? Guess what? 90% did not respond to me at all, it was all automated through the Etsy apps you can create to send messages right after a sale or after you ship out an item. It was disheartening to say the least. I personally want to buy a handcrafted item for the connection as well, to know I am supporting someone and not a corporation. I try to think of my target audience as someone like myself who is shopping and expecting a certain experience from a personal makers business. Common courtesy and customer service seem to be a mannerism of the past. My number one concern in my shop is making sure my customers feel the following points in their shopping experience. Let’s jump in.
  • Quick Response Time – I can not even tell you the amount of sales I have gained when people are on the fence about a purchase between my shop and competitors because I am the first to personally email them back and answer any questions they may have about my items. I try to have a response time of less than an hour with any customer – you can turn on Etsy notifications to get a certain ding on your phone and know a customer is trying to reach you.
  • A Simple Thankyou – After every sale I make I personally reach out and let the buyer know how much I appreciate their order, how I will send pictures to make sure its perfect before shipment, and that I will reach out if I have any questions during the making process.
  • Follow Up – Before shipping out any item I always send pictures and give a 24-hour response time in case the customer wants a change made or something added to their order. (This will also condense your shipping cost down and save your time in having to remake something later down the road.) You just officially got it in writing that they love the item you made and gave you the go ahead to ship. Your covering all your bases at this point.

In the coming up blogs we will cover in detail some more tips, websites to assist, and secret sale advice for Etsy but we will dive in to the next common goal for now! Remember one step at a time. If we get to overwhelmed it is just hopping right back on the hamster wheel and accomplishing a whole lot of nothing.

The Algorithm & How to Beat It.

The Algorithm & How to Beat It.

You’ve heard all about it. Your wondering why people are not seeing your post and I am here to share a simplified way to amp up your followers and beat that algorithm once and for all. (Well at least until it changes again.)

So what is an algorithm?

It is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.


eeeekkkkk. Pump the brakes…what the heck does that mean and how are we supposed to understand that? I am going to go ahead and dive in and break down exactly how you can succeed in the social media marketing game.

Ready to crush it in 2019?

  • Ever notice how your mom may have 20 followers but constantly is popping up in your feed? Here is why….The algorithm puts who you interact with most on your feed first. Who you are commenting, liking, interacting with the big man of IG is taking notes and trying to put that in your feed first. So how do we take advantage of this feature? We start commenting, liking and engaging with content that we want popping up in our feed. If someone comments on your picture you comment back as soon as possible. You see the more we are engaging the higher our rates go up. We ideally want to have engagement rate of atleast 2.5% per photo. Ways to monitor engagement are downloading apps such as Later or Plann that tell you exactly what is working and what is not.
  • When a single post receives a ton of comments, likes, shares at a high rate immidiately after posting, you also have a higher chance of showing up in peoples feeds because its showing IG “Hey this is a hot topic” show this. A huge key note on how to achieve this is posting at the RIGHT TIMES. Pay attention to when you get the most engagement. Probally at 5 right at dinner is not the most ideal time to post. Do a little research and pay attention to what works best for yours specific content. A general study for 2019 analized that the most ideal posting times were between 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. EST.
  • Time, time, oh our precious sweet time. The algorithm also watches how much time you sped interacting with content. The more time people are spending on your post, commenting, looking, clicking, etc. the more IG is going to push your post in front of others.


  • DM Sharing…All though there is no “tracker” of who has shared your post via a DM the Instagram Gurus are still watching and paying attention. So make sure you are creating awesome content that people are tagging friends and fired up to share what you have to offer.
  • Ever wonder how influencers or IG celebs got there? Make sure your IG has these main components for a good beginging to the races…

Are you using a call to action to create engagement?

Are you using all 30 hash tags and making them relateable yet trendy with what someone may be searching?

Are you posting at the best possible times for engagement?

Is your IG Feed aesthetic and pretty to the eye? Does it all flow?

instagram-algorithm (1)

Hopefully this is a step in the right direction to totally kill the IG Marketing Game this year. – Stay tuned for Wednesdays blog on making your IG pretty and how to make it happen. 


Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

It’s 2019

It’s your year.

What are you waiting for?

With the new year upon us I really wanted to provide you all with some amazing content to get this year started right and make it your best yet! I am doing a sneak peek at my book “The Sweetest Little Life” with revealing chapter one in how we break down and set goals for actual success!

Don’t wait any more, get out of the rut and start living your passion today. If you are unhappy only you can change it! START WITH 2019!!!!!!! Start while you are excited, while you are motivated, and most of all while there is TODAY!

image1 (8)

Without further a do let’s get to work!

First things first, finding our path and direction.

How do we set goals, take-action, leap into our journey if we don’t even know our destination? This needs to be crystal clear!

We need to know roughly where we are going so we can create the steps to get there.

When starting my makers journey, I knew I wanted to create an income crafting, and that was about all I knew. The goal was to create a job doing something I loved which would help supplement my family and allow me to stay home with my children.

Now let’s review that concept: I knew what I wanted to do, (setting a goal) and why I wanted to do it (motivation). These are the building blocks of your foundation.

If you don’t know exactly what you want to do, that’s okay! We do however need a general direction to get your running shoes on. I said in the beginning this was going to be very direct and to the point as I want you to get the absolute most out of this book.

First, you need to first create a list – I highly encourage a pen to paper. There is just something about connecting and writing it down, like a commitment to yourself.        Your subconscious picks up more on hand to paper vs. typing or texting. On your list you are going to write down your passions, your hobbies, what makes you feel like you could go for hours and not be tired?

Fill your paper with every idea that comes to mind.

Is it running, walking your dog, painting, talking to people, helping people, filing documents, creating, inventing, writing, acting, filming? Remember, it can be anything.

Try and write down as many things as you can think of in 20 minutes. – Set your phone timer and do it!

When you’re finished writing your list, close your eyes and imagine what you see yourself doing. What do you think these passions lead to? If you don’t get the answer right away that’s alright. Maybe a light bulb just went off, maybe you already know what your goals are and you’re ready to dive straight in. Whichever category you fall in, writing down hobbies and passions is never a bad thing! It helps to make a promise to yourself, to have it on paper as a reminder that YES YOU CAN DO THIS. It’s time to throw excuses out the window, get clear and concise, and make some commitments.

The following pages are for you to journal and brainstorm about what sets your soul on fire. Be honest with yourself and let no barrier stand in the way.

Goals + Passions + Hobbies


Way to go goal seeker! Now you have your goal list and a general idea of where your heart is at.

Work time.

If writing is your passion, what speaks to you about taking writing to the next level? Is it a blog or a book you want to write?

If its dog walking, do you want to be a walker, a trainer, own your very own high-end dog hotel?

If it’s running and exercise, do you want to be a professional racer, host a marathon, open your own gym?

If it’s being creative, do you want to open an Etsy shop, launch an online market, host a craft fair, or participate in craft fairs?

If it’s photography, do you want to be behind the camera or in front of it, do you want to motivate, do you want to connect? Whatever your passion or idea, do you want to do it for financial stability, personal fulfillment, or material reasons?

Once you find the general idea of what you want to do we can get specific in creating our goal and ultimate finish line. Once you reach your finish line you will of course have bigger mountains to climb, and more goals to set. Life is this amazingly beautiful, endless climb that is growing and changing right before our very eyes. The wonderful thing about goals is they sometimes evolve into what we need right where we are in our lives. Our personal seasons of life.


It’s going to be hard but hard is not impossible. If your goals are important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find excuse after excuse of reason not to accomplish it.

Now we’re getting down and dirty! We’re doing the goal list again but with a little twist. These questions should help you to see on paper if you are an owner, merchant, independent worker, or homemaker. I am sure you are catching my drift at this point. This page will help you get an idea of where you should run with your passion.

Do you prefer working alone or in a group? __________________________________________________________________________________________

Would you rather drive to work every day or work from home?


Are you able to stay on task with no one to answer to?


Do you thrive on team work?


If you have an assignment, are you more likely to be motivated on your own timeline or do you need direction and deadlines? __________________________________________________________________________________________


What is your work style? Fast Paced? Pressured? Relaxed? What makes you thrive? __________________________________________________________________________________________

Now let’s get real. We all want to start a business, make millions, and live happily ever after! Right? If this was the case everyone on the planet would be making millions and highly driven. However, the reality is that it takes blood, sweat and tears that make a business successful. You will have overhead (in most cases), you will have things you have to budget for, scenarios to plan for, a target market to think of and the list goes on. A good rule of thumb is to expect it to be an expensive hobby for the first year and THEN plan on strategizing for the money to start flowing in. I didn’t promise this would be easy, but I did promise it would be straight forward, honest, and nitty gritty in creating your happy place that is right for just that, YOU!

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Happy New Years

How to stay sane while working from home.

How to stay sane while working from home.

We dream of working from home..

Then we work from home and dream of leaving for work.

Any way you slice it as a stay at home mom, work at home mom, work away mom, or part-time mom the juggle and struggle is real.

Sometimes when first starting your entrepreneur journey it can feel lonely and like the odds are against you. I want you to know that you’re not alone and these emotions are completely normal. This is why I wanted to completely devote this September Motivation to you mammas who are having a hard time feeling sane and “balancing” it all. I thought what better way than to share a chapter out of my book, The Sweetest Little Life. Chapter Seven is all about finding your zen.  Let’s get right to it and hopefully our mama tribe can walk away feeling refreshed, inspired, and motivated!

Staying Sane while working from home
Creating and Finding Balance

Chapter Seven – Finding  Your Zen

It was Thanksgiving 2017 and the busiest time of year for my shop. Every year around the beginning of November I become elated with the amazing customers I get to meet, the jolly spirits, and the goodies I get to consistently create. Not to mention the amazing home décor finds, crafting with my littles and family memories that get made every Holiday Season. Being sentimental is a character trait that was imbedded in me from birth.

For some reason 2017 was different. It was as though I was becoming resentful of everyone asking something from me. In the beginning of this book I told you that I had become the yes girl. Mamas, I said yes to everything.

Can you pick this up? Yes.

Can you watch my child? Yes.

Can you walk my dog? Yes.

Can you volunteer on this day? Yes.

Can you make me 40 mugs by tomorrow for an event? Yes.

Can you run this errand for me? Yes.

Can you plan this event for us? Yes.

Having your hands in too many things at one time is dangerous, and here is why. You lose your zest. Your passion and drive are something that keeps you going, even on the months you make a whopping twenty dollars. It’s the passion that keeps you trudging through the mud and putting one foot in front of the other.

Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.

Being an entrepreneur is the toughest job out there for the simple reason you have no one to answer to but yourself. You are the last person to get a paycheck, you work the longest hours, you have no days off in the beginning, and you consistently struggle with this thing called “balance.”

The most successful entrepreneurs in this world chase their passions not a paycheck. Passion will always lead you directly to your purpose when you feel lost with no direction.

This loss of “zest” didn’t happen all at one time or overnight, but from Thanksgiving to January I became miserable. My work began to show that the passion was drifting away.  I was snappy and grumpy at everyone around me. Looking back at pictures I even cringe knowing how sad I felt inside. Over the months I developed major anxiety. At one point I thought I was experiencing a heart attack!

What was wrong with me? Was I broken?

I knew I needed to snap out of this anxiety, but how? Was I losing it? Should I just quit and not pursue my dreams anymore?

Hell no. I am not a quitter.

Inside I knew I was on the brink of breaking. What I learned was this is the make it or break it stuff that truly makes you grow, not only as a human, but in your business. I needed this three-month funk to make me realize how blessed I was. How much I craved to wake up every morning and be excited for what the day might hold, what opportunities might arise, who I might meet. This is the stuff that keeps me going. After talking to several other makers, I began to see a pattern. Everyone goes through this at some point in their business. It is going to be ok. When you are uncomfortable, when you feel like giving up, it is completely acceptable to turn everything off and unplug for a little while. Prioritize and dig deep into what is really going on. For my personal story, I realized I was saying yes to things that were draining me. They were not my passion, I did not want to do them, but I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

(Major people pleaser over here yo!)

I have grown more in the past 6 months not only as a mother, wife, maker, and friend but into who I was meant to be, into my purpose of why I was put onto this earth. I stopped giving a “you know what” about what people thought of me. It was the most freeing feeling I have ever experienced.  If it wasn’t for this rough patch where I truly believed my world was going to crumble, I could never have pushed through to fly or made the soul searching worthwhile.

There is a difference between being a push over and being compassionate and empathetic. You can be kind and genuine but still hold boundaries. You need to do this if you are going to be running a business. The more successful you become, the more people will ask of you. “With great success comes great responsibility”. The old saying that holds so true to the heart. Your goals and purpose are going to change and shift with time, that’s just life.

It’s a good rule of thumb every six months to review your goal list and polish it up. (This is where the professional goal digging comes into play.)   The knowledge you gain, the advice you receive, the experience you get from working your passion every day will make you need to adjust and tweak little things here and there to make your business perfect for you and your family.

Now let’s get real.

Family and your business.

This can get messy! Some days you are overwhelmed, stressed out and who does it get taken out on? Well, the people closest to you of course. Naturally we want this journey to be all sunshine and glitter sprinkles, but the truth is that it is tough to balance everything. It will be especially hard when you are starting out and finding what your groove is. When I was in the red for my first year and spending quadruple the amount that I was bringing in, I can’t tell you the amount of arguments and sleepless nights I experienced wondering if I was going to fail again. Fear can stop you right in your tracks, our minds can talk us out or into anything. Pretty powerful stuff right here.

Am I meant for this?

What if I let my family down?

I am not spending enough one on one time with each child.

I am not making my husband proud.

These arguments aren’t worth chasing my dreams, I’ll just try again in a few years.

This negative self-talk will kill you inside and completely shatter your confidence as a Mompreneur. Some days are tough. Plain and Simple. Its being compassionate to everyone around you, knowing when to take days off and disconnect from it all, knowing when to plan and push through on the days you just want to veg out on Netflix. Its trial and error in finding exactly the schedule that works for you.

Being a wife of a Firefighter who is gone four days out of the week I had to get creative with scheduling my endeavors. I finally found what works for me. I wake up an hour before the kids go to school, plan every aspect of what my day will look like, work late on the nights my husband is gone and shut it down the evenings my husband is home. I now say “no” to mom coffee dates after drop off because those four hours that my daughter is in preschool are my only solo hours to tackle my Etsy orders interruption free. It took me months to figure out how to outsource, plan, and make my life as balanced as possible. Once I did this though, once I stopped caring if people may not like me because I couldn’t go to coffee three days a week with them, once I started realizing my priorities were living my dream, being the best mom and wife I possibly could be and keeping my circle small I began to feel alive. Waking up early? No problem. Staying up late? No problem. Excitement for life does amazing things to the mind and body.

The trick is finding your zest and knowing sometimes you may not have the “energizer bunny” motivation you desire. If you’re clear on where you are going and what you’re fighting so hard for, the stamina will always return to you.

Don’t give up, remember your reasons.

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Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination

Where my makers at?! Most of us are so guilty of the procrastination gene! It’s in our DNA – So how do we use it for good? What is it? Were getting down and dirty with it all today!

Procrastination is the act of prioritizing less urgent and more pleasurable tasks over the more important stuff.

You procrastinate because you have a fear of doing something, because of unreasonable expectations, or because you haven’t generated enough reasons to get the job done.

Now, procrastination is not always “bad” nor “good”. I personally thrive when I have a dead line and need to get hustling the day before, but if it’s too much and not organized procrastination I will fail every single time to meet my deadline. I become stressed, overwhelmed, and start the hamster wheel of accomplishing absolutely nothing productive.

So why do we do this? How do we avoid procrastination or organize it to help us effectively? Today I am spilling all my tricks on what I do to stay on top of task that are not pleasurable or “exciting” to me. The ones that often get pushed to the back burner!


Get the hard stuff out-of-the-way – Every evening before bed I always make a list of what needs to be done the next day. This 1, helps me clear my head and sleep better and 2, allows me to strategically place the things i want to do the least top on my list.

(When I whip out the hard stuff first thing in the morning, there’s not enough caffeine in my system to talk me out of it, and then I am energized with the attitude of “Yeah I just did that, and it wasnt that bad.” “I am ready for more!”)

Set specific, measurable and realistic expectations of yourself – Do not over book yourself and realistically create timelines that allow you to not feel stressed out or like you need to skip a meal to accomplish everything. Remember a healthy you is going to be the most productive you.

Find out what motivates you and eliminate distractions – For my personal motivation I love Podcast. While I am working in my office I feel like I am learning new things from some of my favorite entrepreneurs while getting motivated on every word they say! Some of my favs to listen too for motivation are

  • Rachel Hollis – Rise
  • Jenna Kutcher – Goal Digger
  • Lori Harder – Earn your happy
  • and Julie Soloman – The Influencer Podcast
  • Mel Robbins – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Method

All of these women fire me up and make working enjoyable and not boring or lonely. I eliminate my text and phone alerts, the television, or any other ding that may distract me from accomplishing the one task at hand.

Complete small new tedious task immediately – Have a phone call to make? A form to sign for the kids? A volunteer obligation? A dish you borrowed but have failed to return? Just do it. All of these tedious task can haunt you and turn into giant mole hills for absolutely no reason. The minute something comes in that I can handle right away I do. This will completely avoid you forgetting later on down the road, or saying “Ill do it after dinner” and becoming to tired and pushing it to the next day.

Find your peak performance time and use it – We all have that time of day that we just kick ass and take names. For some they call it being a “morning person” or a “night owl” others its awareness, either way we all have a time that is perfect for our own individual peak spots.

Don’t get “stuck” on your time and know that as life circumstances or body changes happen your peak performance times may change as well. Perfect example – I am usually a morning person. I wake up before everyone in my house, enjoy my coffee and quiet time, and start busting out hard projects before any one wakes up. Than…. I got pregnant….and I am pretty positive this baby is going to be a night party animal. I’m worthless in the mornings and some days can barely move until 3-5 p.m., then I perk up and can rumble til 1 in the morning. Ya all, this is UNHEARD of for my body, but Im rolling with the punches, Im listening to my peak energy, and utilizing it to the best of my ability. With a few quick changes I just have my “work performance” hours after the littles are tucked in. Be open and accepting to change. 


Focus on one thing at a time – Dishes, Etsy Orders, Local Orders, Kids Event, Volunteer Obligations, Date night, Dinner Plans, Laundry OH MY – I’ll take the lions and tigers and bears any day. Slow it down girl friend…..This is where list are crucial. Take ONE THING and ONE THING only. Nothing else matters until that one thing is complete. Are you writing a blog? Then you are only focused on doing your best and writing the best piece you can at that moment. Are you doing the dishes? Then you’re not on the phone, your finishing up the dishes so you can get the next meal moving and grooving. I often remind my self “I am only doing this right now.” I literally hold my self back from squirreling and starting 5 things at once but completing nada.






Five Tips to a Productive Week

Five Tips to a Productive Week

We all love Sundays right? It has to be my favorite day of the week by far.

image4 (5)

For my family it’s a day to spend together baking, adventuring, exploring, or finishing projects. The freedom of this day leads to endless possibilities. Sometimes we cuddle up watching movies and some days we re arrange the entire house, either way, we are doing it as a family.

The most common question I get asked is “how do you do it all?” (Which is funny because as entrepreneurs we are so hard on ourselves.) I often think goodness I am so behind, I should have done this, I need to do that. Some times you just need a little grace and peace. This is where proper planning for your business is so crucial.

Boss babes need days off too!! Don’t get me wrong, rest is so important!

For me personally, I use Sunday evenings to plan my week ahead and I’m sharing all the secret tricks I use to navigate through and tackle it all with very little stress.

I am still not convinced “balance” of mommyhood and entrepreneurship is a real thing, but I think I have gotten pretty darn close to the secret recipe it takes to make it all go round with very few hiccups. Ready Mama Bears? Lets get to it…


Plan your social media ahead of time. Yes this is totally doable. I use PLANN – an app that allows me to pre post for the week everything I want to talk about and deliver to my audience. The app also allows me to review my color schemes and appearance of all my content before my actual IG and Facebook post go live. Make sure you are delivering quality content that you would be wanting if you were a reader. Nine times out of ten your target audience is someone just like yourself (This means they most likely have the same interests, goals, and want to spend their time reading something valuable.)

Get a planner and write it down. I am all about hand to paper. I just feel connected and it helps me remember vs. typing it in my phone and forgetting about it til an alarm goes off. Call me old school but I am convinced pen to paper is the best way. I write down all of my kids practices, games, and schooling events first. Then I orchestrate around their schedules my work. When will I blog each week? What are my topics for the week? When will I complete my Etsy orders? How much time do I need this week to connect and reach out to companies for work collaborations? Respond to emails? Make appointments? What ever it is that is lingering on your plate – write it down.

Make a weekly goal list. Mine this week went a little something like this –

  • Finish painting kitchen and updating cabinets to all white. 
  • Create content for IG for the week.
  • Schedule September’s Home look photo shoot for blog.
  • Reach out to 10 new people about my book. 
  • Touch base with 5 companies about possible collabs for projects. 
  • Start building nerf obstacles for Liam’s birthday party.
  • Finish up volunteer project for Liam’s Library.
  • Learn something new on Pinterest Marketing – ( Okay totally squirreling over here….eeeeek I love learning new things and am totally including all of you as I learn to navigate traffic through pinterest this month!)
  • Finish all Etsy Orders.

Now that I have my goal sheet I have big things I can cross off and feel super accomplished through out the week as I put a check next to each one of those bad boys. I chizzle out time to multi task the best I can while my husband works. (I have the kids do crafts when I do Etsy, I’ll have them play out side while I do stuff in the garage.) It is SUPER IMPORTANT to have just time with your children and shut it all down, but running a business from home you also need to get creative with how to be present and in the moment while also tackling milestones on your business and not falling behind.

Finish your laundry. There is just something with mammas and laundry. DAMNIT. I am telling you what girlfriend, if you get the laundry done and put away during a great show Sunday night when the kids are in bed, the week goes smoother. You start out fresh and clean with no lingering giant “chores” at home deterring you from your work and mom goals. (I also try to squeeze in a quick clean up of the house to just start Monday off right.) It’s like Monday has a magic new beginning of whats in store for our stories. I love it!

Get some zzzz’s. Nothing has healing powers like water and sleep. For children, for adults, for animals, for any living thing. A good nights rest and h20 can fix pretty much anything. Make sure to get a solid eight hours and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Grab your favorite book and get those eyes feeling heavy.

Take an hour and just plan, each week it gets easier and you will know how to navigate your time better and better. 

Heres to a Productive Second Week of September –

Who has their fall decor out?

Thats on my agenda as well!!!