How to Seasonally Spice Up Your Home.

How to Seasonally Spice Up Your Home.

Home Decor

Mom Life….Shopping with kids running through the isles, crawling in and out of the cart, and in fear of at anytime something breakable coming tumbling to the ground with a death shattering sound which for sure the entire store gives you the death glare. Then you walk out of the store with your tale between your legs and no mission accomplished.

The answer has been solved. Switch up your home decor for every season with out even leaving your house! No shopping, no brainstorming cute themed ideas, but experts that teach you how to decorate, offer inspiration, and custom tailor decor boxes delivered directly to your door. Let me introduce you to Decocrated

One day while strolling the gram I ran across an ad for this company and instantly thought GENIUS< GENIUS<GENIUS….I get to learn new tips and tricks to up my decor and home styling game every season, and was so impressed with the products which arrived in the box. High quality with a classic style.

The greenery, the crates, the inspirational farm house style sign, the beautiful clock…All just a fragment of what arrived in my Spring Box. It was as if they read my home style mind ya all!

Every season this company has a featured artist, Jazzdoodles by Jasmine Estrada was for Spring and she designed the art print, pillows and coasters. This is what makes Decocrated unique and adds a value that cannot be compared to running into Target or Homegoods. As an artist I am truly inspired by the unique touch of custom made items for the home. This is what makes the house a home. These fun prints you can mix and match with pillows you already have at home to create a fun inviting space. (Throw pillows are always a YES in my book! Even if they do end up on the floor thirty times a day by the littles.)

This box truly brings Spring Inside and makes me ready to entertain with some bubbly & my favorite girlfriends.


So lets dive right into it…What’s in this magic box?

  • Free Gift: Frame that ships separately within 3-4 days of placing your order.
  • Interchangeable Décor: 2-3 pieces that go with the season on one side and are an everyday item on the other side.
  • Everyday Collection: items that can be displayed all year in your home
  • Fully curated seasons delivered to your door: collections that can be displayed together in one room or can be spread throughout your home.
  • Bonus content through blogs/social media: Downloadable content and how-to’s.

Who doesn’t love a good DIY?! I know I love to have a little inspiration and insight with a fresh set of eyes.

Just for fun and some extra DIY inspo here are the Spring 2019 Pantone Colors which have just recently been released and I am completely in love with these palette tones!


Usually we are all about the pastels and lavenders but 2019 were coming in hot and vibrant! It must mean 2019 will be a strong and fierce years ladies!

For $10 off your spring home head on over to claim your box


xoxo Happy Decorating


Holiday Shopping Guide – Day three

Holiday Shopping Guide – Day three

Whose finished all their Christmas Shopping?!

Yeah…me either!

th (6)

If you have missed our first two days, we have developed a “best of deals” to take the stress out of online shopping for you through all the black Friday, shop small Saturday, and cyber Monday madness.

I have done extensive research on where is holding the best sales for each day which I am over the moon to share with you ladies! Tonight is all about home finds, maternity, and fitness!

Let’s start out with my FAVORITE monthly subscription box – The Bump Box!!!!! I have been obsessed with this little happy mail delivery since I was pregnant with Tristan. I am absolutely horrible at shopping for myself or keeping up on the latest trends with maternity and postpartum and this box has it all. It was so nice to be excited to pamper myself and have new little things to learn about my changing body! The Bump Box and The Sweetest Little Life have teamed up to get you one sweet little deal! You can get your box now for 40% off and fall in love just like I did! Use code CourtneyH40 at check out – Get your box here


Before I throw in this next item which I am way more excited about than a women ever should be…..Can we just talk about how Dyson’s are normally $500!!! Oh em gee! Macy’s is offering their last night where you can snag one of these bad boys up for $199. With kids and a farm of animals like myself this is a must have. Show me a clean home!3b54f535-13ef-4f83-917d-4bc978153955_1.2953bfa0b8133944ed6fee47e2d98896

Let’s take a minute and talk stocking stuffers? My favorite is little perfumes and I know my husband loves cologne sets to try out different fragrances for different seasons. Finding quality sets though can get expensive but look no more! Macy’s is having 50% and are you ready for it….You can get a set of 5 for only $15 until 11/26! WHAAAAAT?! Stuff my Stocking

Now can we get a bit more practical! Who has kids? Fur Children? A messy husband? All of the above? I am so picky about my sheets ya all…They must be clean, the must be soft, and they can’t be all stuffy and not move… I found 1000 count sheets which are normally $50 on sale for $10!!!! Can we say LOAD IT UP! This can be back up sheets for kids accidents, spilled water, guest stays, you name it! Sheets – Yes Please!


Holiday Parties? Mom Makeup most days which requires a bare minimum but want a little extra without breaking the bank? As a “retired” makeup artist I am a tad bias and makeup snobbish…MAC is for sure my all time fav when it comes to getting glammed up and Macy’s has their holiday set on sale for $20. SERIOUS STEAL! Only a few hours left on this particular sale so JUMP ON THIS LADIES! MAC Makeup Set Sale10508544_fpx

Having family & friends for the Holidays? Want your house to look dreamy but not break the bank! Oh girlfriend I’ve got you! One of my all time FAVORITE home decor stores is going 80% off starting tomorrow (Sunday at 8 p.m.) Swoon worthy home on a budget

I don’t know about you but around holiday time, I find myself cleaning about 10 times what I normally would…Glitter is the gift that keeps on giving am I riggghhhhhttt? Mrs. Myers is my all time obsession for natural cleaning (especially now that I have a newborn.) I also am a complete candle freak and always love my home to smell like we just made gingerbread cookies until January. Grove has launched their Christmas Line and is also offering FREE Gift sets with every purchase (No minimum order) Let’s be excited to clean glitter not saying naughty words under our breath!!! Click here for the smell of warm cookies and hot cocoaMrs-Meyers-Holiday-Kit

That’s all for tonight but I’ll be back tomorrow with a fresh new set of sales to grab while the getting is good! Please drop me a comment if there is a particular item and brand you would like me to research for you before Monday!


Taking the stress out of Black Friday

Taking the stress out of Black Friday

I know. I know…. Were grateful and then trampling people in lines for deals the next day. Heres the skinny though! Often times, if shopping is done the RIGHT way you can knock Christmas gifts out of the park without breaking the bank.

There is so much information online, so many emails flooding our in boxes, and so many commercials that it can be straight overwhelming where to go, what to do, and you end up saying screw it and deleting things as soon as they come in.

This year I was committed to a simplistic Christmas with saving money and not starting the new year off with regrets. I have spent weeks compiling the best deals and places to shop for kids, home, and family. (Best part?) You can do it all without leaving your home.

Lets get to it!

If your like me, you do animal stockings! This can totally add up – Chewy is my favorite spot for the fur children and their entire store is already hosting black Friday!

Spoil the fur babies – Entire Store 50% off

image1 (5)

Kids Learning Tablets – Walmart – 70% Off

kindle-fire-hd-kids-editionWay Fair – My favorittttttteeee place for home decor Entire Store 70% Off


For Black Friday I am all about stocking up on practical items we use every day! With Baby Tristan now here, diapers and wipes are HIGH on my agenda list. The Honest Company is offering 35% off their entire site and can we just talk about the reindeer diaper prints?! So stinking cute. Diapers for only $10.95 – Send me to the red nose cuteness


Instead of buying things…Make memories!!! Groupon is doing 80% off most deals until Thanksgiving at 4:00 p.m. – Hope on and get some family ice skating tickets!

Get an experience not a “thing”


This is only the begining my friends! I have done extensive research on when things go on sale, with timing, days, etc. (I will be doing the daily round up until Monday, including small businesses, etc.) Can’t wait to share my finds and I so hope it takes the stress off of your holiday shopping! When the rest of the family is snoring on turkey you can be shopping and stealing some deals!

Heres to a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, friends, memories, laughter, and good deals!


How to Design a Neutral Nursery

How to Design a Neutral Nursery

These days the trends have completely changed in nursery styling and I could not be more excited about it! Heck, it’s even changed since having my son just 8 years ago! Every thing was all about being gender specific and going all pink or all blue. If you were unsure of the sex or chose to have a little surprise it was suggested to do everything in yellow from clothing to paint colors. (Thank goodness were over the yellow.)

image1 (2)

Grey is the new everythanngggggg am I right? My obsession lately is mixing in browns, wood tones, and grey’s to keep it warm and homey feeling. Tonight I am spilling all my secret tips on how I transformed a pink explosion into a gender neutral gorgeous nursery with spending less than $300! Okay lets start getting inspired shall we?

Making Over The Bed and Crib to Look Pottery Barn Worthy 

I just love the warmth that wood brings to any room, the whites and wood together just make my little soul sing! In a previous blog I wrote all about how I transformed the crib and the bed with wood cuts that I stained. I knew I wanted to make sure to incorporate the earthy tones and feeling with this bedroom. The  best part is I did not spend a dime (except lumber cost) on a new bed or crib, with a little TLC and up cycle you can totally get creative with hand me downs you already have. Remember to think out side of the box.

image5 (3)

Choosing Paint Colors to Completely Swoon Over

When we first purchased our home I was a total newbie to paint and Oh mannnnn did it show! I wanted every wall a different color and was so excited to mix and match that it looked like a walking chaotic hot mess. I knew this was my last shot at “re doing” a kids room with the hubby that I needed to be careful with color choice and find something completely neutral that would still be bright and airy. After samples upon samples I stumbled upon the color “Cozy Haven” and just fell in love. It’s the perfect mix of the grey and taupey tones that I was searching for. I then hit the ceiling with Ultra Bright White to make the lower ceilings appear to be higher. (Never use dark colors on a low ceiling – stay as bright as possible for a larger looking room trick.) I then Pinterested my little heart out and found these mountains that were so simple and took me less than an hour to create with masking tape and matte chalk paint. I used Black, Grey, and White for the Mountains. (This does take a few coats of paint so make sure you let completely dry before thinking your finished!)

image4 (3)

Upcycling Dressers and Furniture

When my daughter was a baby we bought the Chestnut dresser, changing table, and crib. The furniture was only a few years old so I could not bare to just sell it or toss it so the paint got whipped out again. I really wanted to bring a little modernes in with all the earthy tones I was choosing so I went with a simple black and white pattern with pops of bright gold on the knobs. This took me less than 2 hours and turned out amazing! Best part? The cost…Nada.

image3 (3)

Adding the Perfect Pop Pieces

With this being my last little one, I really wanted every piece in this room to have character, tell a story and just pop. The art of simplicity and minimalism has really been my thing lately, especially with realizing how a ton of decor can be cluttered appearing and overwhelming. I found small companies, Etsy shops, and of course Hobby Lobby and Home Goods to find the perfect little additions. If your following us on Instagram you will see I always tag where these great pieces are from! Some of my favorite additions have been the custom name wood art by Funky Letter Boutique and the sweet and simple evergreen decals from Urban Walls.

image2 (3)

Remember just like your mama told you when learning to apply makeup, the same goes for nursery decor. Less is More.

Have a question? We love to help – Shoot on over your nursery ideas and before and alters to be featured on our next article for nursery inspiration on Pinterest! Not following? Head on over and get to it!!! Can’t wait to see everyone’s inspiration and photos!

Happy Decorating Mamas!




How to decorate your mantel.

Mantels. The struggle is REAL. Its confusing right? A little off balanced here, a little a symmetrical there. For years I struggled with the art of changing up my mantel for seasons, holidays, etc and being succesful. When I sat back to relax and enjoy it, it looked like Santa puked clutter everywhere! We can not have that for a calming area of our houses! No way! No how!

Over the last few months I made it a goal to master the art of a clean and beautiful looking mantel. I want to share some tips, tricks, and hacks to help you in creating the perfect seasonal piece to catch any ones eye.

Ready to be DIY Interior Decorator? Here we go!

First always…and I mean always… begin with your centerpiece or anchor. (This is the piece you are putting in the center.) An anchor is something which is hanging such as a mirror etc. If you are in a smaller space a mirror as an anchor is a fabulous way to really make your space look bigger by reflection of light. A good rule of thumb is it’s the biggest item you are placing on the mantel so you want it to be the real eye catcher!


Our next step is moving onto what is called the “fillers”. Fillers are little knick knack fun items to fill the empty space around your centerpiece.


Once you have the fillers in place you have decided to use,  stand back and look to make sure you have nice combining textures and heights in the “filler” section. A wonderful way to add a little height if you have an item that is just too plain solo, you can stack some accent books and put the item on top of the books. Greenery is also a wonderful accent to brighten up or add a pop of color if it seems to be to neutral for you!


The final step in creating the perfect space for your mantel is the “weight”. The weight is the girth and height at the end of each side of the mantle! THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO MATCH~ for example, currently on mine I have a Big Lantern paired with a smaller one on the left side and on the right side I have a Silver Tall Vase of Tulips! It truly is all about your style and mixing it up!

Spring is  here! Hopefully this helps with a little confidence in creating a beautiful mantle Simply!

Happy Decorating Friends.

The Simplest Sign Method

Signs are amazing, inspirational and add the perfect touch to any room or event. You can make a professional looking sign in less than 30 minutes with this simple hack!

  • Go to and find the perfect font style you are looking for.
  • Download it onto your computer.
  • Pull up a word document and print out the words. For example


  • Once you have your printed paper, turn it over so the words are back wards and the printed farm house is facing down ward. Take a pencil and trace each letter from the back side. Press hard and scribble so every letter is completely colored in with the pencil.
  • Flip your paper over so the printed side is up and place the pencil covered side on to the wood you are working with.
  • Trace over the letters pressing firmly until you have completely spelled the word and “transferred” onto the wood.
  • Remove paper and you should have a clear outline of the wording you placed. Then take a sharpie or paint and go over the letters.

For more amazing tips and tricks



Over the years I have read several how to articles learning the ins and outs of what works for different businesses and hand-made companies. I kept seeing a shipping station repeatedly in blogs and articles and thought it was something worth investigating a little deeper. When the Holiday Season hits for most makers it’s as if you are struggling to stay above water, especially for a one man show.

An ultimate goal of every maker is to stay organized, have fun, and love what you do. I created a shipping station OUTSIDE of my office in the garage so it was out of sight and out of mind when I was creating. When I finish an item I simply place it on the table and at the end of the day I go out and package everything up. Packaging is a job within it self (if you’re doing it properly.) It’s crucial to have something visually stimulating and exciting for your customer to open up. Often times I will go with seasons and add little trinkets, ribbons, shred, etc. This is also a branding trick and customers are more likely to remember all the extra effort you put into their order. You took the time to make it special. That is why the shipping station is so crucial it gives you time to focus on one thing….SHIPPING….

It’s a known fact most creative people are “squirrelly” type personalities, so having focus, direction, and guidance is crucial. I wish I would have started this years ago, so here I am screaming it from the ROOF TOPS – create a damn shipping station! Have all your bubble wrap, ribbons, boxes, tape, and goodies to add in all in ONE SPOT! (Also toddlers can’t steal your trinkets this way! hehe)

Now let’s get to shipping!!!!

No really…

Go Now….

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Store run: 

  • Stalk of Celery
  • 3 tbs butter
  • 1/3 cup of Olive Oil
  • 1/2 onion thinly chopped
  • 1 pound of wide egg noodles
  • 5  cups milk
  • 1 can of drained artichoke hearts
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup finely grated parmesan

Lets get cooking ladies and gents……

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Start boiling water in a large pot and add noodles for about 2 minutes or until al dente, drain the noodles and return to the same pot.

In a separate pan heat oil in a heavy pan on medium heat. Add onions and 3 stalks of chopped celery with salt and pepper. Cook for 4-6 minutes than add in flour stirring for about a minute. Add milk until a smooth texture and let simmer for one minute.

Add mixture and noodles together. Add in tuna, artichoke hearts, and salt and pepper. Mix it up well. Place in baking dish and sprinkle over the top with parmesan! (I also added mozzarella for some extra zing!)

Bake 20-25 minutes until golden brown and bubbling on top!


The Moment it Happened.

December to August in my house was Chaotic, Hectic, Busy, Non Stop, and Confusing. We all hit these times in our Mommy or Career Lives where we have to sit back and pull the reigns. In my case I needed to completely halt them! I have always had goals and ways to reach them, but when you are on the move non stop with no time to be in the moment because you are consistently planning or running it makes life fly by and messy.  While running late which had become a new usual for me, on my way to football practice (which my son was begging after day 4 to not do), with the baby crying in the back from being over tired, listening to “Little Sprigs” podcast on conscious parenting and being in the moment it hit me like a TON OF BRICKS…. Not like a pillow case blow, but literally made my head hurt to the point I turned the car around. I have been running so fast for so long I am missing what is important in my life. Lets rewind a little….About 3 weeks ago, I started to get some serious anxiety just around life in general. I was like the 2-year-old that still hears back round noise and feels the ‘missing out” so can’t sleep. I had my hands in way to many jars with absolutely no direction or focus. I needed to get clarity and focus. I knew a few things so I began to write…..

  1. My children needed me to be present and not always stressed out about what was to come next. Children feed off our feelings and absolutely need us to be present and in the moment with them.
  2. I was so stressed out over work and never getting any thing done I had become in a habit of being in ‘catch up’ mode.
  3. My health and taking care of myself had become non existent and on the back burner. (I even went to the doctor thinking I was sick and got informed that stress can be hidden and sneak up on you with out you realizing it, thus showing signs your “sick.”)
  4. I was trying to be supermom, super woman, super wife, super career with no strategy or organization.

Now lets fast forward…..I started this blog over 30 days ago and have since made some serious dedication to organize and re strategize my entire existence. I failed a few times but here is a list of things that so far, have been serious game changers in balance, freedom, simplicity and over all happiness.

  • I laid out my children and I’s clothing in outfits on hangers for the entire month. No more out fit arguments in the morning, no more sweats and a tank top for me everyday. The best part…. all we do is grab a hanger and the entire outfit is ready for the day.
  • DO THE DISHES….No matter how tired you are. Do the dishes and a quick clean on your kitchen the night before. There is nothing more stressful than waking up and the first thing you think is “oh shit I have cleaning to do from yesterday.”
  • Stay on top of laundry. I have one basket in our entire house that holds exactly 1 load of laundry. When that basket is full, I take it to the washing machine, wash it, dry it, and put it on “out fit hangers” immediately.
  • Write everything down immediately. I have major mom brain and commit to a hundred different things and then forget deadlines. I have two things I write in, my planner for events and scheduling, and then a little notebook of daily to do’s in accomplishing my small and big goals. Every day I work towards something.
  • Handle it. Once. If something needs to be done, do not procrastinate just get up and handle it. Pick up the phone and handle it. Than its done and not lingering on to your next day. Something that once would take you 2 minutes turns into an hour of finding things, sorting things out, making it right. Handle it.
  • Meditate. Pray. Breathe. Repeat. – several times throughout the day.
  • Throw it away. If you havent used it in over 6 months, get rid of it. Having too much stuff makes it impossible to feel de cluttered and free.
  • Plan. Far far far in advance. I’m a dive head first type of girl so this is my biggest struggle. I had on my to do list to plan my September Palette & Paint class. Instead….I planned the dates and booked the location through January. This creates more room and freedom with 1 phone call and a contract.
  • Check List. I Framed cute little Morning and Evening to do’s for my littles so they know whats happening and when it’s happening. Children thrive on STRUCTURE.

These few little things have helped me in a big way over the past month and I hope you can take just one thing that helps you too live more balanced and happy!



Spice Cabinet Makeover DIY

This year the motivation for me is to switch it from “chaos coordinator” to a more peaceful pace. The first step for my family was decluttering and organizing. Since we are in the middle of a remodel, what more perfect timing! This idea, I just fell in love with. The best part….It took me less than an hour to complete! I can never find measuring cups in my drawers. Even when I neatly stack the spoons and cups some how my children seem to hide them, play with them, use them for science projects and than they vanish! This hack is a life saver and KID REACH FREE! YASSSSSS! Mom – 1.

  • Take your cabinet OFF THE HINGES. (Wood glue will slide and glide and you will say naughty words if you skip this step.)
  • Lay it on a flat surface! (I used my cricut and cut out a 8”, 6”, and 4” cut out of a mason jar than lined it with sharpie to create the perfect lid and top I wanted! (Best part sharpie comes off with a magic eraser if you oops it!)
    • Next I Cut out the measuring cups using a 10” and 8” cut. – If you do not have a Cricut the custom cuts can be found at for $50.00 with the entire kit to make this!
  • Make sure you measure your pallette planks before you begin the gluing to make sure everything will close properly!IMG_5628.JPG
  • Next step CREATE! I laid everything out and measured to make sure my vinyl was in equal measuring distance to look right on the cabinet! Then I placed my vinyl. I used Gorilla Wood Glue for the Planks and let them set for 1 hour before messing with the next step! PATIENCE IS CRUCIAL HERE! If you start hanging and nailing things on the pallette before the wood glue is dry you are at great risk to crack your cabinet.
  • Next I took a hammer and placed nails (you can use hangers too) I chose nails because the holes in my disney spoons were just too teeny tiny to fit! MAKE SURE YOU BEND NAILS UP if you choose to do nails! (Other wise every time you open your cabinet things will fly at you!)
  • IMG_5629
  • After the wood glue has set you can re hang your cabinet and set all your measuring cups and spoons up! So easy, simple, and cheap! Looks like a million doallars! (If you have kids, they cant hack your silverware drawer any longer!)
  • IMG_5716.JPG

Happy Crafting Friends!!!!!