The Ultimate Guide you Keeping your Home Secure.

Your home is your castle, and rightly so. If you own your own pad, it’s only right that you want to keep it safe and secure. This is even more of a priority when you have a young brood. Becoming a parent makes you focus on other human beings rather than yourself. It’s up to you to keep them safe and healthy and happy. You want your humble abode to be a peaceful haven of joy for them. This is why your priority now revolves around practical lifestyle aspects such as keeping your home secure.

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Light It Up

It sounds like such a simple tactic, but lighting up your front and rear gardens at night is a huge burglar deterrent. Home intruders will be looking for those pads that have hidden blind spots to allow them to go undetected. A beautifully lit up garden with the most basic solar lights will make it harder for them to enter and exit your home while going unnoticed. Don’t neglect the rear of your property. Many thieves won’t simply focus on the front door and will go for the easiest entrance they can be it a window, a back door or a garage.

Security Systems

There are a whole host of security systems on the market, from bog standard mock phony boxes to whip up on the front of your home to the full on expensive bits of kit complete with CCTV and a direct hook up to the police. It pays to go for a middle of the road system. Ensure that you purchase some kit with alarm monitoring so that your home is safe and secure at every moment. You never know when there is a fault with your alarm until it’s too late. Having your system monitored by staff in an office will mean that law enforcement can be called should the worst happen. Always buy a system with a light on the box on the side of your house that can be seen from the street. Sometimes a little blue flashing light is all that’s needed to deter a thief from trying their luck.

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Keep Keys Out Of Sight

Sometimes thieves will do a recce on a house they like the look of. Often burglars will hit a street over a few nights. If this is the case, you need to make sure that your home doesn’t tempt them. Make sure that you lock your windows and doors using double locks. Keep all keys out of sight and away from entrances. While it might be convenient to keep your car keys next to your front door, this is also beneficial for the would-be burglar who wants a quick getaway in your set of wheels. Instead, keep your keys in a bowl in the kitchen or in your coat pocket. Being out of sight, thieves will have a tougher job stealing your car.

When you have your own family, your priorities shift. You are now a responsible adult and want to protect your offspring. As a homeowner, it’s up to you to make a thief’s job super difficult. Follow this guide and you can ensure that your home remains as safe as houses.

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