Update the exterior of your pad to boost its curb appeal.

While these strange Covid-filled days are forcing us to stay at home more, we shouldn’t consider this a negative. If anything, the worldwide pandemic has made us more reflective. While we were once bothered by our Instagram-filtered images, the number of likes we could achieve, and the promotion that we have been striving for, we now care more about our families, spending time with our loved ones, and enjoying the simple things in life. If you find yourself at home a little more, don’t wallow and watch yet another box set on Netflix. Instead, get outside and consider how you can enhance the look of your home. Forget about the interior for a while and boost the curb appeal of your pad by following this simple guide.


If your garden is looking more like a jungle and you’d rather create an English country-inspired affair, you need to consider how best to rejuvenate your borders. First, you need to get hold of a weed eater string that you can hook up to strimmer. This way, you can use a power tool to quickly get rid of those weeds and overgrowth that you want to clear. Use a trimmer to cut the lawn overhang on your borders and consider your planting design. There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than seeing a border full of colorful foliage and fauna when you walk up your driveway. Think about dahlias, roses, daffodils, irises, and tulips when generating your array of color. If you aren’t too green-fingered and you need a border that is easy to maintain, opt for the perennial bulbs that will flower year after year with very little input.

Mow your lawn and keep your area neat and tidy when in quarantine. Straight lines always look more pleasing than curves and are easier to keep looking neat. If you have garbage cans out the front of your pad, try and hide them away. The smells will also be kept undercover. Shelters are ideal for this.

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Look At Your House

If your house is looking a little tired, the chances are that you need to address your render. If you have pebble dash or a beige looking hue to your paintwork, think about freshening it up with some bright white. This lighter look will make your home look bigger and create a feeling of modernity. Take a look at your windows and replace any glazing that is cracked. If you are noticing the odd draft coming into your humble abode, you may need to replace your fascias as well.

Your front door should exude your personality. Composite styles are secure with the glass in them triple glazed. They come in an array of different styles, from the old fashioned wooden cottage door to the ultra-modern porthole look.

Look up and check your roof. Any slipped or cracked tiles can look untidy. This can also make your home looked uncared for. People will have their heads turned for all of the wrong reasons. You need to consider replacing your roof, or at least repairing the tiles. 

The curb appeal of your home is hugely important if you are looking to sell up anytime soon. Even if you plan on staying in your current dwelling for the foreseeable future, updating the exterior of your pad is a great way to spend your coronavirus lockdown days.

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