Building a Sacred Space in your home.

Building a Sacred Space in Your Home 

As the times have rapidly changed over the past year it is now, more important than ever, to create a space that is sacred to you in your home. This can be as simple as creating a small corner for you to relax or to tackle the projects that have been on the honey-do list for years. 

There is just something magical about crossing off to do’s and relieving stress. A few things to ensure are safe to begin your sacred space journey is to make sure your windows and doors are all in good condition. This creates a level of safety and feeling of protection in your home. Having a solid foundation on the outside leads to inner Peace and security on the inside. Overall bringing us more tranquility which the ultimate goal right? 

It is important to focus on our healing to support ourselves through this unprecedented time. For the interior, find a corner or space to set up as your sacred place. It should be a quiet spot such as a window with a view that is relaxing to you, somewhere you feel cozy and content, or a place that you can lay a yoga mat down and go within. Begin to incorporate things such as crystals, essential oils, candles, salt lamps, some of your favorite frames – whatever makes you feel at the peace inside. Do not force the decor of your sacred space just let it flow naturally to what speaks to your heart. The design will unfold over time. 

Begin by doing daily or weekly rituals that are special to you such as incense, saging, meditation, deep breathing, yoga – close your eyes and pay attention to all the miracles around you. One of the most powerful things we do by taking pride in our home and in our personal space is to rise above the psychological drama that is happening in the outside world. 

Come up with a self love routine that works for you, and do it daily in your space. Make it a non-negotiable. I don’t mean going to get your hair and nails done – I mean soul self-care. This is your  special time to retreat from the world, go within, and learn to connect and love yourself on a deeper level. 

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