10 ways to improve your memory

Whether you’re eight or eighty (or somewhere in between), you know how important it is to take better care of your brain so you can remember everything that happens in your life. Your memory is a powerful and vital tool that can benefit you at any age. It can help you remember important information for work or school or give you mental strength even in your later years so you can still recognize your family. 

Some people do not have the strongest memory, and they can feel like they’re missing out on life. Similarly, those with a more powerful memory are often happier and feel more in the lives of those around them. If you want to improve your memory, consider these tips and techniques. 

Learn a New Skill 

There are various hobbies you can consider to help you improve your memory. Learning a new skill, such as playing an instrument, will activate receptors in the brain that can strengthen cognitive functions. Like other body parts, your brain is a muscle, so the same benefits apply when you use it. Learning new skills regardless of how complex they might be can work wonders, and they are especially beneficial for seniors showing early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

Write Things Down 

You should expect that writing things down is an excellent way to improve your memory. You don’t need to transcribe every moment of your life, but a few brief sentences about your day can make things easier to remember in the future. Too many people believe that they will remember significant events, but the longer time goes on, the weaker your memories become. Make quick notes about what you did, where you went, and who was there. Your brain can fill in the rest of the gaps. 

Record Your Experiences 

Sometimes, you need a little more than words on a page, though. With the wide range of technology options available, you can find ways to record your experiences to ensure more vivid and immersive memories. Your smartphone has made it easier to record your every move, but for a better experience, especially when surrounded by stunning scenery, video cameras or products from www.drdrone.ca can make things even better, giving you a visual diary to look back on many years from now. 

Get Outside More Often

Experts have discovered that being outside, especially in nature rather than the city streets, can drastically improve your memory and self-esteem. Spending time in forests or woodland can reduce stress and provide fresh air that does wonders for your overall health. With this, you can focus on more important things, which allows you to remember your life and events more clearly. 

Use Different Memory Techniques 

If you struggle with remembering anything, mnemonics and other memory techniques are excellent for improving your skills. While these may not be ideal for remembering events in your life, they can help when studying for exams or experimenting with different options. Even if you don’t use these techniques all the time, they can still strengthen your memory which will help you bench out your skills. 

Make the Most Of Your Senses 

Your senses are some of the most powerful aspects of you, so you should do everything possible to make the most of them. Memory is about more than what you saw or heard. It’s also what you could smell or touch. In some instances, it could even be what you could taste. Furthermore, senses are much more complex than the five you learn about at school, so consider how you felt during the experience. You can jot this information down to ensure you can recall it. 

Ask More Questions 

The more you ask the more you know and asking friends and family questions is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the memory skills of everyone involved. Telling a story repeatedly can improve links in the brain and it can also encourage other memories. If you have elderly relatives, try to ask them as much as possible to keep them engaged.

Improve Your Organizational Skills

Better organizational skills and better planning can also ensure your memory is as good as possible. If you’ve ever woken up flustered or panicking because you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s a chance this all comes down to poor planning. By improving your organizational skills, you won’t forget important projects or meetings and it will make you more confident when leading presentations or meetings because you know everything you need to say and share. 

Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep is a vital tool for improving your memory. If you try to stay awake for as long as possible, you may also wake up feeling groggy and it can take a few hours to feel like you’re there. This can make it impossible to remember anything even if someone is speaking directly to you. An average adult requires seven to eight hours of sleep each night to ensure they are energized and their cognitive functions work, so you may need to adjust your sleep schedule and habits to ensure you can make the most of your brain’s power. 

Change Your Diet 

Plant-based foods are great for improving memory, as are nuts and grains, poultry, and even red wine (as long as you don’t drink too much). However, some foods can impact your memory negatively. These foods include sugar and processed foods, while even salt and cheese can cause issues. While you needn’t ditch these bad foods altogether, you can cut down on them to improve your memory. At the very least, try to find a better balance and replace harmful foods with beneficial alternatives. 


Being able to remember as much as possible means you’ll have a better time when hanging out with friends and family when they start to reminisce on the good times. It can also make you more confident and means you’ll never feel flustered when you misplace something special. All in all, improving your memory is beneficial for anyone to ensure better health and a happier lifestyle. 

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