Post Partum Care

Post Partum Care

As mama’s it is so natural to be constantly concerned while we have our babies in the womb.

Are we eating well? Are we obtaining enough calories? Are we keeping up on the best multi vitamins? Are we drinking enough water? Are we resting enough?

We are constantly in a state of fear to make sure we are doing the absolute best we can to provide a healthy and happy start to our new little bundle of joys.

The problem is, we are so obsessed with making sure our babies are okay that once they come out often times our health concerns turn from ourselves and the baby inside of us to the baby outside in this big world and the mammas needs and health often times get put on the back burner.

I’m a total facts type of girl, and wanted to share with you my personal experience and what I have researched in postpartum and how to continually care for you body to give your baby the best experience of this big new world as possible.

  • Don’t stop taking your prenatal’s…This is so crucial to your bodies after care for nursing your baby. Here’s the deal…EVERY baby is different, and your body is going to react so differently to every labor. My first two were easy breezy, scheduled c sections, no hormone fluctuations, no icky feelings, no troubles breast-feeding. Then my third came along and threw me for a loop. I completely had a hormone crash from having a preemie, I had no idea what to do, if I was going crazy, or how to balance out my body. I found the company “intimate rose” and tried their Prenatal’s which within one week helped to start and balance me out. I combined with Morinda, Fenugreek, and 5HTP. Within two weeks I finally started to experience some normalcy in my body again. Remember to take the best care of your new baby you also need to take care of your body. If you are not 100% you will not be mommin at 100%. Right now the company has offered to give 25% off for all my followers Get yours here
  • image1 (22)
  • Let’s talk hormones my friends…..I always thought PMS and hormones were an excuse to act like a total crazy until I personally experienced a true hormone crash after my delivery over a month early. Let me be the first to say I am sorry I was wrong HORMONES SUCK AND ARE SO SO REAL…… Okay back to the facts. Much of the imbalance is caused by estrogen dominance. During our pregnancy the placenta produces progesterone at such an extreme level that when we deliver our estrogen physically can not normalize for 6 – 8 weeks after a full term delivery.
  • When you are not producing full amounts of milk to breast feed solely another huge hormone crash can combine with what is already happening to your body… In our case Baby Tristan had to be put on Neo Sure which is a 22 calorie formula to ensure he gains weight at a healthy and steady speed so he can catch up to a “normal” weight for his age. With the amount of neo sure he had to obtain, the stress my body was under while he was in the NICU, and how busy I am with the other two littles at home it was next to impossible to sit and pump 5 hours a day. I nurse about 3 – 5 times in a 24 hour period and this was all I was able to provide but I know at least he is getting the extra nutrients for a healthy long-term effect. When you are breast feeding your body allows for prolactin – this hormone also helps release oxytocin which is your “let down” feeling. Oxytocin is the euphoric happy and magical hormone which makes the new-born phase seem like the happiest phase of your life. When mama’s are not producing enough milk or can not solely breast feed you get a whole new set of hormone crashes with the lack of oxytocin being released in your body.
  • DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS….ladies we are married for a reason. We have a partner for a purpose…To help us through times when we are struggling. Mommyhood is hard, hormones are real, and it is OKAY to reach out for help when you need it. The best quote I have heard all week is “It does not make you Super Woman to say yes to everything, this just makes you Super Worn Out.” Remember that you deserve grace and ease through this period. “

Being a mom is BEAUTIFUL, Being a mom is HARD and most of all being a mom means you join this amazing tribe the minute that amazing little being is welcomed into the world. Know that new mommies often can experience “baby blues” this does not mean you have postpartum depression but means you are a women and experiencing a totally normal hormone inbalance. This can feel like sadness, mood swings, crying, sleeplessness, confusion, headaches and all of these feelings are NORMAL!!!!! In 6 – 8 weeks everything should start to blanace out…. I promise we are all in this together. I just love being vulnerable in subjects like this because so often we try to stay strong and “pretend” our lives are perfect and okay.

It’s okay to have periods of being not okay.

This is mother hood.

This is amazing.

This is the truth.

This is a bond.


How to increase your milk supply FAST.

How to increase your milk supply FAST.

As a nursing mama it can be frusterating when your body decides to protest providing the goods for your little growing peanut! Don’t fret though, you are not alone and there are tricks to get you motivated – we are spilling all the beans today!

Every child is different and every nursing experience is completely unique in its own way. I personally never wanted to admit with baby number three that there may be an issue with my supply, but soon came to the realization a preemie baby is a completely different ball game and I needed to research sources to get more milk and fast. I wanted to share what has worked and what has completely not in the production of more milk. The scale will be 1 – 10 (one meaning not a thing changed and ten meaning a complete game changer.)

Pumping – 811-breast-pump.w1200.h630

Pump every 1-2 hours for atleast 15 minutes per breast. Once the last drop of milk comes out in the bottle, pump for an additional 2-3 minutes after to let your body know it needs to keep it coming! Pumping has definitely been a saving grace for me on this journey, especially having a preemie who is required to supplement 12 oz a day with Neo Sure. (Ya all this is ALOT of supplementing and the pump and I have become besties.) I am almost positive it is the only reason I have not dried up through our NICU stay and post partem adventures.

Fenugreek – 6

th (3)

First off…What is Fenugreek? It is a ground seed which is super high in fibers! You can take it in a capsule form, tea, make cookies, or order a pre made cocktail which already contains fenugreek. I chose to just take the capsules as all of my research said that they are the strongest and fastest way to increase milk supply! I take two in the morning, afternoon and night (a total of 6 capsules per day.) Make sure you are drinking a ton of water as well mixed with this much fiber!

Mothers Milk Tea – 4

I have only been doing one cup a night so maybe if I upped it I would see more of an increase but I can only consume so many liquids per day! If I drink it and then pump an hour later there is really not much of a difference.

Beer – 7 

Mama’s told me drink a beer or two at night and you will see a difference. I laughed and thought they were crazy and how oxymoron is this? I then got desperate and tried it. My first night I leaked over night on my sheets which is huge for not having a drop on my typical sleep. The next night I was able to pump a full 4 oz. in less then 2 hours. THIS WAS HUGE! Being a why woman, I always need facts as to why something works. Here’s the skinny ladies. Polysaccharide is in the Barley used to make beer, polysacccharide is also a stimulate to prolactin which helps mamas make more milk. There is a ton of mixed research on this.

th (4)

Drinking at least 64 oz. of Water a day – 10 

Okay,this sounds like a lot, however it’s so little if you think about the amount of liquid leaving your body. It’s absolutely crucial to be hydrated for healthy breast feeding habits. When your not thirsty drink water, you should be running to the ladies room every 30 minutes to one hour if your hydrating correctly.

th (5)

Oatmeal -5

We all know oatmeal is a wonderful source of iron. Heres the deal….Some women do not realize they are lacking iron and if this is the case with your particular situation it will effect your milk supply. The best recipe I have found so far with effectiveness is this…

  • 1/3 cup old fashion oats.
  • 1 tbs flaxseed.
  • 1 tbs brewers yeast.
  • 1 tbs brown sugar.
  • 1 cup milk. (I go with almond)
  • 1/4 cup craisins.

Rest – 4

Rest is so important for our bodies. With a new born (and especially if you have other littles) you may be rolling your eyes at me right now with a big fat “yeah right”. Just like anything in your body though,  for it to work and run properly you need proper nutrition and sleep, hands down. If babies napping, no matter how long your to do list is… take a 20 minute snooze…


Seven has always been my favorite number…(I know, kind of basic over here. ) I put together a list of seven foods to search out and include in your every day meals. These honestly make a huge difference in nutrition for your baby and for your milk supply. 

  • Barley – In beer. You can also use in stews and soups.
  • Barley Malt – Use with chocolate or cocoa.
  • Fennel & Fenugreek – Amazing with salads or chicken.
  • Any whole grain – Think breads, pancakes, etc. Any where you can read a label and swap the white for the grain do it!
  • Brewers Yeast – If you bake throw it in some delicious cookies.
  • Vegis – Dill, Apricots, Papayas, Asparagus, Garlic, Red beets, Sesame Seeds, Caraway Seeds, Anise Seeds, Coiander Seeds.
  • Oats – Use with fruit, muffins, granola.

Most importantly, remember this is a journey… Every child is unique and different so why should your body behave any differently? Remember to give your self grace and know that you are a mama bear doing your best to give your baby everything you can. Hopefully you can take one or two things from this article and it helps!

Happy Milking Mama’s!

Fun Fall Bucket List For Families-Free Printable

Fun Fall Bucket List For Families-Free Printable

Autumn is such a fun time of year, with all things pumpkin, cozy, and crisp. There are so many fun activities for families to do and amazing places to go! I don’t know about you, but the time can really get away from me. I blink and it’s Christmastime. Last year I missed out on doing some of my favorite fall things with my family. So this year, I decided to make our first-ever fall bucket list.  Now, I’m not saying we’re going to do everything on the list, but we’ll have fun trying! My hope is it will help me be more intentional with our family time. If you’d like to give it a try too, click on the link at the end of this post to get your free fall bucket list for families. And to save you some time, I will be posting how-to’s for several of the items on the list throughout the next few weeks.  For example, keep your eyes peeled for fall slime and a free printable scavenger hunt!

Some of the activities include:

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Make a Scarecrow

Do a Random Act of Kindness

Make Fall Slime

Wear Fuzzy Pajamas and Have a Movie Night

Make Leaf Rubbings

Create a Sensory Bin With Items From Your Backyard

Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder

Make Apple Butter in the Slow Cooker

And so many more!…

Fall Bucket List Screenshot

Click on the link below for your free fall bucket list.  Happy Fall Y’all!

Fall Bucket List for Families



Five Bad Hair Day Remedies

Five Bad Hair Day Remedies

Ladies, we all have them, we dread them, they can kill your energy and make you want to hide in the house and not be seen!


Lately I have had a tonnnnn of compliments on my hair – even when I think I look like an electric porki pine! I am here to share my secrets with you mamas, because lets get real, we do not have 2 hours to sit and flat iron every frizz ball out in the mornings am I right?!

A few months ago I posted about a de frizzing product I use every 8 weeks that has been pure magic – that paired with a few simple products and hair styles for the lazy days have been a game changers for my meeting and events that seem to be oh so never ending these days!

Ok lets do this – Bye Bad Hair….


Bond Angel – This magical potion eliminates breakage and is so simple to use. If your a blonde this is a necessity in your secret stash! My hair is completely natural – kids have delayed my six week trips to the salons by about 2 years, I use this paired with my de frizzing product for sleek silky locks. Say Bye To Broken Hair Ready for how easy breezy this is to apply –
How to use Bond Angel as Stand-Alone Treatment
1. Dilute Step 1- Bond Maker in drinking water at a ratio of 1:6.
2. Apply to the hair from root to tip and leave it in for 20 minutes.
3. Don’t rinse. Apply 4 teaspoons (0.6 fl oz) of Step 2-Bond Reconstructor.
4. Comb, spreading hair evenly. Let it stand for 20 minutes and rinse.


Monat – I was hesitant…girl was I hesitant…. They call this the magical shampoo for a reason!!!! I began using this in March and my hair can literally go out of the shower air dry now. (This has never happened) I started to lose hair as I always do with every pregnancy and after about a month on this magic juice I shampoo once every 5 days with NO OIL – Say what?! ANDDDDD My hair is all in tact! No shedding for this pregnant lady!

Can we say amazing? Get Yours Today

Braid it – The easiest way to hide a bad hair day when you have no time and refuse to mom bun it is the side braid (one of my personal favorites.) Takes five minutes and you are ready to shine. The fish braid is also super easy – a few youtube tutorials and your pro status at braids!

th (3)

Dry Shampoo….Enough Said.

Woke up with a Lion Head that needs to be tamed but no time for product? I got you – run and grab a dime size of olive oil rub into your hands throw your up in a cute pony tail and tame sides with the olive oil for a sleeked back run way style do.

When you look good, you feel good, you mom harder, you take over the world. 

XOXO gold

How to get creative with breakfast

How to get creative with breakfast

image1 (1)

We are officially in the full swing of summer and for some of us that means less of a morning rush with breakfast! Ill be the first to admit Im guilty of stopping at our local coffee shop more than once a week to grab a quik bite on the rush into school.

My littles are not huge breakfast eaters so I have been doing some research in making it a little more fun and spicing up our summer morning routine! I found some adorable and super easy ideas that were too good not to share with all my Mama Bears.

We will just dive right in and get you inspired for the bright and early morning ahead! I’ll also be posting some fun kid movie recipes to make and bake with your children later this week for the perfect night in!

First up… Pancakes, because who doesn’t love a fun flap jack! 

Waffles are just pancakes with abs. – Lets show them some love. 


What is Beethoven’s Favorite fruit? Ba-Na-Na-Naaaaaaaa


What day of the week do eggs hate? FRY DAY.

Happy Breakfast Making Mamas!

Elegant Dressing Up in 5 Minutes

Being a girl is FUN! We get to doll ourselves up, paint our nails, find amazing signature pieces that just scream individuality, and twirl with no one blinking twice!

When I became a mom a lot of my getting dolled up went by the way side and the yoga pants, the husbands sweatshirts, and mom messy buns became my new go too!

Now on nights out or events I attend, simplicity is so key to me! I still want the fun girliness of getting glammed up but have maybe 20 minutes max to pull it all together! I met one amazingly talented women who can dress you up with just a piece of jewelry!

image1 (3)

Last week was my sons end of school year performance and I was so sick all day with the pregnancy that when 6 pm rolled around I could do a french twist, throw on a dress and go! I then remembered I had these amazing pieces from Beadin Down South to try out!

Normally I wear my wedding ring and that is about the extent of my jewelry wearing! I put these pieces on and felt like a princess! All night parents were complimenting how I was glowing, and how beautiful the pieces were! (I think I just became a jewelry addict) Who knew something so simple could jazz up an out fit so much!

image2 (3)

Now lets rewind! The maker behind this beading is a powerful, beautiful woman who lives in South Carolina! She stitches with a needle and thread  every single piece to a precision of perfection.  Meet Mel – She has been a bead weaver and designer for 4 years now. She designs delicate timeless jewelry for uniquely stylish women. She uses an array of bead weaving techniques.

Mel has a way of captivating elegance and changing a complete look with one piece from her collection. It literally took my breath away when I opened up the package. (As a fellow maker I know the heart and soul that is poured into pieces like this and it was a privilege to get to show off her work!)


To get yours you can visit WEBSITE:

Lets follow and support this phenomenal woman on INSTAGRAM: @beadindownsouth
Pamper Yourself Mamas – You deserve to feel like a princess. 

7 Easy Last Minute Easter Activities


YOU GUYS, I totally let Easter sneak up on me and didn’t prep amazing crafts and activities for my kiddo to do this weekend!! But hey, this happens to most of us at some point.  Honestly, it happens to me quite often and I’m okay with that.  Because, ladies, we are creative, flexible thinkers. Whether we like it or not 😉  Here are some simple, on-the-fly-but -super-fun Easter activities to do with your kids when you didn’t plan in advance…

Make “bunny rabbit tails” by blowing bubbles.  Try to catch 2 bubbles on the bubble wand…those are bunny ears!


Take construction paper and draw egg shapes or crosses.  Next, cut out strips of different colored construction paper.  If you have a hole punch, use it to make tiny dots from colored paper.  If you have decorative paper punches or craft scissors with wavy lines, score!  If the kids are old enough, let them draw, cut, and use the punches. They are having fun with an Easter craft while you are sneaking in hand strengthening and visual motor coordination.


Use sidewalk chalk in the driveway or yard to draw Easter eggs, crosses, an angel, or the tomb with a stone rolled away.  You can work on simple patterns as well (example: 1 pink zig zag, 1 green zig zag, 2 polka dots, repeat).

If you have plastic eggs, use them to make an awesome Easter activity. Write a variety of directions (mostly movement activities) on strips of paper and place 1 into each egg.  For example, you could write, “Hop like a bunny rabbit”, “walk and cheep like a baby chick”, “roll like an Easter egg”.  You could also include things like, “Draw a carrot in the dirt.  Draw it with your eyes closed” (did you know you just worked on awareness of the body in space?).  You are rockin’ it momma!

Use sidewalk chalk to draw a picture of a bunny head with ears but leave out a few body parts (maybe 1 ear and half the whiskers).  Have your kids fill in the missing parts (this addresses visual perceptual skills).

If you forgot to buy the egg coloring kits at the store, no worries.  If you have food coloring, eggs, vinegar, and a spoon & cup at home, you’re good to go.  (Just like when we were kids, am I right?) You can also draw or write on the eggs with a white crayon before dying.  The dye won’t cling to the white crayon…it’s like magic to little kids!  You can use this as a way to work on writing their name or words.

If you have plastic eggs (or the ones you dyed are dry), you are all set to hide Easter eggs.  This will entertain the kids for a long time!  And no, you do not have to put candy in those eggs.  There is a joy in finding the eggs just as they are.

And that’s all there is to it.  It doesn’t matter that you didn’t plan ahead. You are creating wonderful memories with your kiddos while having a blast!

Happy Easter!

— Kristen Rodgers

Easter Baskets on a Budget

th (2)

Easter Baskets do not have to cost a ton to be absolutely magnificent. Lets cut to the chase, the kids are after the candy and the eggs. Every thing else is just a perk!

Lets dive in to some thrifty ways to make every one excited on Easter Morning!

  • Skip the packaged grass  – Use a paper shredder and some colorful construction paper you have in the craft stash.


  • Get items such as sidewalk chalk, peeps, toys, coloring books, crafts etc at your local dollar store.
  • I love to get my little’s seasonal socks, I hit up the Target bulls eye dollar section and always find the cutest bunny themed socks, headbands, and fun extras to put in their baskets. (You can usually get the giant bubble wands here as well for $1.00)
  • Don’t be afraid to sneak in a few necessities. Does your little need something? Add it in as a perk of the basket!
  • Play the golden egg game. Put $5 in one Golden Egg and candy, change, etc. in the other eggs. The golden egg winner gets the big bucks! In the basket plan a scavenger type plan to find the Golden Egg, add little notes and hints in the basket to help the little’s along the way on the great golden egg adventure. (Lets be real…scavenger hunts are awesome sauce and every  kid LOVES them!)

easter eggs

  • Re Use your baskets. Michael’s, Target, Wal-mart all have clear out sales after Easter to get rid of last seasons products! (This is your time mamas!) I got a $40 tutu princess basket last year at Michael’s for $10 which I reuse yearly. (You can also DIY and make your own!)

th (4)

  • Make your own slime! On the blog we have a super simple recipe you can conjure up in less than 15 minutes and this year slime is everything!
  • Make your own Peep Habitat – You can get all the ingredients at the dollar store and make this for under $5.

 th (3)

~Happy Easter~

How to Survive Your Kids’ Spring Break

How to Survive Your Kids’ Spring Break

It’s that time of year again.  Spring break for the kids!  It can feel daunting at first, but don’t worry.  I have a plan.

The first thing you should do is lie down in a quiet spot where you can focus uninterrupted.  Now take a deep breath and let thoughts of Pinterest-inspired crafts, intentional learning through outdoor kinesthetic play, and scavenger hunts with witty yet child-appropriate poems waft through your head.  Take several minutes to feel the creativity and intentional parenting flow through your body. Bask in the solid foundation and lifelong memories you and your children will make.

Now- and this is an extremely important step-

Pour a glass of wine and forget that shit.

Yep, let it go.

And let’s get REAL on how to survive your kids’ spring break.


First of all, each night of break, keep your child up waaay past their bedtime.  That way, you can sleep later in the morning.  To prevent this from ruining your evenings, tell your kids you have to do the laundry in your bedroom.  Then shut and lock yourself inside your bedroom while watching scary movies.  Before you start that movie you DVR’ed a year ago but haven’t had time to watch yet, stuff towels into the space between the bottom of the door and the floor.  This prevents tiny fingers and Toy Story characters drawn on paper from slipping through that space and inadvertently terrifying you during your scary movie.

Now, get your chocolate from one of the hidden stashes and savor every rich creamy bite of decadence.  Important note, have a piece of broccoli on hand to eat before leaving your room.  Not only will the kids not be able to smell chocolate on your breath, but if they check for food crumbs or pieces of food stuck in your teeth, they will only see broccoli and will not want any.  Well done, momma.  A tiny piece of broccoli is a small price to pay for the continued concealment of your chocolate stash.

The next morning, let your children sleep as long as possible.  To encourage this, put up black-out shades the day before break begins.  Keep insisting to the kids, “It’s not time to get up.  See? (pointing to the window) It’s still dark outside; the middle of the night.”  This may buy you an extra hour.

Daytime plan: Before break begins, you will have contacted 5 different moms from your kids’ classes.  To each you say how much your kids have been begging for a play date with their kids and can you bring them over Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday, you get the idea). Since you have this set up ahead of time, you are ready to drop the kids off each morning at a different house.  Just remember which house so you can find your kids at the end of the day.  (Turns out if you don’t find the right house before nightfall, some parents call the cops).

Pick your kids up after lunchtime.  Now you won’t have to feed them a meal.  Score!  But, there’s still an afternoon ahead of you.  Don’t worry, you’ve got this.  Here’s what you do… Take the kids directly to the nearest park.  Make sure you have your “lemonade” with you to start sippin’.  (During spring break you are in survival mode therefore not required to wait til 5:00).

Now you have reached the point where rookies frequently mess up.  Luckily, you’ve got me to guide you through this extremely crucial step. You MUST pick the right place to sit at the park.  Yeah, it’s that important. After all, you don’t want to be too close to the kids (they’ll ask you to play or push them on the swing).  Equally as important, though, is to discourage other people from talking to you.  Or making eye contact.  ‘Cause ladies, it’s just too “peoplely” out there during spring break.  The best trick I’ve learned is to wear a face mask (you know, like the kind you wear at the doctor’s office when you have a contagious disease).  Also, don’t wear undereye concealer that day.  No one will come near you. Quite possibly not even your own kids.

Once it’s getting dark, take your tired kids home.  Put out slices of deli meat rolled up (we call them turkey or ham sticks to make them sound fancy). Put out pickles and cheese. Done.

Repeat previous steps.

And that’s it.  The key to surviving your kids’ spring break.

You’re welcome.

*Please note this is entirely written for humor and not to be used in real life. Well, except for the chocolate stash part, ‘cause that’s a necessity.  This post will be followed shortly with a round-up of awesome spring break and Easter crafts to do with your kiddos. (For real).

-Kristen Rodgers 








Can I get a HELLO?

You have a dream. You write it down. You have a goal. You make a plan. You put it to action and before you know it’s a reality. 

I realized this year that it takes team work to make the dream work. My entire life I have tried to carry mountains on my shoulders alone….I’ve gotten far but not to the top. I met these two amazing women through my son’s school and knew I had to have them involved some way some how with my ultimate goal of helping other women. (These ladies are the show stopping special ones that make you laugh, are real and raw.) You know, the mom friends you painfully “mom date” to find? Personally…This attracts me to people…. REALNESS. Moms, Entrepreneurs, corporate Women, Stay at home wives, workaholics, influencers….Anyone. I wanted to REACH YOU! to help YOU! Everyone has a goal, a common purpose….

Bottom line…That purpose is to be the best possible YOU that you can be….To be better than you were yesterday. To learn from your mistakes, make smarter action moves, and to love harder! Am I right???? Ok ok! So last week I met with these phenomenal women at the park. We connected, we brain stormed, we PLANNED….and you know what happened REALITY…..


Meet my two guest writers! We will be brain storming, planning, sharing projects, having our 5 kids go crazy at parks while we attempt to make something special for YOU! Big things for 2018… I won’t reveal it all at once, because what fun is that….I will however introduce these amazing women….

Meet Kristen…..


“Hi, I’m Kristen, a blessed and grace-filled mom trying to rekindle my creative spark and also put positivity and encouragement into this world.  I believe women empowering and supporting each other in a REAL way is how we make positive changes for us all. I also love laughing with friends, sci-fi movies and shows (hello Anaconda and X-Files), all things nature, reading, gardening, and being a wife and mom. I am so thankful for my tribe of friends and hope to connect to even more of you out there! I love being a bit sassy as I explore this wonderful, crazy roller-coaster life, so if you want to laugh while we explore our creative and entrepreneurial side, come on along with me.”

Let me also add she loves crocaconda (sci fi reference), bacon, and wine… Can I get a HELLO!

Ok Lets meet Heather (She’s amazing) works full time and is PTA president…. (I don’t even go to PTA so no clue how this mama balances, but she will sure tell you.)

IMG_5056 (1)

“Hi, I’m Heather, a grateful, (and juggling) mom on a mission to discover my authentic self, to choose joy every day and to find the true meaning of balance. I am filled with a passion for spreading kindness, choosing joy and finding new adventures in this wild life we live. Women supporting and uplifting each other while pushing ourselves to explore our limits and new experiences is a new but deeply meaningful focus for me. I suppose you could say I’m mostly sweet with a bit of spice! I cherish laughter and enjoy lighthearted sarcasm but my heart beats with sentiment and emotion. I love listening to music and find lyrics to be one of my most therapeutic experiences in life. I enjoy all things centered around relationship building – coffee, wine and food. What else could you need? Sentimental movies, sweet memories with my children and family and precious time with my beloved tribe of friends are the things that feed my soul. I’m excited you’re here and I look forward to walking this path of discovery, joy and laughter with you!”

Let me also add that she is PTA president, loves wine, baking and sappy chick flicks.


Get ready for some mind blowing, hilarious, real, diy, mommin ain’t easy ish coming up in here! 2018 will be amazing….