Balancing the Nervous System.

The nervous system is an amazing thing. It’s what allows us to feel happy, sad or even fear when something happens in our lives that requires survival.

When you’re resting, the parasympathetic nervous system helps to keep your body functioning smoothly by controlling its response. The way this works is that while our sympathetic nervous systems is designed for “fight or flight” responses when needed (like during a survival situation), it’s actually through acting on behalf of another organ in charge – mainly the lungs since they provide oxygen so we can’t just breath fire on command it’s something we consciously put our bodies into unless triggered by an outside situation. An easy way to remember parasympathetic and sympathetic *Fight, Flight or Freeze is we feel “sympathy” for this space we enter into. Works like a gem when you get confused on the two!

The human body has two major divisions of the brain – one on each side (sometimes called hemispheres). These areas control different functions but work together as a team by sending signals back and forth between them via nerve cells…. More than 99% percent of your commands go through this chain without error–but there are some times where things get thrown off kilter which can lead you down paths toward illness if left unchecked. Highly suggest the book “The body keeps the score” to keep a deeper dive into this if it resonates or you are constantly dealing with health issues.

Start Balancing Today.

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Now…How do we maintain nervous system health? Is there a secret sauce to it all?

Let me introduce you to the Apollo Neuro. Game changer!!!!!

The vibrations with deep tissue healing technology is a unique self-massage that provides deep tissue healing and relaxation. I love to wear mine on my wrist or angle. It has gentle, vibrating waves to help you relax by activating your parasympathetic nervous system while sending safety signals through the brain’s lobby for an easy recovery from any stress or strain on muscles. Recent studies have shown that vibration therapy is effective in improving neurological dysfunction and muscle strength, alleviating neuropathic pain, and correcting spasticity.

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