Made With Love Market 5-30

SEO….That sounds scary. Like a never-ending coding maze right? This was my thought when I kept seeing the necessity of using it popping up in all the articles I follow! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization….In lamen terms…Your goods pop up and say HELLO in search engines (i.e. google, Facebook, instagram) before anyone elses! For your business, especially a handcrafted business, this is CRUCIAL….Did I say that? IMPORTANT…BUSINESS DEPENDENT….Your Main Marketing Channel Yo! Want SEO in a book form that breaks it all down? This site is amazing…

  • Write fantastic, useful content that uses words and phrases used by people who search for your products and services.
  • Make it easy for people to share and link to it.
  • Keep doing it! Over, and over, and over again!

Step by Step to get started if using Etsy! USE THE VARIATIONS AND KEYWORDS YOUR ALLOWED! Every chance you get to promote learn about it and dive in!

Download Google Keyword Planner – This will allow you to see what people are searching and trending.

Have someone you admire doing the exact same thing you want to do? Follow them, learn from them, watch their tags and keywords used often. What works for them that you might be missing?

Pay Attention to trends. Example: Slime. I would have never thought slime would be selling, yet here I am having my littles test if mom failed or not on slime levels to add to my Etsy! Go with what is trending! Etsy even sends out monthly emails on “trending now” so you can follow and see what the biggest sellers are for the month.

WordStream is Uh-Mah-Zingggggggg for being able to quickly and easily find out where you stand with your ad words on google.



A hash tag is anything on social media with # in front of it! Hash tags are so important because it really helps to tune in on your target audience! When I first started Etsy I had no idea how to hash tag….(Lets be real! Its a good day if I get an email to send through properly!) When on instagram if you type in a word you can see how many people are searching for it and using it and then click the one that is used most! Also there are always tags trending in the handcrafted business. Currently #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #flatlays #momboss #momlife are all very popular! You want to really be specific with your tag to make sure the RIGHT people follow you and learn about what you do!

Say, for example, your business sells Diapers. Instead of using #parents (Resulting in parents of thirty year olds) Use #newmommy. The hashtag #newmommy is directed to mothers of babies—your target audience.

Most importantly, never lose site of the Mountain you are climbing. This does not all happen over night! It has taken me nearly 3 years to take a teeny tiny step in the SEO and Hashtag world, but know if you can make 30 minutes a week to do some marketing research, your business will benefit greatly!


Weekly Challenge: Do some research and see where you fall in the SEO! Make a list of 5 things you can complete by the end of the week to move your business one step closer to that first search page. 




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